Ironman Austria 2004



  • Andy, from memory it was about ten minutes in total which I think is quite a long time. Towelled off, put new socks on for each discipline etc, but did wear one trisuit throughout.
  • ah there's the difference, i get changed

    how padded was the trisuit?

    i don't do 2 hours + on the bike in anything but my most padded shorts, and although i run in them upto 10k, I can't imagine doing a full marathon in them i'd expect nasty chaffing where you shouldn't be chaffed
  • Typical lightly padded trisuit I suppose. Fine for running and didn't cause me any problems on the bike

    (once I was completely numb!!)
  • I've got a one pice trisuit for shorter races but thinking of getting a 2 piece for IM - to make it easy to answer the call of nature

  • do you get off the bike???
  • I have to, to unravel it
  • you're one Tough Guy Richard... i obviously have girls' buttocks
  • Do you just P' en-situ like?
  • i lose ten mins in transition, Will loses 20 getting off the bike every time nature calls
  • sorry for lowering the tone ;)
  • Andy, Do you have one of those anatomically correct seats. They make a male version and a female and I swear by that seat. I don't even need padded shorts for it even on 60 mile rides.
  • Andy/Will - its going to be the main focus of my training over the winter, learning to p*ss whilst still riding my bike like they do on the Tour.
  • might explain my long transition - getting hosed down
  • I've seen them getto off the bike in the tour

    Im slow so will be on the bike some time - so will need to stop on occation
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