What would make your job LESS stressful..?



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Its the classic 'between a rock and a hard place'.

    We need the money and employment appears to be the conventional way to get it. 

    I don't mind employment as such, however there is often a conflict of interest as regards the people you come into contact with.

    The usual conflict is where some do a job because they want to do the particular activity of which the job comprises. On the other hand we have those who do it for the money. An obvious workplace division.

    The political stance is that employment is essentially the exploitation of one set of people over another. An argument; not unreasonably sited by the unemployed, that employment would be attractive if it wasn't for the fact that they are now being bossed about. 

    Personally, the last time I was an employee, ended with a phone call. I had gone off sick and just refused to go back. There was some Human Resource (Note the word resource) nonsense which I curtailed by saying I'd rather be unemployed than work in that place.

    A few weeks later I had an email from this 'place' asking for the reasons why I left. It seemed churlish not to reply so I did. I have a copy somewhere but I'm not sure I should stick it on hereimage

  • Work is exploitation in both directions, you do a job, you get told what to do in order to achieve it, and you take away a monetary compensation and a set of general terms and conditions. If the Compensation and the activity are reasonably compatible then everyone's happy, if we're not happy with the compensation, we have the option to move. It's good.

    having said that I can see the point of the unemployed who get more than subsistence money, money for doing nothing in particular. They see a job paying a reasonable wage and only see the compensation as the differential between working and not working. The result of too many years of increased benefits when the working world has hit hard times unfortunately. 

  • Beth Roberts wrote (see)

    I don't really have a mega stressful job - the only bad bit for me is the journey to and from work.  I swear to God, some people could have an accident on an empty road in perfect conditions!!!  People just don't seem to concentrate on driving any more - I see so many people either texting, on the phone or even reading the paper......while driving on the motorway!!!!!  This means I can spend up to (or in excess of, sometimes) and hour and a half at the beginning and the end of the day sat on the blummin M60 - and now that it's dark and mostly raining, it's just hideous! 

    Unfortunately, I have to travel further to get the salary - and I've tried public transport........it takes even longer as there's no direct route and costs a fortune!!  GRRRRRRR image

    I'm sure that road is even worse than the 25.  I spent 3 years commuting to and from work and the 60, jct 18-12.  Horrifric.  Never, ever again.

    Working from home is, without doubt, the future.  I love it and any additional stress  can always be coped with by the fact that I work from home!

  • I used to love my job but it has changed so much in the last couple of years I can't wait until I leave. Trouble is I need the money at the moment. Now all the head shed care about is production production production, never mind about the workers, who the hell cares if they are unhappy just as long as they get their work done within the timelines we've set. No, I don't work in a  factory, it's a recruitment agency.

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