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  • Hey hey,

    Dublin- looks like i'll probably be stayin in Temple bar, though not yet confirmed.. the person doing bookings is based in Israel, and its Friday... so....

    I think plan for next week has me at 7miles and 4 miles whilst i'm away, so a 3.5-4 mile loop would be ideal- looks like its right by the river, so if that is well lit and pedestrianised, i could just go that way.  I'm thinking of asking my ex- who's training for london but works in dublin... but i think fiance might get a bit jealous....

    I must say with Ruth's nutrition, I'm gonna give it a go.  I usually get back from my runs not actually wanting to eat or drink, but typically have been having a glass of chocolate milk when i get in, though I don't think its as much as 500ml.. more like 300ml.   I wouldn't have considered that to be equivalent to beans on toast, which i have as a main meal much of the time... hmmm.

    All of the Paris marathon people got Pbs when they did their halfs.  I'm definitely gonna give it a go for Colchester.  The difference  wiht previous carbo loading for me, is that she makes a point of avoiding protein/fat.  I know in the past i would have said, I'm carbo loading, so I can eat cake/biscuits, or whatever.

    I'm definitely a sweet potato convert!!!

    Wow, for 8 miles easy.  I don't think I get enough sleep to recover enough to put any extra miles in unfortunately image  I think my max for a run I didn't plan not to affect me, is probably 4 miles...

    On another note... my fiance was looking at the BOOST in black and yellow... He likes to dress like a bumble bee...image

  • Angela - Another option is googling and seeing if there are gyms or a gym in the hotel you could use a treadmill in.

    The really sensible option if you are in Temple Bar is to skew your week around and use them as rest days and make the most of what the City has to offer. Well not sensible per se image

    I'll see what I can come up with route wise. I'll fire off a few texts and e-mails. As for your fiance the bumble bee look is definitely big this spring all the really cool guys will be wearing it image it's the future.

    As for carbo loading I am a pasta and rice addict so don't need to adjust my diet too much, I too adore the sweet potato- my girlfriends face the first time I served purple mash was a joy to behold. For once image That was a joke in case she reads this.

    Paris is quite a quick course, flat and wide. If this year goes well I may try for a place next year and really go for it time wise it has come highly recommended.

  • My week is already skewed around! Spent lots of time in Dublin before, but I actually think I,ll be better fitting the runs in in the morning as my meetings don't start until 10... I'll check if it has a gym, but I'd much rather run outside- my sweet potatoes are orange... Where do u get purple ones?

    Hmm Paris,,, I've been ther a bunch of times but under duress image. go and do Berlin! It was fun fun fun!
  • Berlin is one of my favourite European cities and is definitely on my radar. I have been there a few times for the Fusion music festival. Berliners are nuts. If you are running in the daylight the center of Dublin is such a small place that you could just explore and not be a million miles away from where you need to be. Plus people talk to you over there so getting lost is quite tricky all in all.

  • Hi everyone, 

    probably 5 or 6 extra easy tonight as going like the clappers 2moro image

    REALLY looking forward to it, loving my carb loading day so far image today. hopefully a nice meal tonight should set me up quite nicely.

    just looked at the plan and around the 20 mile weeks is when im getting married image

    not long now!! image

  • 20.16 LSR this morning thanks to a wrong turn near Aldham! Feel good for it though.

    Jason - Nothing says I love you more than going running for a few hours on your wedding day image

  • Are you doing the 20 2moro?

    somehow i dont quite think i would survive that day if i did that image. doing lots of miles the days up to it though image.

  • No 20 for me thanks all the same but best of luck with it image The most activity I'll see tomorrow morning is watching my old football team I played for and taking the piss on the sidelines.

  • Wow what an eventful morning!

    First off, was running late to start with as went hurtling out the door and forgot the GPS image so there I was, 10 mins down the road and ahhhh! Turned around in a panic and got back and got the watch......job done.

    Went off again, doing a sensible speed down the bypass, then BANG! Engine went up in a cloud of smoke and stopped the car dead!! Seen many times what that sound means and it's pretty terminal!!

    So there I was sitting on the Side of the road pretty red faced and with no chance of getting to the race. Quick phone call to the trusty dad and recovery was on the way!

    Gave up pretty much straight away about running the race so just returned home and got on with the day. Did mange to go out for a LSR though and was 14 miles in just over 2 hours image so not a total disaster!

    Guess all next week will be fixing the car so don't know how much running ill get in yet!

