Halstead marathon



  • Kadinsky - long time no hear!!!

    Angela - nice going with the parkrunning. That's a lot of runners!

    minks - I will probably look to run around 3:18 as well now. Hopefully we can run the qwhole way together!

  • Well I went out for a little cycle tonight- bought a cycling magazine this morning so have been reading all about cycling technique on the way to and from work.  So I thought I'd try out being efficient in great changes cycling up and down hill.  I think I should aim at averaging 15mph for this 100 mile event.  David is a bit worried about this and I was too, but today I found when I got it right on the flats I was at 20mph- though it didn't feel like it was easy enough to keep on for 6 hours image.  avg was 13.9mph.  My little cycle 2 weeks ago had an avg pace of 13mph, so hopefully I'll quickly be at a level where maintaiNing 15mph is easy.  No more cycling for me until after marathon now- the whole time I was so fearful of falling off or hurting myself in some other way image

  • Don't wanna put a dampener on it Angela but averaging 15 mph over 100 is extremely hard work especially with so many riders on the road. My experience of these sportive rides is nearer 13mph. By the time you put lunch and other stops in you will be looking at 9 hours plus. It's a very long way so prepare well.

  • Hmmmm, they have the cut off at 9 hours (I think).... Hmmmm many thousand cyclists will be rather disappointed then image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Hi Kandinsky, sounds as though you're going to breeze it image  As the mother of a six year-old boy I can vouch for the fact that training children is a lot like training dogs - but I can't pop out for a run and leave the little fella in the house alone image  There's a post box in the next street from us (all of 30 seconds' run from my front door) and I even felt guilty nipping out to post something leaving him in the house on his own for no more than two minutes tops - he was unwell at the time otherwise I'd have taken him with me.  Of course all was fine, but it's just not something I'd do until he's older.

    DS2 - 3:18 would be fine by me image  Maybe we could squeeze it to 3:17? image  If I get into a good pace I'm pretty metronomic so between us I'm sure we can do ourselves justice.

    Angela, what 100 mile event are you doing?  It sounds hard!  Congrats on the Park Run though, sounds like it went very smoothly.

    I had planned a 3-miler today, which I usually do on a Monday morning.  However, my budget forecast for 2014 had to take priority, as I was already a day late submitting it.  Spent ages tapping figures into an unbelievably difficult-to-read, un-user friendly spreadsheet only for Excel to crash and lose all my work image  I have just handwritten the figures into a hard copy of the spreadsheet I'd printed out last week but CBA to put them all back in the spreadsheet this evening.  I'm afraid I CBA to do my 3-miler either; by the time I'd put the little man to bed I really needed to crack on with the dinner.  Might change tomorrow's planned 5 to 7 just to make up for it, although I should probably just let it go ...

  • Angela - it will be much like a marathon. Many will turn up underprepared. As long as you do the training you'll be fine. 

    Minks - happy to aim for 3:17. Even pacing is what I like too! 

  • Hi Minks, am doing the ride London-Surrey 100- was launched just after the Olympics-  part of the legacy etc.  I got a ballot place and my sister add my fiancé have gotten charity places- for some strange reason, the idea of cycling 100 miles with me is more appealing than running a 10k with me to both of them... Though at least David is doing the 10k!

    i would say stick with your 5! image

    i think I'll run Parkrun at marathon pace... Will be 4 mins slower than my 5k pb, so I should be able to get a Parkrun pb the week after the marathon too image. We'll see.  I could also pick the lie in optionimage

  • Hiya ds2... just checked, and it does say upto 9 hours...im sure it'll be a ok on the dayimage

  • Kands glad ur knee is ok!  How did u get free shoes?

    whats ur fave volunteer role?

  • That's an excellent question Angela!

    I was awarded our Parkrun Monthly Prize which was something I knew nothing about but Sweatshop donate a free pair of shoes to EVERY Parkrun EVERY month!

    I think it's then up to the core team for each event to decide who their worthy winner is going to be. I presume there's some guidelines they follow but trust me performance and results can only be a very small part of it image

    I must say Sweatshop looked after me handsomely last night and I'm now the proud owner of a shiny new pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 14's image

    I've only volunteered once before, as a marshal out on the course which I was very happy to do and got some cracking pics to boot, but corney as it sounds the best bit was seeing just how much everyone was enjoying themselves (despite the three inches of snow on the ground)!!!

