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  • Similar thing happened to us years ago - some guy drove off a slip road of the M1 into my partner - late at night so no witnesses.  He gave a false address but she took his reg and traced him through that.   He then gave a totally different story of the event - what can you do it's one persons word against another.  

    In the end it dragged on for over a year and the insurance were still on the case but no real progress -  our car was fairly old and still driveable so we  decided to put it down to experience - I think the engine went on it not long after anyway.  The other half said the guy was rough as **** so I didn't fancy going round and having it out with him.   

    Hope you get it sorted.   

  • Would there be any reason you'd have used that road ? Do you have witnesses that saw you setting off and it could be shown that the other road was unlikely ? 

    Maybe people in their houses saw the crash but didnt come out of their houses - I'd think about asking round the area ?

  • Have you tried to get CCTV evidence? Even if there's none of the scene of your accident, there may be CCTV near the school so you could prove the accident didn't happen there...

  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Yeah. People wanting something for nothing !

    When my car was off the road a couple of weeks back after someone hit it ( see above) the claims management company said As we don't have Audi's we will arrange a 5 series Beemer for 2 weeks

    A) I didn't want the lobotomy required to drive a Beemer

    B) Audi fixed my car, did a full valet etc in 8 hours !

    See all driving up my premium

    I just checked and, these days, lobotomised people drive Audis.  There's certainly no lobotomised people driving my M-class BMW.

  • I spoke to people who lived on that road and they saw nothing. She left the scene quickly and I did not take photos. My fault for that but hers for eveything else. This is the only way I would have driven home from that playground.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Can you take her to court and see if she is willing to lie whilst under oath?
  • A slightly wild idea, but could you check for any debris where the accident happened? Head on into the side of your car should have left something broken, like a headlight or indicator.

    If you can prove it was bits from her or your (model of) car, then you could prove where it happened. I'd take a witness with me, if I didn't know a friendly policeman, take lots of pictures, write everything down, and label and bag anything you pick up. (Not sure if any of this would stand up to scrutiny, but could be worth a shot). Bear in mind the longer it's left there the less likely you are to find anything.

  • If you happened to have a Sat Nav in the car (and turned on) at the time it might have recorded your position. The Garmin Nuvi I used to have did that.

    Your mobile phone operator may also have a log of your location, although that may not be accurate enough if the 2 streets are fairly close together.

  • My very first RTA a long time ago was very similar - a guy pulled out, hit me in the side, said it's his fault etc. THEN, his insurance co informed mine that he said it was me pulling into the side road too fast that I hit him. I was incensed of course, he even had a witness in his car who agreed with him of course. ( I don't believe that's possible these days) I stuck to my story, told the truth & threatened to take him & his 'witness' to court & in the end his insurance paid up fully. It's always made me aware that if ever I have an accident,to record as much detail as I can. Fortunately I don't crash often!

    I really hope things work out ok for you, we can all sense your feelings acdcgirl, there are some downright horrible people out there.

  • Oh yes Andy, there are indeed horrible people out there. I live in an area called socially deprived, it does not mean that there are people fighting on the streets but there are some really rough people around. I know she is horrible, she is fighting eviction at the moment. I think a part of it is with this letter is to get reaction from me, maybe she is expecting me to go round and punch her in the face, then she can claim injury. Tomorrow I am off to citizens advice thingy to find out more. At the end of the day I am innocent here and lost out big time with written off car, no payment for it, no transport, traumatised kids, pain in my neck for 3 weeks and all that hassle. They can put me through lie detector if they want, it just simply was not my fault. The only fault of mine was to be so naive thinking that because I was so obviously in the right that everything will be ok because of that. And of course valuable life lesson. I think they should teach it more at driving courses what to do and what info to take at the accident scene as I really did not know.  

  • When did the car get written off ?

    How come no payout if you have fully comp ?

    And if you have no transport does that mean you have sent the lease car ?
  • Today I spoke to the insurance people and told them to take the hire one away. Our car got written off at the garage where they said it was £2500 to fix it. I thought I wrote about this in the first post. I did not realise I did not. 2 friends have already said that with fully comp insurance we should have already received the cheque regardless of dispute but it did not arrive yet. I just don't know how it all works with them all claiming now that it was me causing the accident and in a totally different place.

  • It's unlikely that you will get any payout until it has been agreed who was at fault
  • I would agree that it sounds like she's trying to get a reaction from you, anything that she can add that makes you look bad in someone else's eyes furthers her cause, these sort of people know how to play the game. Citizens Advice Bureau is a very good place to go, they'll steer you in the right direction & to be honest, I cannot imagine that someone pulling out of a side road into you can say or prove you are even partly to blame. Unfortunately these things always take ages to sort out, meanwhile you have your worries about it etc & it's not a good time of year for it.

    We're all hoping  for a good outcome for you!

  • Your insurance company will tell you when you are going to get your cheque - different companies take differing amounts of time - hopefully yours is efficient.

    You can't second guess or go back and change things.  Don't engage with this person at all - send all correspondance to your insurance company without replying.  Tell your insurance company everything you can and be prepared to go to court if you need to.  The fact that you were on the main road is a point in your favour.

    The argument is actually between her insurance company and your insurance company not between you and her.  


    Be prepared for her to put in a personal injury claim, it's a bonus if she doesn't. 

    I deal with RTA's on a weekly basis on behalf of the haulage department of my company - and I have unfortunatley come to the conclusion that people are lying b'strds. 

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