Knee Bursitis injury

Has anybody had the injection and removal of fluid from lower knee to cure bursitis, how long until I can be back up and running?


  • Well I have had pes anserine bursitis since the end of October, I have not had any injection or fluid removal so far but I can sympathise. For me it’s a lot better than it was but every time I go for a test run to see if I can start running again I can still feel it, so feeling a bit fed up. I went for a very short run (1.5 miles) Monday morning and can still feel a slight ache in my knee and its now Friday image I was hoping to be back running by Christmas but it doesn't look like that’s going to happen image

  • Roger, that's exactly the same as me. Doctor told me to take ibrufon, regular icing and stretching the ITB using a foam roller. Mine seems to have eased but the ache remains. As you say , very frustrating. I'm having a ultra scan on Tuesday and if it shows up the bursar then they plan to stick a needle in! I'm hoping to be back running straight after being very optimistic!
  • Yes, done all things you have done, including the foam roller, and like you after my run on Monday it was nowhere like as bad as when it first started but it still ached and I have not run since for fear of making it worse and being back again where I was a couple of months ago . . . At the moment I am thinking if it’s not better after Christmas I'm going to the docs, I have private medical insurance through work so maybe I should make use of for once . . . please post how you get on with the scan, be most interested.

  • How did it go with the scan?. . . 

    This morning before work I went for another test run, just 1.5 miles, lots of stretching before and after and so far pain free. I say “so far” because previously I have not felt anything until at least a day after, keeping fingers and everything else firmly crossed image

  • Good luck to both of you - will be interested to know how you get on. I have had bursitis of the left knee and hip since July (although only diagnosed in November after an MRI scan). I have tried all the tricks above, anti-inflammatories, ice, stretching, completely stopping exercise but the aches still remain. So, it's a cortisone injection for me next which is booked for January. I am slightly nervous as I know this treatment is quite contraversial but being out of action for 6 months has really got me down! I did carry on running when the pain was milder and am now in a right mess so I would urge you to lay off the running untill you are completely pain free!

  • Sorry you are still suffering with this Laura, I have to say this has been the most persistent injury I have had since starting running and I’ve had a few!. I would totally agree with your advice about not running until pain free, I have learned this myself, even if there is only slight pain the more you run with it the worse you will make it and just prolong it.  My situation at the moment; I am back running but I am being very careful, just three times a week and short distances . . . if I continue to be pain free I am hoping to be able to crank this up a bit after Christmas and hopefully get back to my normal distances.

  • Hi, I had my scan and injection on Tuesday. The following 2 days my knee was very painful which is now starting to ease. Doctor has told me not to run for 2 weeks! I'm going to see how it goes. The scan was good as it showed me exactly what the issue was, I just hope the steroid injection works now

    Laura , I understand your frustration with not being able to run which I very much share, hope it goes well in January with the treatment

    Roger, hope you continue to make good progress, I was hoping to do the Horndean 7.5m race on the 27th and Clivedon 6m Xcountry race on Jan 6th but will see how it goes in next few days
  • Did 2 miles this morning (in the rain!) with lots of stretches before and after and I think all seems OK, but I have to admit I’m still a bit nervous about messing it up again. Laura: Good luck for January, hope all goes well, keep us posted.
    Ingy: I’d definitely heed what the doc says, and seriously think hard  about those January runs, and make sure you are pain free before starting running again.

    Wishing you both a healthy and pain free Christmas and New Year image

  • I've had exactly the same problem - pes anserine bursitis, I've just started back running short distances, much the same situation as Rog . . . how is everybody doing doing with this?, wishing you all a pain and injury free 2013.

  • Got my cortisone jabs tomorrow so will let you know how it goes - one in my knee and one in my hip - it's gonna hurt! But if it gets us back running I guess it'll be worth it! image

    Ingy, your 2 weeks post injection must be just about up - how does it feel now?

  • Hi Laura, I did my first run on Monday , 4 miles, then another 4 miles this afternoon, both at a very slow pace. No pain as such although a bit of an ache around the knee generally! During the 2 weeks after the jabs the area had a dull ache but not really sure what this is, I'm seeing physio tomorrow so I hope this will help. Best wishes for tomorrow, it is all over very quickly. I'm very squeamish so I avoided looking at the needles and just talked constantly throughout about my running to take my mind if what the doctor was doing! I think I bored him so much that he just got the job done ASAP!!
  • At the moment I am running every other day and keeping to short distances, like you ingy, I’m getting a general but very slight ache for the rest of the day after my early morning runs although its gone by the next day. I am hoping this is just a part of the healing process, it gets any worse I will stopping the runs, let’s  just hope that doesn’t happen. Hope all goes OK with the jabs Laura.

  • Thanks guys, had the jabs yesterday. The one in my hip feels ok but my knee is agony, am hobbling around worse than before! Hope it will settle down soon.

    Glad you are both back to running and glad to hear you are taking things a bit easier speed and distance wise.