    This time I'm going to get up early to help set up the course and then I think I've been put down as a timekeeper so a high pressure role image

  • Congratulations!, I'll have to see how i can get that prize- I suspect I'll need a fresh pair around August...

    I haven't done timekeeping yet - I'd be scared to!  We had an issue with timekeeping this week-  one time keeper accidentally reset the watch, so we had to rely on the other one, who hadnt clicked to time the first runner going through... as a result, when I put the results up, everyone's times were recorded as slower than they actually were .... we assumed that the last runner hadn't been clicked :-S  Not to put any pressure on you Kandinsky!!!

    Setup is such an early start!  

    We're lucky in Colchester, we seem to have a big group of volunteers to choose from- some who are very keen to be involved, but don't really want to run just yet.  Is it the same in Chelmsford?

  • Bit naughty this morning. Haven't run for 5 days so wanted to get my 17 planned from the weekend done. Ran far too fast but felt pretty good. Averaged 7:43mm with 7 in the middle at 7:30 (PMP or slightly quicker). 2000 ft of elevation as well so a good last long session.

    Angela - I will get along to the Park run sometime in June/July when I'm at the caravan!

  • DS2, that sounds almost as crazy as Jason's training!!! 2000ft elevation gain!!image

    Let me know when you're coming along I'll make sure I'm there, and maybe I will actually make a cake for it?!

    I was going to do an easy 4 miles this morning, but I went to bed quite early last night, and slept really well, and when my eyes opened at 6:10, having forgotten to set an alarm for 6am to run,, I felt sooooooo cozy, and I was thinking about getting up, but then I slipped into a dream about a bouncy castle being part of Colchester Castle parkrun course, and it collapsing as I was running through it... by the time I escaped, it was 7am and I had to get ready for work image

    My whole being feels better for the sleep, though I am starting to suffer hayfever, and although have been on the tablets for 3 days, they don't yet seem very effective...

  • Hi everyone,

    Kandinsky- jealous about the freebies (i have those ones aswell image

    Angela- i'll have to pop along to one of those park runs, although chelmsford does have one. Dont think ill be able to compete with them though as its covered by Springfield striders and they are seriously fast runners!! one of there top ones is in the top 10 marathoners in GB. (look at the VLM times!!) image

    DS2- that does seem a bit extreme to be doing that so close to marathon day but i suppose if it didnt do harm then its all good image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Oops DS2, sounds like one of my usual long runs!  Most of mine for VLM averaged under 8m/m - even the ones done in snow and ice - but I have to say my legs generally felt better afterwards for the extra speed than they do after a slow run.  Not sure I would have risked a pacey 17 with only a week and a half to go, but you sound pretty experienced so I'm sure you considered it a risk worth taking.

    5 miles for me this morning - decided to be sensible for once! - at an average of 7:40; middle three slightly faster than MP and the first and last a bit slower - the first because I was warming up and the last because the whole mile is a long uphill drag!  Gorgeous morning though and enjoyed the run.

    Rather good on the prize, Kandinsky!  Talking of shoes, I think mine are the reason why my legs are feeling so tight and heavy at the moment.  My current shoes are in need of replacing - have probably done 650 miles in them (I'm light, so I can generally get away with another 100-200 miles over the recommended 500 for a pair of shoes) and I can always tell when my legs start feeling achey during a run that new shoes are needed.  I have a new pair lined up, which I've worn once the day after my final long run for VLM and I ended up with a foot injury.  Quite probably the injury (some torn fibres in the peroneus longus tendon) occurred during my final long run but it didn't really manifest itself until I wore the new shoes.  They also gave me blisters on both arches - odd as I always wear Pegasus and even though these ones are an old model I picked up in the sale, I've never had issues with Pegasus before.  So now I have a brand new pair of shoes which I'm wary about wearing before Halstead in case my injury recurs.  I wore a foot support (tubigrip thing) right up until VLM and during the race - I haven't worn it since and ironically have not had even the slightest niggle from the sore foot. If I'm going to wear new shoes on 12th I need to get used to them ASAP but I don't want to risk it in case it was the shoes that caused the problem ...

