The Winter Gut Buster 10 Mile

Does anyone have an entry to either the 10k or 10 miler they want to sell?  Drop me an email if so -


  • Hi Kylie,

    Still interested in the Winter Gut Buster? Haven't recovered properly from an injury so might not be able to run. Drop me an e-mail if you are at

  • What a fantastic event! image

    It was tough, no mistaking that, but great organisation, friendly marshalls, and loads of great touches like:

    - personalised medals

    - printing off my finish time within a few mins of finishing

    - mince pies and mulled wine!!

    I missed this last year as I was ill, but I'm glad I made it this time.image

  • Glad you had a great time. Heard there was lots of mud too. Will try and make it this year if my hamstrings don't play up.

  • It's worth it Mr B, although my left hamstring tweaked on the slopes around the Roman Wall at Silchester.

    There was definitely lots of mud..... image

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