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  • hi everyone sorry havent posted!

    first off is the foot is fine and got the all clear from a very understanding doc! should heal in time and thinks it was caused by cold wet foot being rubbed from shoes! (crappy trail shoes image)

    went for a check up aswell as had an abnormal ECG last year so went and had that looked at aswell. Dont want to be keeling over at halstead now image!

    done 4 miles last night no problem and got training tonight with the club image

    hope everyone is doing well. sounds like you bikers are getting on well hehe! i can bike fine but i just tend to run everywhere! plus got the bikes stolen a few weeks ago so the trusty foot power is ideal!!

    As for swimming, im the bambi of the pool (cant really swim if im honest), i can dive down etc and probably save myself in the water, but doing a lengthy swim! no chance!!

  • Angela - An Olympic Duathlon is 10/40/5k split run/bike/run. Kudos on the Tri, by the sounds of things me and Jason would be there swimming now still. Swimming schwimming I say. image 

    Jason - Good to hear you aren't abnormal in any way shape or form and have had the tests to prove it. image 


  • Really thought I was super human in some way though!! Oh well just plain normal will have to do image

    Duathlon sounds fun! Looks like I might give one of those a go next year image

    Just need to but a bike lol
  • Hey hey,

    Yes, duathlon sounds immensely more doable, however after my one multi sport event I do find that I'm asking what's the point of mixing- why not do a running race, or a bike race?? Maybe I'm a purist- it was a nice experience but u can't beat a good run!!!

    On that note I'm sitting on the train home- was thinking I'd go for a run tonight as the leg feels better but I'm gonna give it an extra day of rest- I fear running when only just healed will prolong it, wheras an extra rest day might mean I can do my 17 on Monday...
  • Angela - Another night off won't do any harm. Better safe than sorry. 

    Jason - Yep a bike would be good they get very anal about that sort of thing in the rules

    I think without one you are just doing  a Thon.

  • Night off even less likely to do harm since I didn't spend it supping g&t s in front of the tele like i did last night... Instead my mum brought over home made apple pie! D'oh not much of a running diet!

    4 miles easy tomorrow and looking forward to hopefully not breaking image

    Well done on ur tempo oirish eyes.

    Jason, did u manage to get a run in?
  • Morning everyone,

    managed 6.09 miles last night with the club.

    2mile warm up, stupidly hard inteval sessions down a local industrail estate! (sprint, rest, sprint, rest). then another 2 miles cool down.

    felt brilliant after though image.

    easy 4 tonight, might be missed as im very busy image should of got up this morning but was shattered. cant see no harm in making friday easy!

    saying that, i might make it two days rest then go out extra easy saturday then doing the Essex20 sunday!


  • Hi all

    Jason - What's the plan are you doing the Essex 20 as an LSR or doing some at MP? It's good to see  that your worries from earlier in the week are behind you and an excellent session last night. Personally I'd rest, easy rest, Essex20 over the next 4 days but either or is going to work so whatever suits your schedule really, no point trying to shoehorn it in.

    Angela - Gin? Yuk,yuk,yuk,yuk,yuk. image Homemade apple pie on the other hand made by your Mum's fair hand sounds awesome. I don't know about anyone else but it does amuse me how obsessed people on some of these forums get about their diet, screw that!!! 

    I am by nature a fairly healthy eater but in no way fanatical about it. I'm not a big chocolate or junk food fan but will always be in reaching distance of a snickers, I use them on runs quite regularly and  have never said no to a portion of fish and chips. 

    Traditionally my pre race breakfast is the leftovers of my mum's legendary meatballs and spahgetti from the night before. It is superb on every level. 

    Today is an easy 6 and rest tomorrow. 

  • oirish, well......i WAS going for a LSR but now ive decided to use it as a 'see how i can cope' run, im aiming for 8mm so pretty much the faster end of MP image

    saying that then the rest days seem obvious image! feeling a little tired today so the rest will be greatly recieved!

    Angela im a sucker for pear cider image i dont drink very often, because even 1 makes me a bit merry image.

    im with you though on the diet oirish my diets good but not super healthy, i allow some 'bad' stuff from time to time!

    might have to adopt the left over spagetti for my next race thoughimage. does it help?

  • Hey hey,

    Diet... hmmm, I would say that I'm a naturally healthy eater- I like real food, that I made from ingredients... meat and vegetables, not pre-processed horse.  My major downfall, however, is wine... and then with wine, cheese.  Problem being that in the quantities I was having them gave very little nutritional benefit.  My fiance is a sugar fiend and doesn't exercise nearly as much as me, so if we do eat something like fish and chips, unfortunately it shows on him, so I am trying really hard to limit those treat type things to 0-5% of diet rather than about 20%.

    I gave up alcohol for January, and I found it naturally lead to a much healthier diet, and a brilliant month of training, so whilst I'm no longer cold turkey, I do notice the effects of eating better and not drinking.  And we barely have any cheese in the house now.  (It used to be a selection of gorgonzola, camembert, cheddar and brie, pretty much on tap the whole time.  Now I just have some cheddar about usually to sprinkle on stufff or use in cooking.)

