Oban .v. Windsor

Having run Windsor on Sunday (v. hilly, v. hot) I notice that the Oban half is on this Sunday.
Does any have any experience of this one as I thought I would try it as I am in that neck of the woods at the weekend.
Do you think I will crash and burn if I do 2 halfs so close together. I did Windsor in just over 2 hours and have only done an easy 3 miles so far this week. Advise greatly received !


  • Hello Susie,

    Congradulations on doing windsor half! I am doing the oban half this sunday myself:And this will be my first
    getting a little anxious:I am expecting to do it in about 2hrs ten/twenty,fingers crossed.As when I
    ran in the paisley pattern road race 10K, my time was 1hr/6mins
    I am not sure if i am the right person to be saying to go for it or not:As I have only been running
    a few months.Think I will leave it to the more experienced ruinners out their.

    Also susie:they are having a pasta party in the atlantis leisure centre on the saturaday night
    and it costs £2.50:This is if you decide to come along and do it.

    So if you would like any company,just give me a shout!!Maybe see you their!!

  • Thanks Sharon,
    I was a bit worrried as I saw that the max.number was only 150 however now that you say you are doing it then I might just give it a go. I won't be around on the Saturday night as I am staying in Lochgoilhead which is 1.5hrs away so I will travel up Sunday morning.
    Thanks for the reply and best of luck !
  • Hello Susie,

    Thanks for you reply:Hope to see you their on sunday morning:Mind you did not realise they
    are only having a max of 150:Because when they sent out the details,they did not send out
    any race numbers with it.They are also taking registration up until 11.30:Then the race starts
    at 12.00:All goes well.

    Good luck yourself!!
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Susie,if you feel up to it then do it. Just start off at a nice steady pace and if you feel ok after 1/2 way just go pick up the pace.

    Have a good rest next week though!
  • I did Guildford Half (local race) and then Windsor Half the next weekend. In Guildford I took it easy and had fun talking to people and ran 2h7m38s. In Windsor, a hillier course, I concentrated, didn't talk to anyone, put in a real effort and ran in 2h7m19s. So it is possible to do two in a row. Maybe if you worked hard at Windsor, you just want to try to enjoy this other race?
    Go for it!
  • Hello susie,

    How are you feeling! My legs are still a bit sore and tight:I have my training tonight out at the
    track.But I think i will take it easy,until the legs loosen off again.But once again it was really
    nice speaking to you :And also putting a name to a face.Speak to you later.
    Take care!!
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