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Hi all,

My fiancee is getting into runnng and is interested in joining a running club in Crawley (she's more sociable than me!). Does anyone know of any local clubs please? Horsham Joggers are a bit further away than she'd like and Crawley Athletics Club seem a bit too serious!

We've heard of the K2 Running club and of Saints and Sinners but can't find any info on either online; does anyone have any contact details by any chance?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Hi

    K2 running club is not a UK athletics club, it is run on Tues and Thursday evenings (6-7pm) and Saturday mornings after the Parkrun in Tilgate Park and most runs are on the track at K2. The focus is pretty much on interval and speed sessions as it is generally all track based, therefore you may not want to go to all sessions in a week! It is an inclusive group and caters for all abilities, you just turn up and run - you don't have to be a paid up member you just pay for the session at the reception like any other activity at K2.

    Saints and sinners - I am not sure if they are still about as I have also been looking for a club in the area and have been unable to find any contact details also. I went along to Horsham Joggers and they weren't the most friendliest bunch (not a Horsham dweller image). I have also been along to Lingfield RC who are a really friendly bunch - however it kind of depends if your fiance wants to drive over there.

    Let us know how she gets on.

  • You could also have a look at the results page of the Tilgate parkrun and click on the Club List option, that should give you an better idea of which club runners run the parkrun.
  • Hi, if you are still interested i have taken on the role of coach and club developer for Crawley saints and sinners. We meet outside k2 every Wednesday evening at 7pm for a steady social training run, our website is you can also find us on facebook and twitter.

    Mark >:)
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