    When I was a rower we used to do a 2 week drinking ban before races... that may have been because we were at university, and therefore the concept of 'just a glass' didn't really compute...


  • Hi all,

    Some usual nutty training from jason going on. I can't believe you did that trail marathon the other day and now doing a 20 this Sunday as well.

    I've been under the weather for a few days but ran well this morning and doing the Surrey Spitfire 20 on Sunday.

    Oirish - that coast to coast looks a fun ride. Been thinking about it myself, but want to get Lands End to John O'Groats out of the way first in August!

    Angela - still thinking about the London 100 mile ride. I am, also, rubbish at swimming!

    Happy running everyone!

  • Yipeee!!! I gave in... I went to Sweatshop and I bought some Adidas boost!!! Hopefully all my problems are now solved!!!

    BOing!!! image

  • Careful wearing them around the house I'd hate for you to knock yourself out on the ceiling image I have my shoe fitting saturday so we could both end up with a pair. Like twins image

    DS2 - It has been organised by my best mate over there, he kind of backed me into a corner over it. I am really looking forward to the whole trip as I usually go over for Paddy's day but this year I am running my hometown HM instead. image

  • oirish - I love the country! Used to get over there for a golfing break fairly regularly. Love it down on the West coast. A good friend of mine was a Priest down in Kilkee before he found a woman!!! We still get over there and spend time with a few other priests and use their homes as a base.  Where is your hometown?

    I ran in new shoes today - oh, they felt lovely (Asics Gel Kayano 19)image

  • New shoes are always a great feeling aren't they? Like Angela I am living in Colchester. I say hometown but pffft I've been around here there and everywhere to really call it home home

    DS2 - I usually go over for the 6 nations and a couple of times more during the year, I've skipped the 6 nations trips this year as I have a few trips up my sleeve potentially later in the year running overseas events that are in the pipeline. Plus I'll be ther for the bike thing early June and possibly the Dublin marathon.

    Angela - That reminds me The Bournemouth marathon, the organising company, price and route have taken a right pounding on the forums. Apparently the company running it are a bit hit and miss with their events and having looked at the route they have jusr released and knowing the area as I do it isn't great. I am most likely switching to the Dublin marathon now. I'll have a place to stay and with cheap flights booked early It'll probably work out cheaper for me.

  • image u just want to put me down on a day I bought new shoes Oirish!!! Just coz you're jealous!!! image

    Hmm, Thanks for the heads up on Bournemouth.  I don't think anything could match the annoyance and disappointment of the NYC marathon last year.  The only holiday I've ever booked a year in advance, and well, I was dreading it when I found there would be no chance of a bag drop, and that as one of the latest coaches arriving at the start, due to booking thru a travel company, I would still be waiting for 3 hours before starting the race...  which then of course didn't happen.

    Least in the UK if anything goes wrong I can just go home... Its not like Bournemouth hotels are £100s a night...

    The BOOST are soooo snug, its nice... they're very light too, but still with loads of cushioning....  I used to use Asics Kayanos, but version 18 put an end to that,they were just too hard for me.  Now I'm a Nike Lunar Eclipse gal.... but perhaps I'll be a boost convert.  I'll use them for my gentle run tonight... 



    Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)

    image u just want to put me down on a day I bought new shoes Oirish!!! Just coz you're jealous!!! image

    I'm a little jealous maybe but come saturday I will have a pair of boxfresh trainers and you'll will just have your stinky old pair to get by with image

    Besides I'm not jealous I'm childish that is different.


  • Boing boing bouncy boing.....boost boing... 4 miles easy, about 30s per mile faster than I usually do easy..... Was it the shoes or 3 days rest? Hmmm
  • morning all, havent posted at night as SKY has quite nicely decided to mess with the internet connection image

    DS2 thanks i must admit ive been very random with my training, i always get the "because of your age" talk at the club. Seems to be working well so far though image

    good luck for your 20!!

    Angela- didnt think you would crumble that quickly and give in to the boost!! sounds positive though, i'll stick to me Asics for now, im a massive fan of all their stuff image.

    Oirish- Dont give in to them image you are stronger than you think!! 

  • Yeah, no one else should get boost... The I'll beat you all in Halstead! image
  • Thats actually an intresting point Angela, can you be the guinea pig and let me know the data side of things image. does it make a massive difference etc?

    im hopefully after the marathon going to transition into minimalist shoes image, hopefully one day ill be barefoot running!

  • Jason - enjoy being your age! You can do things people tell you you can't. Proving them wrong is half the funimage i used to do all sorts of mad running things at your age - just did what I felt like doing.

    Now I have to be much more careful and considered in my approach but i still get a kick out of doing things people don't think I can still do.

    I love Asics as well. The Kayano's are quite a hard ride though, as Angela says.

    Managed a steady 9.26 miles at 7:57mm at 6:30am this morning. Seem to be back in it after the cold issue.

    Good luck this weekend to all.

