What piece of running gear would you buy if you had a budget of just £30?

If you had a budget of £30 to buy someone a piece of running gear, what would you buy?



  • I went into sports direct today and got a running jacket, top and compression tights all for £29.97 so I'd buy them the same and still have change from my £30 image

  • AND they are 3 sizes smaller than I would have bought this time last year! imageimage

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  • Lock laces, Hilly anklet socks and a windproof jacket.

  • I would spend it on an ordnance survey map of the local area and a pair of cheap trail shoes
  • From Sports Direct ive just purchased a lovely pair of Karrimor Tracksters - £10.99 - and a nice top £8.99

    seeking new Karrimoor vest now - they dont have my size at moment, then it'll be a running shop for new trainers 

  • A foam roller and a foot roller. £20 and £9.

  • 30 bags of Jelly Babies
  • I'd consider entry to a good run

  • Some winter tights at the moment... image

  • At the moment thermal top or tights!
  • 375 cans of mushy peas (8p each) enough kcals to last 5.9 weeks so they won't have to do any food shopping.

  • Decent head torch, gel/water belt. RW subscription for 1 yearimage

  • Mmmmmm ... mushy peas ... delicious cold straight out of the tin with a dollop of mayo. Yum!

    As for the £30 - I'd buy one of everything in the next Aldi or Lidl running special. In fact £30 would probably buy two of everything.

  • lardarse.........I have not always agreed with your opinions over the years.but never before have you made such adisguting statement.mushy peasimage

  • armwarmers and gloves......and ahead torch ... all available for that price if you shop around

  • 375 cans of mushy peas, I love them but reckon the resulting methane could run a small town from that lot

  • Loving mushy peas 


  • T.mouse wrote (see)







    What she said and have change for a Subway and a can of Speshull Brew

  • Thanks for the ideas, some of which I'd never thought of such as the ordnance survey map and head torch.  Think I'll give the mushy peas a miss though, unless I have some change image

  • Well you learn something newevery day.

  • right now i'd get a nice new soft hoodie to throw on after a run/shower. i have running clothes coming out my eye balls.

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I'd get something seasonal eg. Reflective vest/ accessory you can clip on, batteries into headlamp, perhaps download a few new music tracks as well from iTunes for running.
  • Running club membership and some running socks.

  • I'm off out for some mushy peas. Does the vinegar help?

  • A Buff and some good socks.

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    A head torch ... available for that price if you shop around

    I can get a head torch for less than a tenner!  But I'd have to run very slowly or I'd soon fall over in the near-dark.

    But has anyone got a recommendation for a thirty-quid head torch that is worthwhile wearing.

  • Alpkit Gamma £15 - have to buy direct from their website.

    I managed to get my LED Lenser H7 for £35, which is a little above budget, but a good torch.

  • A pair of these, with change to spare


    For the price I paid (£39.00 at the 'Withins Skyline' fellrace) back in October, they're brilliant shies, but at that price!!imageimage

    Okay, they're not as forgiving, or conforming to a surface as my Mud-Claws, but work damned well in horrible boggy slippery stuff.

    AND; will be perfect for when it snows, for those of us who don't stop (reason I got mine - so the Inov-8's don't suffer from the salt attacking the randing)


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