I'll never get any work done now I've found this!


  • i agree with you on that one!! amazing how many there is in the thames.

    its also wierd how they are  forgotten and buried over image

  • As far as I can work out the building I work in must have replced earlier ones that were destroyed by bombing.

    The site isn't workng well enough for me to drill down to the details but I'll have a look later image

    What is interesting is if you look at the ones that are further out you can see how they fall in lines i.e. a stick of bombs from a single aircraft. Presuming some of them jettisoned their loads to avoid flak, searchlights etc. or even had mechanical problems, it does also beg the question what on earth the rest of them thought they were dropping their bombs on - unless they really did want to blow up British golf courses! 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    That is so interesting! Thanks for this screamy...
  • Wish the bloody thing would work properly - I have some serious skiving to do image

  • That could be interesting, if it would work.  

    Given how complex some sites are these days, you'd think this would be fairly straightforward?

  • Yes, you would - surely it's only another version of Google Maps with an info box at the last stage?

  • i watch a program about germanys bombs and building contractors find them all the time image imagine that when you start sticking your shovel in......tick tickimage

    bomb squad come down, take them away and do a controlled explosion, and also apparently some ARE still ticking!!!!

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    @Jason - you're completely right. Berlin is the "worst" city for it as it was pounded a lot. Considering how many mobs the allies dropped on Germany - you'd expect the, to have a better success rateimage

    I used to live in cologne and we had it a few times a year that they'd be building/renovating a building and come across a few unexploded bombs. It was quite a sound to hear one go off in 'controlled' circumstances!
  • Yikes. Apparently a quantity of high explosive landed within what appears to be feet of my flat. Let's hope it's not still down there...
  • Apparently they find an average of 15 unexploded bombs in Germany EVERY DAY! image

  • All those red dots make our retaliation in Dresden etc look quite reasonable.

  • The bombing of Dresden was a terrible thing but it was a legitimate target. As was Coventry. 

    For all the talk of civilians being targets, both then and now, there was almost always a sound military reason for the targets chosen. At the end of the day why bomb schools when you can bomb factories - providing you can hit them in the first place, of course?  


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