Ironman Busselton

I shall be up tonght tracking my Mum in her first ever Ironman. image

Really hope she makes it through the swim.


  • where is it ??

     hope she enjoys itimage

  • Western Australia.

    I hope she enjoys it too. But have a feeling if she does she'll be doing a lot more!

  • Hi, I haven't done this ironman, but I happened to be in Busselton about 8 years ago and watched it, its a beautiful place and the atmosphere was fantastic, so she should have a brilliant time.

  • 60km into the bike. I need to go to bed. Hopefully by the time I get  up she'll be well into the marathon. image

  • Hope your Mum has a great race, they are very addictive

    Great spot for an Ironman and a well run race.

    I was lucky enough to compete in 2008

  • Glad she got out of the swim in one piece as you seeemd worried about that part........hope that the night went well and that shes near the end

  • Thanks Seren Nos. Looks like it was a long day for her, but she made it to the end image

  • Glad to hear that.......image

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