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  • Rapidly becoming a serial poster on this forum.... so  I did my walk and a light weights circuit... Walking isn't as boring as I thought- first time I've used a walk for a cross train, but definitely will keep with it.  I cancelled my gym membership recently, as I was only really using it for cross training once a week, so it didn't seem worth paying for.

    DS2 how was your rest?

    Jason how was your walk?

    All set for an easy 3miler first thing... got to make sure I actually get outta bed when the alarm goes at 6 image

  • Morning all!

    Angela im sure that wont be a problemimage 

    i must admit i have tried running in the barefoot style and even say a couple hundred yards you can feel the difference on the legsimage

    The walk was great really easy as you know and got some good looks as i was wearing my running gear image. im re-joining a gym (should really as the OH works there lol!) so some cross training days will be better than others! and its always good to get a bit of strength work in!

    all set for 3 miles tonight image i cant do the earlys so il be getting mine in at around 6.

    David heard alot about the P&D plans and would be intrested in the read image may well have to purchase a copy!

  • Morning... 

    P&D looks good- I'm not sure I'm quite at the advanced level yet.... this will be my 3rd marathon (could have been 4th if NYC hadn't been cancelled -grrr) and I don't think I've ever got in a training week above 40 miles, let alone 55.  I would love to run that much, but I think there is need for some serious lifestyle changes to give me the time....  When I was at university I was a rower and trained something like 20 hours a week- I loved this- wish I could do it now!  Might download it on kindle for some inspiration...

    3 miles easy this morning was good,, though I wish the sun would rise earlier.  Its quite disheartening that 3 out of 5 runs in the week are in pitch black image

    Which gym are you joining?  I had the problem that there isn't a good one thats both in Colchester and London - I would like to be able to do my easy runs at lunchtime- but gyms are so expensive in London the only one I would choose is LA fitness, and of course that is absolutely packed at lunchtimes, so no good.

    So, do we have any race plans beyond Halstead?  I'm wondering whether to try for an Autumn marathon as well, or focus on Halves - in which case, I can't decide between Royal Parks (my all time favourite race), Ealing, Bournemouth, and I think I'm going to do the Bacchus full or half anyway, since it wouldn't be all out running..


  • Ive got used to running in the dark image it can be abit tedious but its a nice temperature to run in!

    The gym local to me is called Harpers, its joined to a school (Helen romanes in Great Dunmow),  very good though as its got swimming, classes, everything you need really plus P.T if you need it (i do know someone whos is good), oh a sports physio aswell image

    As an active member of a running club, i will probably have loads of races up and coming after the marathon! (and before) so ive got plenty of running to keep me occupied image

    ive never done a half but will always keep an eye out on events going so i can do them if i fancy!

  • 3 miles out the way 2nite easy as I expected but its like the calm before the storm as they say!!

    Nothing else really to report image
  • Well done! Do u have a garmin??
  • No I don't but hoping to get one soon image

    I've been looking into the forerunner 110! It will help a lot with pace and timing I suppose, I've usually ran with nothing but love the look of the 110 image

    Do you run with anything?
  • I treated myself to all the bells and whistles- garmin 610 just before Christmas- it's awesome- well mainly the online stuff. It comes with a heart rate strap, so u can track anything- lots of charts! Amazing ness!
  • That does look nice! I just can't justify spending that ! Plus the OH would go mad image
  • Well I waited ages before getting a garmin- have been using apps on my phone for the last 2 years- but fairly certain I've made a lifelong commitment to running now, so seemed worth it- we'll see with the results at Halstead- I'm definitely getting out more reliably and I think it's because it really helps me go the right pace...
  • ps- just got an email from Runner's Need..  Forerunner 210 is now £135, and the 610 is now 200.... u might be able to find them even cheaper elsewhere online- i got the best price from start fitness - then runners need store in london matched that price

  • I must admit i do like the look of the 210! 

    maybe ill see what the birthday brings image in couple weeks, might just go all out like you did and buy the 610 hehe!

    does the GPS help you in training? im hoping with the constant pace thing it will pay off when it comes to races etc!image

  • I just realised that those prices are without the Heart rate monitor strap - I'm sure if u look around online you'll be able to get with the HRM strap - maybe Wiggle - if not just look at shopping results in google.  Runner's Need tend to overprice everything...

    I find having the GPS on my wrist, rather than in my pocket on my phone really helps, as I can just look at it quickly to see if I'm keeping pace constant - you can set up this thing called training partner, and what pace you're planning to go at, and it will alert you when you're going too fast or too slow.  Of course you have to run at a pace thats comfortable, but I find I set it up for slow and try to stay slower for the easy runs, and then for the faster ones, i set it up faster, and don't beat myself up if I stay on the fast side.  Though I still try to keep it even.  I was going for a 9:20 marathon pace for my run on Saturday and ended up at around 8:55, which is fine by me, as I managed even splits throughout the run, but before I had the garmin, I probably would have done the first mile at 7:30 and then burned out for the rest of the run ending with the last mile at 9:00.  So in summary, YES, it is definitly helping me in pacing.