  • Wow Minks, that's a long post!

    i've been having similar shoe considerations but they felt ok this morning! Nice running there for you. 

    That's me done on hard stuff. Like you, I hate long slow runs. My legs feel better running faster. When I was younger ands set my pb's I never ran slow! Hopefully, 12 days should be long enough to recover and it was good for confidence which was why I did it.

    i will probably do some mile reps later in the week then easy running for last week with just one run midweek with a couple of miles at MP.

    i plan to do an easy 13 on Sunday. What are others planning?

  • Easy 8 for me on Sunday- have been invited to a hash run on Monday evening- u heard of hash house harriers?  Tempted to do it, will have to see how I feel...

  • I have - I've got a couple of friends who link up with them from time to time! Nice sociable running from what I hear.

    My legs feel surprisingly sprightly this morning - they obviously needed the cobwebs blowing away!!

    Enjoy what's left of the taper ladies and gentlemen - only 11 days to go!

    Minks - are you completely over the virus thing you had going on at VLM?

  • Morning everyone.

    Bit of bad news last night from the doctors image.

    About February time i went in for an ECG because of a previous incident involving chest pains. everything seemed o.k at the time, a little abnormality showed so i was carted to Broomfield and had another.....all fine....yey!

    As i was marathon training, the mother got a bit worried and said go and get a check up (like an M.O.T)....all fine, but advised another ECG as i had the first issue etc.

    So went in the doctors for an ECG the following day, and came away all smug as it didnt show anything (well i thought it did).

    Last night came back from a nice few miles jog with a mate, and the phone rang....it was the doctors.

    He said there WAS an abnormality in the previous ECG and spoke to a couple of colleagues. They all agreed that this result wasn't normal for a 24 years male.

    Now im being Re-ferred to a specialist heart person blah blah and he has advised me NOT TO RUN THE MARATHON image.

    What would you do?

    im still going to go either way as i can volunteer to do our water station image

  • Oh no Jason, what a bummer!  I would listen to the advice of the Doctors and sit this one out until they know exactly what it is, and whether they can do anything for it that will allow you to run marathons in future without risk.

    On the rare cases that the worst happens to someone during a marathon, it is usually due to an abnormality in the heart that hadn't previously been detected.  Better to wait until they give you to go-ahead to do one, than run halstead anyway, worrying the whole time that something bad will happen :-S

  • Yeah i know image. All that mad training image. He mentioned that aswell whilst on the phone, i knew what he meant as he was explaining! 

    Theres always going to be plenty of marathons to do so im not too concerned. just hope it wont affect me running as im totaly loving it at the moment.

    Everyone will have to give me there Race No.'s as im going to be at a water station and would love to cheer everyone on image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    Oh, no Jason!  That's such a shame for you - but I agree that with anything concerning the heart it's probably not worth the risk.  The only fatalities associated with marathon running have tended to be people with pre-existing (but undiagnosed) heart conditions - we wouldn't want you to join that statistic!  I know how you feel after all the hard training though - chin up, mate - got to prioritise your health though.

    DS2, yes, I think I'm over the virus now.  I ran 4x last week but have to say that by Friday I was completely wiped out and really had to push myself out the door for Friday's run.  So probably didn't give myself enough recovery time - only really took Monday off.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was well off the pace and both runs felt hard; by Friday I was back to normal pace but very tired.  Felt fine for LSR Sunday and seem to have been OK since.  Having a few moments of doubt at the moment wondering whether I really feel like running another marathon so I just hope everything goes well next Sunday otherwise my confidence will hit a massive low.

    We don't get race numbers sent out in advance, do we?  Are they on the webite somewhere?

  • Jason - Gutted for you but you absolutely can't run! You'll just have to consider all your training a really REALLY good base for the next one image

     As for the Chelmsford Parkrun, don't mind the Springfield Striders there's plenty more of us for you to beat image

    Minks - I think you're right about the numbers but I'll probably be running in a red t shirt with "Simong" on it!

    try not to worry too much about the next Sunday and you can't let your confidence drop even if it doesn't go as planned, there's no such thing as a failed experiment and you will have learnt that you just need a little more time between!


