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Hi all, Looking for some advice. I'm taking part in the London Marathon in April (first time marathoner although have been doing halves for a couple of years) and am looking at 20 week training plans. I'd really like to come in around 3:50 if possible. Only problem is that I am going on a ski holiday in the first week of March and I'm a bit worried about what to do either side and during the ski week. Every plan I look at seems to say that I need to be doing between 30 and 40 miles during the week I am away which really worries me. I've been skiing 4 times and am at comfortable red run level. From previous trips, my legs are have been in agony at the end of each day skiing and especially in the morning (may be a good way of loosening up!!!!!) although I am 4 stone lighter now than my last trip and much fitter. Should I be taking my kit with me and doing some running before I go out each day? Or after? Can anyone recommend a good training plan that would work well? Has anyone been through the same experience and have any recommendations? Especially the week before, during and after? Does anyone know of any good running routes in Val D'Isere? Am I daft for doing this? All comments well received !


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I went skiing before the 2010 VLM and didn't take my running kit. Just saw it as an easy week. Made sure I got my long run in before I left and then back into it when I got home. Felt very refreshed and raring to get back into it on my return.

    If you are really worried try and get 1 week ahead in your training so you can then afford to miss 1 week.
  • Hi. I am in the same position as you only I am going at the end of March. I agree with millsy re getting your long run in before you go. But I did want to let you know that if you haven't been to val d'isere recently they have an amazing new municipal pool and gym centre behind the ski pass office. The gym has treadmills if you want to get a mid week run in. But I wouldn't be trying to stick to your schedule whilst on holiday. Enjoy your week skiing and get back into it when you come back.
  • I've taken my trail shoes the last couple of years and managed to get some running in, but like Millsy I make sure that I shift my long runs to just before and just after- if there are cross country routes these can provide a nicely pisted surface.  I used to run at the end of the day.

  • I have done a lot of marathons including several  London Marathons and I ski and snowboard twice a year. I ski/snowboard most things the mountain throws at me icy black and off piste. My ski weeks always interupt whatever marathon schedule I am working to. I have never worried about losing a weeks training because of my skiing and I don't believe it has affected my marathon times. If you are working quite hard at your skiing, your fitness level will not drop off in a week. Personally I would just enjoy the skiing and not worry about training while you are away. I am 67 and and last year I did 3.43.



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