Women's walking gear

Mrs P and I like tootling around the Lake District, but she steadfastly refuses to update her kit. It's like carry on camping.

She recently wore my boots and was impressed, so I think it might be the right time to introduce her to some more modern gear.

Can anyone suggest a nice pair of light trousers and some waterproof ones for when its really wet? A good stowaway jacket, etc.



  • We both use The North Face trousers from the store at Cheshire Oaks
  • Noted thank you, never been in there.


  • It can be hit and miss, but worth a quick look seeing as how you are close. If not Cotswold Rock Bottom in Grasmere when you are passing
  • Craghoppers have a sale on - http://www.craghoppers.com/buy/sale/womens-sale/?DisplayProductList=true

    I've a couple of pairs of their winter lined trousers - man they're good ! I wore them in arctic scotland last new year and walking up Ben Nevis in August - they worked perfectly and kept me warm. 

    As to overtrousers - I just use a cheap pair - they were perfect in a sodden Scottish August again.

  • Have craghoppers, they are really good and dry out very quickly and are crumple resistant.

    Do you have a Cotswold near you?


  • Crumple resistant. Splutter
  • StiltsStilts ✭✭✭
    Mr Stilts swears by Craghoppers go direct to the website tho they have permanent sales and offers on also crop up quite a lot in TK Maxx
  • We all know what happened to Babs Windsor's top in Carry on Camping, Puffy.....image

  • Keela scuffer trousers

    Check out paramo too

  • +1 for craghopper trousers, they are light, dry quick and have just enough stretch for getting over styles etc without hvaing to hitch them up, (tk maxx have LOADS in all over the country at great prices btw)

    as far as boots, i have some scarpa boots for the serious stuff (mountains) and some slamons for regular treks and hiking. 

  • Our waterproofs are Sprayway and were cheaper than some of the other makes but really excellent, even in Lakeland downpours. I just googled and MandM direct have some bargains, a Sprayway goetex jacket for ??59.99, less than half price.
  • I went to Cheshire Oaks, no trousers in the required size at North Face, I went next door to Columbia and ended up buying boots.

    Then I went to Cotswold and saw some Sprayway trousers funnily enough but I am looking online too now;  I can't find the Craghopper winter lined trousers in store anywhere.


  • I was in TNF at Cheshire Oaks yesterday. Didn't buy anything tho
  • field and trek I think were selling them.they are always cheap because they are the same conpany as sports direct.so whilst great prices don't expect great customer service

  • Oh yeah Field & Trek... The salesman tried to steer my wife away from down jackets, saying those are proper ones the women's fashion ones are over here... Where are you going to wear it ! Nepal and the Alps in winter came the reply... I thought she was going to murder him on the spot....
  • I went there too, the lad was telling a woman she had to have two poles because she'd overbalance if she only bought one, he got short shrift as well.
  • field and trek is just the same as sports direct..............great if you know what you want...just don't ask for advice..............the Montane atomic DT stuff was half price this time last year ... a real bargain for some quality kit.............

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