    I've got an easy 9 lined up for Sunday and might try out my new shoes tonight!

    Happy tapering people!

  • Jason - there is no decision to take. Health must always come first. There are lots of other marathons but only one life!

    Minks - strictly, you didn't run a marathon last week and since you are so well trained for it you have to do it!image Plus I need someone to get me round. I'm sure we can run 3:17 if we help each other. I have all sorts of doubts as well. Hence the mad run yesterday this end!!image

  • Minks!!! U will do fine.  I would say that just make sure you have a clear goal of what you want from the race before you start.  I did a half marathon a few weeks back and was undecided on whether to do it at half marathon or marathon pace when I started- it ended up in a fairly shocking race with mile pace range of 8:30 to 10:30, but average pace was my marathon pace! d'oh- would have felt much nicer if I had just stuck with that and planned to do so.

    So I managed a 5 mile run at lunchtime, with miles 3 and 4 at marathon pace.  Even managed to keep them controlled and actually on pace, more or less: 9:32 and 9:26, when I'm aiming for a pace of 9:33 at the start, well, I'll settle for 9:30 image

    So other than the last few runs, what else is everyone doing to prepare?  I have various nutrition products from SiS, which I wont bore you with, but essentially, i've had problems with cramps fairly early on in my last 2 marathons (3 miles in London, 15 miles in Berlin) - never effects me in any other race, or during training, so I'm counteracting by taking magnesium in my pre-bedtime drink, and beetroot juice for nitrates, to prevent fatigue.  Other than that, the normal carbo loading.

    I think I need to do something for my mind though.  I've never done a marathon with a realistic target time before, so I'm hoping this one will be a realistic target, and that I'll pace it well.  My goal is sub 4:15.  My previous best is 4:33 in Sept 2011.  I set my half mara pb this march of 1:56, which suggests 4:15 is well within my reach (most online race calculators say 4:03), but I'm starting off at a slightly faster pace 9:33 (for a 4:10) based on the recent RW article that predicts some decay of pace over time.  I really need some guidance for the last part of the race though, as I can't truly remember what its like so am finding it difficult to prepare for...

  • Angela - always remember this for the last 6 miles! if you have run an even pace you will be overtaking people rather than the other way round. If that is the case, however hard you may be finding it the ones that you are passing are finding it much harder.

    I always try to focus on the one in front to take my mind off the pain. It is painful for everyone to some degree - pure fatigue. Don't speed up to catch someone but keep your pace even and draw them in. Don't slow down when you catch them. They may try to run with you. if they do keep your pace even. They will almost certainly fall off after 100 metres or so. Keep looking forward and focus on the next runner................and so on.

    If you want to speed up do it in the final mile!!!!!! otherwise, even pacing!

    You may be starting to recognise a common thread hereimage

    Finally, don't overthink any part of it. It's simply putting one foot in front of the other many, many times. When it gets tough - and it always does, otherwise you haven't tried hard enough - just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other until the next mile is complete.

    It's all in the mind!!!

  • What brilliant advice there DS2 image.

    If you time it right Angela you'll have me shouting you on for the last mile image. My clubs station is at 14 and 25.

    Hopefully i can manage dishing out water image. How hard can it be??

  • Thanks Ds2, that is some sound advice.  I really need to remember this positive thinking lark.  Now I'm having a panic on what to wear as who knows what the weather could do on race day- got rather warm on my run today.  Do they have anything nice like buckets of water with sponges to help cool u if it gets too hot?

    Jason, you better be cheering!  In fact, you all should be- all standing around while I'm still running!!

  • They do indeed have sponges at most of the water stations. At the moment the weather forecast is looking quite favourable because temperatures are due to drop again next week. However, there is a lot of time yet for it to change again. It's been very hot the last couple of years but there is quite a lot of shade so don't fret too much!

  • yippeee for sponges!  I should be ok as long as out of direct sunlight.  Being half nigerian, my skin is dark, so I tend to overheat quickly if the sun is out, as it doesn't reflect off me...  I wonder if I could find an all over white lycra bodysuit... image

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