    Stupid cars!!
  • Sorry to hear about your car and race Jason, somethings clearly just aren't meant to be image

    Still at least you got a good run in, even if you need to check the meaning of the S in LSR image I imagine you burnt a fair bit of energy during all the palaver this morning too.

    I am off out for a recovery run later, I reckon a 5k at a fair lick should see me right and that is another good week done and dusted.

  • Wow, sounds like a nightmare Jason! Good u got ur 14 in though. image

    Congrats on the uni tended 20 oirish eyes- I used to live v close to aldham so my runs used to end up around the fields around Fordham. Would love to make it out to Chapel on a nice route but haven't found any that avoid halstead road.

    My LSR is saved for tomorrow as I've been in Nottingham seeing some friends this weekend, not without running tho.

    On Saturday my plan was 7 miles; only had time for 6, so made it a fartlek run- for the last two miles I tried out this speed work I'd seen mentioned on another thread, which is to run 1 mile at marathon pace, 1 mile at half marathon pace and alternate. Because marathon pace becomes ur recovery, u make it your friend. I'm definitely going to incorporate once I have this month's races out of the way.

    This morning I did an easy 4 in BOOST! image

    How are the new shoes oirish?
  • Oirish- i totaly agree with you on that one. i just sat back, feet on the dash waiting for me dad, quite comical really image.

    well i say LSR i actually managed all 14 pretty much just over 8m/m so not quite as slow as i intended! so nice just to get out on the old railway with nothing but me and nature! also took on 3 gels no problem......well i say no problem but the damn things wont open properly whilst running, so had one no probs at mile 5, the rest just split all over my hands which was nice image.

    Angela-Fartlek is fun right? makes the recovery part seem so easy image. Not long now until the Half!! il be thinking of you when im running around a field getting shot with paintballs image image

    might get a slow run in 2moro sometime dont know whats happening yet as the cars looking sorry for itself at work....poor thing! Funny thing is that just beside me in my workshop is another engine for it but also quite dead image

  • Jason - Some of those gels like a wrestle don't  they? 

    Angela - The shoes were good, very, very comfy and I didn't have the minor ache in my left calf that I usually get after a LSR, it is the foot I broke and my achilles is a bit tight so it has a bit of a whinge normally but not this time image

    It'll be a sad day when they actually get dirty

  • Hello. Yes, fartlek is Swedish for speed play! It was such a beatifulpark and there were so many dogs and children around that I didn't wanna be held back by adult preconceptions of keeping at the same pace image

    Just got in from 17 miles LSR, thought it was done in 2 miles, break to see doctor, 2 miles, pop in home to go to toilet and retrieve sunglasses... Annoyingly garmin automatically downloaded the run data for the first 4 miles whilst I was home, then I popped out for 13. Such beatiful weather and I felt strong all the way around- took up to marathon pace for the last few miles. Instead of energy gels, today, I threw some chia seeds in my energy drink- I got them in my NYC marathon goody bag. I must say I felt absolutely fab on today's run, and I shouldn't have given my dinner last night was a Burger King at the service station followed by super noodles when I got home.

    I'll use them again before I make my final verdict, but I think I could be on to something here.

    Today's run was not done in boosts- I don't trust them yet to take them out for a long run. We have to get to know each other better first image
  • Summary of the run:

     made it a more functional run, as I had a Dr. appt at 9, so ran 2 miles there, and had the appointment- she was rather annoyed that i'd run there as she needed to take my blood pressure, which was obviously high from fuelling my method of transportation!  2 miles back, to go to toilet and retrieve sunglasses, as the sun had popped out, and then out again for 13 miles, along my usual Wivenhoe trail route, which is beautiful when its sunny. though I thought I was going off road, but these trails are pretty hard when its dry (clay), so I was scared I would feel it, but seem to be a ok image.  I planned to do the whole run slow and put in a few MP miles toward the end if I felt I could, but also didn't want to push it, as this was upping the distance and the recent niggles I've had.  What ended up happening was more of a progressive run.  I think partly because what I consider my easy pace is now too easy- I've certainly found on the shorter runs that I can't stay that slow any more (10.40).  Here are the splits.

    1:  9:44 (was a bit late leaving to get to Dr on time)

    2: 10:22

    3: 10:21

    4: 10:28

    5: 10:46

    6: 10:32

    7: 10:32

    8: 10:33

    9: 10:16

    10: 10:08

    11: 10:18

    12: 10:14

    13: 9:54

    14: 9:46

    15: 9:35

    16: 9:41

    17: 10:29

    I put chia seeds in my drink, I think this gave me wings....  Overall average pace was about 10:15, though due to going home between my garmin recorded a 4 mile run and a 13 mile run, as it autodownloaded the data when i got near my computer.