  • Roger, sounds like your constantly pushing your injury.  Don't run on it, wait untill you can't feel it and then wait another 10-14 days.  Seriously, you will not do your running any good by running on an injury like this, Every time you run on it, even for a couple of miles, you will be putting recovery back by 4-5 days (or even worse) unless you're 20 or under.

    I've had the same, and battled with it for 6 months before biting the bullet and taking 8 weeks off running.  Sorting out any quad imbalances, stretching out the calfs, hamstrings, quads and hips, and maybe foam roller (i don't know if this helps but it hurts so it feels like it should) whilst recovering should do the trick.

    This is from experience rather than any actual know-how.

  • I went to physio yesterday and he gave me some good exercises and stretches to deal with quad imbalances etc which have made me feel better. Like you Sean I am using a foam roller which I think is doing the job!

    Rich I'm also having a very dull ache which the physio thought would go if I stretched more, time will tell

    Laura, the excruciating pain in the knee lasted about 72 hours after my jabs, I think it is referred to as 'cortisone flare', I found icing really helpful in relieving. I even had pain in the meniscus part of the knee 5 days after the jab which disappeared after a day or so. It is worthwhile seeing a physio in a week or so. Hope recovery continues
  • Good advice Sean . . . I think I'm guilty of doing the same thing: I went for a two mile run on Saturday, quite a long walk on Sunday then early this morning out for a another run, after about a mile I could feel the dreaded knee pain again, not bad but enough for me to cut the run short . . . a bit disappointed, really thought this was fixed, clearly its not. image  

  • Hi everybody . . . Laura, ingy, Rog . . . just wondering how all my fellow suffers are getting on?. I am still getting slight twinges if I sort of squat down and put all my weight on my knee but I seem to be able to run a couple of miles four times a week without any pain, I'm still a little cautious of cranking that up to anywhere near my normal frequency and distances but very happy I can at least do what I'm doing for the time being.  

  • Hi Rich, glad to hear you are doing some running even if you are having to keep the distances short!

    It's been 2 weeks since my jabs now and my knee is feeling a bit better but my hip is not (ironic as knee was the primary cause, hip just followed!). Walking about is fine and I think if I ran on perfectly flat pavement with perfectly even strides, very slowly, I'd manage a mile or so, but any sudden turns/ over/under striding etc and it would aggrevate. So I'll give it another week and then perhaps return to the consultant. Might give swimming a try at the weekend too.

  • Hi, I've been making some progress. I did 16 miles over 3 runs last week, I had a few twinges but I think ok at moment. I'm going to try a 8 miler this weekend!

    I found the stretches and strength exercises the physio gave me have helped a lot and I do every day. I also found rock tape really good, it seems to take away the dull ache like magic!! It may be psychological or may actually be doing some thing I don't understand but either way it does make me feel better , we'll with the ??13. Hope you all running soon, best wishes
  • Hello everybody . . . just wondering how you are all getting on now. I am still getting twinges from my knee and while I am running it makes me nervous of getting back to my previous schedule. I spent about an hour and half working in the garden the other day with a fair amount of kneeling and the day after could really feel it, makes me think this is still not completely fixed even after all this time image

  • Hi Rich,

    No progress from me unfortunately, still not running image

    Going for some more cortisone tomorrow, this time under GA and x-ray and deeper into the joint. We will see!

    I have read that bursitis very rarely occurs in isolation, it is almost always triggered by some other tissue damage but these consultants like to treat the symptoms and are not always great at finiding the cause! A good friend of mine has been out of action with hip bursitis for months and through a 2nd opinion found out that she actually has a labral tear image

    Carry on taking it a bit easier Rich and best of luck to you and everyone else.

  • Hi Rich and Laura, really sorry to hear that things are not progressing as well as hoped. I've taken it steady in building up my mileage and done a lot of stretching, physio and foam roller and touch wood I'm gradually getting there. In the first month I was getting twinges and still do every so often but it hasn't forced me to stop. I did a. 10k race on Sunday and it it all felt good ! . Best of luck over the coming weeks
  • HI all, very very new here but have suffered recently with bursitis and found a folk medicine site that suggested Milk of Magnesia. I know it sounds unlikely but...

    I started running around a month ago, started gently but then overcooked it and ended up with inflammation of bursa in the knee (diagnosed by physio). I was in a lot of pain for nearly two weeks - 1200mg of Ibuprofen sort of pain, sometimes unable to walk without painkillers. I tried ice and warm-packs and it just wasn't getting any better.

    To cut a long story short I tried the Milk of Magnesia - Europe has effectively outlawed it due to high content of sulphates - but you will get it at Boots (and only Boots in UK ). And yes, I know it's for an upset stomach and yes it did have side-effects - it can work as a laxative at higher doses but within 48 hours (3 x 10ml daily) the pain had gone. One week on I've started running again at smaller distances and so far so good.



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