Endurancelife CTS Dorset, 10K, Half, Mara & Ultra

Did the half marathon this morning in under 3 hours. Lovely day and course but very tough - the legs were  cramping all over.

 Anyone use gps/garmin and have the stats for actual distance and elevation gain?



  • I measured it at 16.2 miles with 1258m of elevation gain.

    Couldn't have had better weather, properly tough couse.

  • I only did the 10k and my legs are killing me! image

  • ...marathon distance was just under 29 miles......most of which seemed to be vertical......

  • 3hrs, great time and that's what I was hoping for


    I too suffered from bad calf cramps at about 10.5 miles, I've never had them before and can only put it down to my current lack of endurance training and those evil hills, however any cramp avoidence advice would be most greatfully appriciated... I want to do the Devon CTS in Feb pain free.

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