  • Angela - I am a bit concerned that with your Chia seeds giving you wings and your boost trainers we may need to weigh you down for the marathon image

    That was a really good run and quickening up at the end is a good sign isn't it? Your pace was improving throughout so that was brilliantimage

     It is hard to run that slow now though isn't it? Even what feels slow for me is around the 9:30 mark and I am always having to slow myself down. "Slow down Gareth, Slow down Gareth, GARETH SLOW THE  @$%*  DOWN!!" image

     I bet the trail was very picturesque in this weather. Very serene.

    I went out on my bike this morning and cycled the last half of the half  marathon course and the marathon course just to get my bearings. Colchester holds nothing to fear once you are out of the town center and is as flat as a pancake, Halstead however is another kettle of fish altogether up and down, up and down. There is nothing too scary there just lots and lots of small undulations.

    Some stats, I love stats.

    HM  13.1m 441ft Elevation

    H & E 26.2m 999ft Elevation So it's not significantly greater than twice the half marathon distance

    My old company was a sponsor of the Ricky rd run in Rickmansworth and I did it a few years back and that was bloody horrible, 10 miles and  679ft of elevation according to the map. I hated every minute of it. You were either haring down a precipice or scaling a hill, I thought my lungs were going to burst having done no hill work in preparation and normally my breathing doesn't settle for a mile or two anyway. Basically I got roped into it by the company director when he got wind of my half marathon time and wanted to beat one of his clients, which I did image This bloke was an Ultra runner and said it was the hardest things he'd ever done and I must admit I hated this fella so it was quite the grudge match.

    Yeah so 41 miles cycled on my rest day image can't do any harm can it?

  • Thank you Oirisheyes, i have to say thats probably the first time I've done a run over about 13 miles where Ive actually felt like a runner, rather than someone who's kidding themselves image  so I'm hoping this bodes well for Halstead marathon, and I don't have the same problems I had in my last two.  I'll do my blog later, and I can put some pictures on there,so you can see how pretty the trail was.  It is lovely in the sunshine image

    Thanks for the elevation stats.  So basically what you're saying is that the Colchester Half is ideal preparation for the Halstead and Essex Marathon? image  I'm amazed that you manage to find the way around the routes when you're out and about.  Do you remember them?  or do you have some cunning device?  41 miles.. hmmm, I think you'll be ok- its rest or cross training right??

  • Angela - I know what you mean, I had a really good run the other week where everything started to come right again and I did think to myself  "You know what you can bloody well do this" image  whereas before I hoped to do it and then since then everything has been going well and riding the roads and studying the course today has really got me excited as I was visualising it and felt totally confident about it all.

    Happy days.

    As for the elevation Halstead is all very up and down without being hugely steep throughout the course whereas Colchester is a big hill and a slow rise up Ipswich rd before being as flat as it comes so they do pose different challenges. I think Halstead's main challenge is regulating breathing and keeping a rhythm on those "undulations".

    My route tracking device is a sophisticated combination of street names, pen, paper and a pocket. I just noted the streets and locations of the water stations so I could workout best place to take gels etc and off I trot. I find because I have mapped them out on mapometer beforehand that you already have a vague sense of direction and the odd prompt now and again usually does me ok. Saturday's debacle shows what relying on my memory does for you.

  • Hey hey,

    up and down is better for me I think.... My joints really suffer if its flat- my knee and ankle really swelled up after berlin marathon, which is flat to downhill, whereas, London, which is pretty undulating at the start, I was fine joint wise, though SORE muscles for 2 days!!!

    I should really get out on my bike- now its a bit lighter, I feel happier doing so.  I need to get some decent cycling kit if I'm gonna do 100 miles!  Somehow my bargainous purchase of some men's cycling shorts, I doubt is going to get me around without chaffing!!

  • Hi all,

    Well a speed session today for me: 1 mile warm up 10x 500m sprint intervals with 400m recovery jog and 1 mile home.

    All in all 7 miles @8:21 avg pace. It was lovely and sunny out so nice to be running in just a shorts and t-shirt again. image

  • Jealous that u got to play outside in the sun! I had an ice cream this afternoon!

