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    That's a really good suggestion, Angela, and I would certainly consider it if hubby didn't have rowing and Kit swimming at the same time!  At the moment that makes it pretty much impossible for me to do the Parkrun although there is one quite near me in Gunpowder Park in Waltham Abbey.  I usually drop hubby at rowing for about 8am on a Saturday so if it wasn't for swimming this would definitely be feasible.  I run with two guys on a Sunday and one of them does the Saturday Parkrun, and I'm sure he would do them alternate weeks with me so one of us could run and the other entertain Kit - but swimming is at 10:15 and I don't think I could get from one to the other in time - will check out what time it is though, just in case.

    Had a look at the Bournemouth marathon route.  It looks fairly flat.  The only possible complication I can foresee is if it's very windy, as much of it is run along the sea front and when it's windy sea fronts can be torturous!

    I'd say that 4 hours is still an achievable target for you for this year, and I do think you'll benefit a lot from your cycle training.  Consistency, in my mind, is more important than mileage and I think as long as you stick to (for argument's sake) 4-5 runs a week and make sure you get 2-3 20-milers in, you'll be in with a flying chance.  Big chunks of time off PBs are not uncommon for the first few marathons - and it's great!

  • Alas, if only you lived in Colchester!! The cheap parking we organised for the parkrun is at the local leisure centre, where the swimming is!  You'd even have time for a post-parkrun coffee with us!  Parkruns are pretty much always at 9am, so if its less than a 30 min drive from swimming I reckon you could do it!! image

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    It would be pushing it but just might be possible; I'll look into it - thanks!

  • No problem!  Parkruns make life betterimage


  • Wish I could do a parkrun image I always work on Saturdays!!

  • Call in sick, run, then show up at work sweaty, claiming u still have a fever but you'll soldier throughimage

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    Like your style Angela!!!

  • Thanks! Sometimes one has to b quite creative to fit the running inimage

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    Clearly I'm not creative enough then! image

    Angela, you need to put a photo on your profile ...

  • I have tried so many times, and it just doesn't work for me!!

  • what do u know, it worked this time image wooohoooo!!!!

    Now I wish I had my race nails picture on this pc!

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    Yay, that's better!  A fitting photo as well image

    Does anyone know the date of next year's Halstead so I can make a note of it?

  •  i think they announced 11th May 2014 and it will be the 20th one, so extra special!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    I'll be there again, assuming I'm fit and healthy. Will be my 4th consecutive! Once you have done 10 you get your own number for life.

    One way to keep running in my 50's!!!

    minks - did you see what an old lot we are on the Sub 3:15 thread?

    Angela - nice photo. I must follow suit!

  • Wow DS2, you'd do it again a few weeks after London.  I know there are quite a few weeks, but at least for now, I don't know how I'd feel doing multiple marathons without having the chance for the long build up to them!  Perhaps that will chance as I see more and more of those chaps and ladies from the 100 marathon clubimage

    Yes, get a picture up! There was a nice one of you on the race photos from Sunday...

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    How do I do it? Bit of a 'technophobe'!!!image

  • do u have a suitable pic saved on your pc?  click on ur face where it says click to change, and it should be fairly self explanatory from there.  Once you save what u've selected, it wont show up until u refresh the page though...

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    11th May, OK.  I'm in assuming fit and healthy on the day.

    Yes, DS2, I actually feel like quite a spring chicken compared with some of the posters on the sub-3:15 thread.  I feel well and truly put in my place for even daring to suggest that my best days may be behind me!

  • hmm, I wanna join ur 3:15 thread!!!

    better wait until I'm in my 40s thoughimage 

    oh, and running fast enoughimage

  • ill try and join too one day image

    might take a few years yet though image

  • Sooo, now we're sitting pretty and the glow of the halstead medal is fading, what are our race plans for the rest of the year?


    26/5 - Westminster Mile

    27/5 - Bupa 10k

    9/6 - Karrimor Great Trail Challenge

    30/6 - Mersea Island round the island race

    14/7 - Felstead 10k (possibly, not decided yet)

    4/8 - Ride London - Surrey 100 - bike

    9/9 - Bacchus Half marathon- the joys of running and drinking wine!

    6/10 - Bournemouth Marathon.


    I'm contemplating entering the Great South Run too, which is late October.  I would also like to find a half marathon to do that I can take seriously, since the Bacchus one is  a bit of a larf!

  • well..... 

    27/5 Hatfield Broad Oak 10k (very recommended)

    9/6 Great Easton 5 mile (GFDR hosting)

    30/6 club championship trail (4-6 miler)

    7/6 High Ongar 10k

    14/6 Felstead 10k (GFDR hosing again)

    1/9 Essex Relay race image

    8/9 Great Bardfield 10k

    15/9 possible? Ingatestone 10k

    22/9 Pleshey Half marathon (angela very good one)

    13/10 The new Ware 10 miler

    Some others are out there but are not on our calender yet.

    Tiptree 10 miler V.Good October time

    Stebbing 10 miler 10/11 Very good aswell (GFDR hosting again)

  • oooo, 27/5 we're both doing a 10k!!! Who will win!?!?!  I'm still trying to beat my 10k pb from FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!

  • Im going to beat my P.B for definate as its 46:00 ATM hehe image

  • hmm, mine's 52:50

    Thing is, when I look at 8:30 pace and holding on for 6 miles. I don't feel all that confident!!! Have no idea how I managed it back then!!

  • i always say it depends how your feeling on the morning image.

    How much speed work have you been doing?

    ive been constantly training on Wednesday nights at speed work, mostly below 7m/m so i guess its just a case of going out at 7, then holding on for say 8k then try knocking it down to 6 for the final 2k.

    Im hoping for sub 40 btw image

  • I love the HBO 10k! Shame I can't do it this year.

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    10k races - I only have one word 'Painful'!!!!image

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭

    I'm with you there, DS2 - 10K is my nemesis.  Hate, hate, HATE that distance.  I have never managed to pace one correctly and usually die by the end.  I vomited on the finish line once and haven't run a 10K since!

    I was entered for the HBO one year and ended up in A&E the night before (TMI alert) peeing blood - very bad case of cystitis caused by holding onto a full bladder for about 3 hours on the way home from a rugby match we'd been to see (England v. the Barbarians).  Needless to say, as it was far from ideal race preparation, I didn't do it!

    I prefer anything over 10 miles.  Will probably do the New Ware 10 in October as it's only up the road from me and I've heard good things about it.

  • Imagine doing 4 10k races back to back and then an extra 2k just for fun because some Greek guy ran that far before dying and then the queen wanted to have a view of other crazy people running that far...image

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