    DS2 I downloaded the P&D book and read the first chapter... Its convincing me that one day I might have a chance of qualifying for Boston image 


  • Im not too bothered with the HRM i just want pace and how many miles completed so going on that i suppose the 110 would be ideal for me!

    plus its only around the 100 mark ATM on amazon! image

  • Angela - I saw your post on RRR's thread. I'm a great believer in setting your sights high. I have some very fit hockey playing friends who run 5 hour marathons because they don't realise they can run much faster. I believe your times for shorter distances are pretty good (I'm sure I read that!). You are an ideal age to achieve lots and it's good to be ambitious!

    Now that I'm following the P&D schedule a lot of the content falls into place! Enjoy the read!

  • Thanks DS2 I'm looking over all evidence of past training I actually have, and I think its been really intermitant/too much on treadmill- And also, I don't think I get out and race enough.  I had signed up for 6 races last year... 2 were cancelled due to weather (NYC mara and New Forest 10), one I couldn't find in time, and one I was a no show for personal reasons...so in what was meant to be a super sporty year, i only raced 2 half marathons,  and a sprint triathlon.  Both of the halves I considered training for NYC... grrr, so annoyed it didn't happen!

    I'm trying to schedule in a lot more races this year, though some of them of course will be as training runs, rather than raced... hopefully I'll see some significant improvement this year, and make the training more regular.  Both the Garmin, and the January Dryathlon (no alcohol) seem to be really helping with this!

    What does your typical year of racing look like?

  • Well I'm looking out the window psyching myself up for my 5 miler, and its only just got dark... who knows, maybe next week I'll be able to do the first mile of this run whilst its still light...

    30 mins to go till I'm out there... can't wait...

  • Bit of a late post I know! 6.5 miles out the way 2nite!! A nice session with the club.

    Lots of hill reps and sprints into recoverys ! All in all a good hard session.

    Bit of a change to the schedule but I knew I'd be changing Wednesdays as its the club night image

    I can stick to the rest of the schedule as planned image

    Hope the 5 miler went well Angela image
  • Wow, sounds fun! Which club are u with? There are 2 in Colchester which I think are both too track focussed... Wondering about setting up my own road running club where I live but don't really have the experience..

    My 5 miles was good fun, though my pacing was a bit off as I kept stopping to take photos - London at night is pretty beautiful- went along embankment from around monument to Westminster bridge, taking pics of the London eye and Big Ben, then crossed Westminster bridge to return along the south bank, crossing back over at Southwark bridge- as always struggled to find my office amongst all the other tall buildings around? Ha!
  • Im with my local club GFDR! they are a fantastic group of people all mixed abilities etc.

    were not very track focused, mainly stick to the road, trails and on the XC's image

    sounds like you had fun then, i would of hated it, i dont do london it makes me annoyed with the amount of people around just bustling through to get home/work! admiration for running there though!

    have to admit last time i went i was fascinated in the tall buildings etc and i took alot of pictures too (i dont get out much!!)

  • aha, but that's why you run by the river... not that many people around at night, and safe for me (as  a girl).... in the summer I'll head to some of the parks.  Only real problem is that when I get out of my building (the gherkin), it takes me walking almost to the river before my gps connects with satellites due to the tall buildings, though, thats probably not a bad warm up after sitting at my desk all day long...


  • its gona be a cold one tonight!! 1 degrees round here image

    oh well atleast its just the 3 image

  • wrap up warm!!! the temptation will be to go too fast to stay warm if you don't!

  • easy recovery run- as usual local out and back. It was f f f freezing- so I wrapped up warm and put my headlamp on. With the cold weather I decided to try my new trail shoes in case of ice. This was unnecessary and a bit of a mistake-strange stretching of lower legs due to the flat profile, but it felt good nonetheless. Looking forward to the 5 mile pace run at the weekend.

    In other news, I entered the Bupa 10k- this will be just a couple of weeks after my next marathon. I'm hoping that the residual fitness from the marathon training will lead to a pb if I feel ok to go for it!
  • Easy as I thought image and yes it was freezing!! Luckily I was wrapped up enough!

    I had that the first time I broke my trail shoes in for some reason, it went away pretty quick which was good.

    I too am looking forward to the weekend image but even more the rest 2moro!

    Take the 10k easy if you don't recover in time image don't want any unnecessary injuries after the big one image
  • sorry  lardarse i dont get it image

  • Another f f f freezing run- early morning in Oxford took a while to warm up, but the 5 mile pace went well- can feel that I'm getting fitter, as was able to manage the complete distance at pace...

    Tomorrow, I'll be doing some of the route of the Colchester half for my long run- hope it won't be as cold...brrr
  • Hello Angela! I'm with you on that one. Got warmer as I got going though so wasn't too bad!!

    Done just about less than 5 but was definitely at my pace, can't wait for the GPS so i can see how fast, I Felt brilliant!!

    I will be going a bit further tomorrowimage 12 miles is on the cards but super slow as its with a group of us!

    Good going though Angela it's going we'll so far for us both image
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