trochanter/piriformis mystery

Hi all

big problem here with my left trochanter. I've been into running for the last 4yrs and have done a number of ultra's so my training history and programme is fairly comprehensive - this is one of the reasons I'm having trouble understanding this injury. That and the fact that I've seen a sports injury specialist with no concise diagnosis.............

About 4 wks ago when I was out for a training run (a local offroad hilly route) I slipped awkwardly and somehow prevented myself from falling. However, I felt something twinge in my left upper buttock close to the rear of my left trochanter. Thereafter on that run I became aware of a strange ache on the actual trochanter. When I got to my car about an hour later the pain had built up quite badly but was much worse when I stopped running and was sore for about 2-3hrs afterwards.

I went for two or three runs in the week after that and by the last one I was in so much pain after the run that I could barely walk. During the run the pain originates over the trochanter and slightly to the rear. I'm aware of a ligament or tendon (parallel with the ground - not perpindicular) which seems to be caught on the trochanter which flicks up and down as the left foot lands with every stride. After the run, the whole left hip is seriously tender and movement in any direction is restricted.

I've ruled out the ITB due to a lot of time spent creasing out any tightness with my foam roller (yes it was painful - but not so anymore).

I've been to see a registered masseuse, who has been unable to diagnose the problem.

I've also been to see a sports injury specialist who spent nearly 30mins puzzled by my problem. He passed me onto a colleague who seemed to spot the problem immediately - a weak right sided gluteus medius affecting the left piriformis which in turn is pulling on thre trochanter. He gave me some exercises to do which have isolated the gluteus medius.

Problem is, I was doing these sort of exercises anyway as well as a host of other injury prevention exercises - around 20% of my weekly volume is spent doing this type of work. I went for a 20min jog yesterday - first time out for 2 weeks and yet again it flared up.

The piriformis thing sounds like it might be true because I do have a sciatic nerve type pain in my upper left buttock but the ligament flicking over the trochanter isn't going away anytime soon.

I'm confused and desperate. There's only so much turbo trainer I can take! Anyone got any suggestions please? I've done everything I can think of (yes ice and stretching too)

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