    So we've been chatting at running being expensive- I've been looking at cycling gear in prep for my 100 mile bike ride, and well ??100+ for a pair of shorts with a bit of foam in them seems excessive... Oirisheyes, please guide me in your genius to find some decent quality but inexpensive cycling shorts so I can survive the ride!
  • Angela - Do these shorts have inbuilt motors in them? Jeez that's dear.

    What is your budget? Is this going to be a regular thing? Or is this a one off? 

    Don't be jealous I was a sweaty mess by the end of that session.

  • Well I already have some men's cycle shorts that I got because they were cheap shortly after I got my shiny bike, but I think the waist digs in too much for 100 miles. Lets put it like this, I'd rather spend ??60 and not feel like I had to replace, than spend ??20 and end up with chaffing and blisters etc- I was looking on wiggle, but I have no brand familiarity when it comes to cycling...would rather go to a shop to try them.

    I think I would probably do more cycling events- maybe a duathlon or two...
  • hello everyone,

    havent been posting for a while as been soooo busyimage. cars still dead but oh well!!

    little running for me as i expected.

    wednesdays session was my last and its XC 2moro image last of the season.

    managed a new P.B on wednesday which is always good. 2.4 miles in 14.10 so very pleased with that. i think the pace was calculated at 5.54 m/m image


    hope everyones good and injury free image

  • Hey hey,

    So the few days in Dublin meant a couple of runs on the treadmill. So glad to get outside today. Was planning to do 8 miles LSR, well not that long. But I was pretty bored, so I did a mile at marathon pace... Then, back to steady. Then decided to do a half marathon pace mile. It was a bit downhill so I started too fast, then thought what the hey, let's go as fast as I can! Weeeeeeeeeeee.

    Managed a 7:50m/mile, and cooled down for the last mile. image

    Hope ur car gets better Janson.

    How are u other folks?
  • Hi Angela,

    Glad to see you had a nice time away!

    Had the last XC of the season today and man it was brutal! It was at Hadleigh country park and the hills were a killer. Got up this morning to some lovely snow, and the nice wind chill.

    Got there with little time to spare and off we went. Felt brilliant for the race and eventually finished very strong and a respectable 37 image very pleased with that.

    Cars still very much a dead'en but will hopefully get it sorted this week image
  • Hi all,

    A pretty good week all around topped off with twenty miles in the crappy weather this morning. I tried to chuck in some MP miles and didn't do too bad

    Here are the splits:

    1 @ 9:03

    2-7 8:29, 8:43, 8:43, 8:39: 8:49 8:47

    8-11 9:21(a flooded road, don't ask) 8:59 8:56 8:40

    12-16 8:13 9:25(Gels and a breather) 8:49 8:49 8:52

    17-19 8:34 8:25 8:30

    20 9:25    So 20 miles @ 8:49 avg image

    On a slight taper for the HM next sunday this coming week for me, how is everybody?

  • Hey hey,

    so no LSR for me yesterday.  Was feeling a bit groggy and the weather scared me, so I decided to treat my mum to home cooked lancashire hotpot, and myself to an extra rest day instead.  As Oirish says, taper for Half Mara this week, so would rather lean on the side of under training than over doing it this week.  Still feeling a bit lethargic today if I'm honest. I think the trip took it out of me a bit and I just need some duvet time.  

    We'll see.

    What's your goal time for the HM Oirish?  I'm going for sub 1.57, but my training suggests I could do better, so I'm going to use your assessment of the course to help my pacing.  Will go for 1L57 pace for the first 5 miles, and then try to speed up by 5-10s per mile for the next 5 miles and then do what i want (as long as its faster) for the last 3...

  • Hi Angela,

    I am aiming for 1:40 to 1:45 but as it isn't the be all and end all for me and just something I entered for fun I'll take it as it comes. I'll set off at 1:40 pace but not going to kill myself to acheive it.

    I took in the route as part of my LSR yesterday so that was good especially as I did the hilly section at 15 miles and not two as I will next sunday. North hill PAH!!!! I think it'll be fairly fast alright. If you are on pace by the time you get off Ipswich rd then you should be totally fine with maintaining it or getting faster.

    I'll do a little jog around Shrub end fields in a bit with the dogs as a recovery run, 2-3 miles and then a hill session tomorrow, MLR done slowly Wednesday and something light Friday.

    Will I see you in Ipswich on Saturday?

  • Yup, I'll be in Ipswich.  Are you volunteering or running?

    Looks like I'll be eating your dust in the Colchester half...perhaps I should wear my boost and have chia seeds in my drinkimage

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