  • DS2- thats what i like about it image, im currently in Asics nimbus and love them, even though the reviews were pretty poor i still went for them!

    As for their clothing im head to toe in the stuff image!

    looks like your back to health, which is good.

  • If only the garmin had a magic way of knowing which shoes i was wearing for each run, and could then give me performance measures for the shoes at the end of each training block....

    I thought running was supposed to be a cheap sport, but I have managed to make it very expensive over the last few months!!  D'oh!

    DS2 the way you talk about Jason's age makes me feel like I am well and truly over the hill, and I'm only 26 image  I think I'd feel a lot younger if I didn't waste 2 hours of my life a day on a train into and out of London...

  • i went into running thinking 'yeah fairly cheap, easy exercise'

    little did i know i love buying running gear image.

    Wow 26 i didnt know you were that young image. You do realise london ages you considerably image.

  • £115 on a new pair of running shoes this morning tells me running is not as cheap as all that. image Although they are amazingly snug, light and comfy, I may stop looking lovingly at them sometime soon. image Funnily enough the girl in the Runnersworld shop did make the comment about running being a cheap sport to participate in, shoes and a bra - optional for men, is where you need to invest everything else is just window dressing - as I always tell myself after every credit card statement is opened.

    I'm with Jason on this buying running gear is compulsive.

    I ended up with a pair of Zoot Ultra Kalani 3.0. a brand I had never tried before but from the moment I slipped them on it was meant to be. I was also told I had the perfect neutral gait, the girl refused to repeat the perfect bit into my phone so I could set it as a ringtone when I asked but apart from that the advice and service was excellent.

    Jason/Hannah - when you get to the likes of mine or DS2's age you're are all whippersnappers as far as I'm concerned. I too did some nuts stuff way back when, that's what being young(er) is about. bizarrely I got into running when I developed asthma I was told to take one of those exhalation measures and try it before and after some mild exercise by my GP everyday for a week but not to exert myself, the first day was the day  I discovered I loved running and also my stubborn side surfaced being told not to run was like a red rag to a bull. Not long after that I did my first HM at 14, I decided on the day to enter so ran to the start, got told I needed parental consent ran home and then ran back to sign on and compete, an extra 5 miles or so. Did it in 1:51.

    I also played a rugby match, 90 minutes of football and had a 6 rd boxing match in the same weekend once and just the once too! Nowadays I need to stretch before climbing the stairs. image

    On another note I am listening to the cyclist Tyler Hamilton's autobiography on audiobook when I run and I am struck by how many times the word "boost" is used re doping. image Now I'm not saying that Angela's shoes make her as bad as Lance Armstrong I will just say there are artificial stimulants and there are artificial stimulants image 

    Oh and I ran 8 miles very easy this morning with my hungover girlfriend, it was meant to be a rest day but the two aren't really that different. 

  • Another dig at the boosts oirish! Even with ur new ones!?!

    So I have to go to Dublin for a few days on business- how safe is it for me to be out running alone at night?? Any parts to avoid?
  • £115 image    well if they do look good image

    just googled them and they look snazzy!! what colour you go for? thats alwas nice to hear a perfect being mentioned to you once and a while. im neutral too.

    its funny as when i was younger (yeah its hard to imagine younger!!) i used to play footy all day, then go for some dinner then back out for more!!

    love the description of your 'rest day'. im still resting up today then going out for a slow one 2moro night before the 'biggie'.

    looking forward to my carb loading day image Angela just read your answer from the nutritional thread and seems ALOT of brilliant info in there. amazing how much she says your allowed in the day!

  • Angela - Like I said childishness not jealousy image I meant to try a pair on to see how they feel but got sidetracked. They are a good looking shoe too aren't they?

    Whereabouts are you staying in Dublin? I stay just outside the center in Malahide which is very quiet and has a lovely coast road which I have run, really scenic. I suppose if you are in the center of town you have the river to run alongside, the town center is all either pedestrianised or small, narrow roads and lanes

    . Let me know where you will be and I'll ask some female friends who are runners over there where they run. Give me a location and distance required and I'll see what they say.

    Jason - I went for them in black and yellow. I was undecided on the look but they felt so good it was a must. I was trying different shoes on with one on each foot and it felt like I had nothing on the foot I was wearing in comparison to the other trainers. Plus it is the perfect excuse to go out to get some matching clothing!!!

    Although I joked about my rest day, I am quite happy that I am at a place where I can now tag 8 miles easy on to my schedule and absorb it fairly easily. Mind you I am on this side of my LSR so don't quote me on that just yet image

    I think I have seen that Carb loading thread, was it me or did that just seem alot of food? Definitely OTT for a half even for a gutsy pig like me

  • oirish-im sure 8 miles will be easily absorbed image

    yeah i read with amazment what she allows for breakfast etc thats triple what i normaly eat and even then i think sometimes ive had 'enough'

    yeah the paris marathon thread guys were loaded for their halfs the other day i havent got round to checking how they did though!

    who knows maybe ill adopt that strategy and smash sundays 20 image

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