Halstead marathon



  • 12 miles in the bag for today's session image felt amazing!!

    Was on my feet for exactly 2 hours so its going well. Lovely T and cakes to finish the morning so can't complain at all image

    Nice cross train 2moro so looking forward to that image
  • Well done! Glad you felt great! I did my 8 miles- started on the route of the Colchester half marathon- it's a bit hilly at the start...but I'm used to it- ought to be a good race. Did the last 2 miles a bit faster than easy pace...

    Did stretching and core work this evening, feeling good for week 1 of the training plan... image
  • Easy 3 miles done for tonight image

    How's everyone's going?

    Really feel some improvement in the legs and just running in general since the program started.

    Maybe it's just the constant running? I don't know, but it feels good image
  • Hey hey, did weights on Monday from the P&D book- found the arm ones quite challenging... Only managed 2.5 miles this morning as I spent too long procrastinating because of the snow- did it in my trail shoes and was fine.

    For me, I think the benefit of this plan is that all the hard stuff is on the weekend so i can get it done each day and rest properly- managing to fit the full training schedule in so far. In the past I've followed plans that have put speed work on Wednesday and totally adamant that u rest the day before the long run- I actually think there is a lot of training benefit of doing the long run on slightly tired legs- sure I'll feel like superwoman come marathon day and if the wall does come, it'll be much later on...the other plans it was always too easy to miss the hard midweek runs if I was tired from work, and so I didn't train all the energy systems...
  • 7 ish miles out in the freezing cold 2nite!!

    Its -4/5 round here so quite a warm one, done some hard 1k reps round the local industrial estate.

    All good. Looking like I'm getting up there with the faster ones!! Not going to push it too hard as I don't want any un wanted injuries image
  • 5.5 miles for me- in London so not quite as cold as here, that being said the cold made me slow, my legs just wouldn't warm up!

    Thinkin about doing Ipswich parkrun on Saturday...
  • These icy conditions are really calling into question my 3 mile recovery run tonight... I might bail on it...

    What does the forum think? I do have trail shoes, so unlikely to fall, I'm just thinking the slow pace at which i should run wont keep me warm enough, so I'll probably end up doing it too fast...
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Hi Angela/Jason - work has been manic and by the time I catch up with other threads I keep running out of time to post here.

    Glad training is going well for you both. i managed 55 miles last week. That's the first time since 1994 that I've run more than 50 in a week. Felt really comfortable as well. Should do 56 this week unless the snow stops me.


  • Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)



    Jason Wintin wrote (see)

    sorry  lardarse i dont get it image

    Sorry, thought it was obvious, don't want to play gooseberry in between you two!!!! lol

  • I've got a bit of a confession 2nite. I didn't run image just been a manic day aswell and by the time I was home and settled I just gave up!!

    Oh we'll could do with the extra days recovery image pretty sure it won't affect things!

    Going really well David!! Sounds like you will smash your time in may!!

    Did you manage your run Angela?
  • I didn't run either- was late leaving work, had grand plans to have my steak dinner in the new griddle pan I bought at the weekend (le creuset- been wanting it for years), and stay up for the lance Armstrong interview, fitting my run in once dinner had gone down, about an hour ago, I discovered I do not subscribe to the discovery channel, so can't watch the interview- seemed a bit pointless to run, as I was using the late run as a tactic to stay awake- I think I'll get it in in the morning- luckily my boss said I should work from home tomorrow because of the snow, Oslo hopefully I can fit the run in during daylight hours. Don't think it'll be too much with sat and sun since sat is not a pace run. Not looking. Fwd to 9 miles on Sunday if this ice remains.

    DS2 55 miles! Amazing! How do u fit it in? I'm looking at th 44 mile week in my plan with trepidation- planning on how I can manage to n longer work yet still get paid so I can try to qualify for Boston...

    I have a confession- I already signed up to the Bournemouth marathon in October- I'm hoping that will be a fairly flat course, and my realistic sub 4 attempt.. Anyone else keen.

    As for gooseberries... Umm? Yeah...
  • Oh we'll it does say int the plan if you fancy another rest day just do it image I'm sure it won't hurt. I dne over the mileage on Wednesday anyway image plus it was a toughie so still ache a little!

    Mmmmm steak I've got that 2nite image

    I'm struggling in reality for Sunday, Saturdays fine but think I'm venturing out alone for Sundays run. Must start planning a route beforehand.

    Bournemouth looks good, I think I'll stick to doing my first for this year lol image
  • Did my 3 miler this morning... crunchy on the ice image sick of this weather... well sick of the ice anyway.  Keep on having to wear trail shoes, which I don't like as much as my road shoes.  I thought the red was supposed to make me go faster, but the ice seems to make me slower...

    Its 46 degrees in Sydney... wouldn't like to run in that either...

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Angela - I've been fitting my training in first thing in the morning but it is quite timeconsuming. For instance, this week I did 9 miles Tuesday, 12 wednesday, 5 yesterday and 9 today all before work!!!

    However, a slight confession - I work for myself so can make it to the office whenever I feel like it. I tend to run at a park on the way to work and shower when I get there.

    Because of my family situation I haven't had the time to train this hard for nearly 20 years so I'm being quite selfish this year before time runs out.

    I could be tempted by Bournemouth. I was going ot do the new one in York but missed the entry. It filled up in two days. I'll take a look a tthe event and see.

  • Hi DS2, Wow, that sounds good- i know if I had more time, I could train so much more.  When I was a rower at Uni, I used to regularly do 15-20 hours a week of training.  What time are you going for in Halstead?

    Yes, York running out of places was quick.  I guess there's so much demand up there, yet many of the major races are in the south.  Its great to see so many towns and cities hosting their own marathons.  I'm hoping Colchester would have one one day!

    I sold the idea of a trip to Bournemouth to my fiance by telling him that its the only place I've ever seen a red squirrel, and also, the swimming pool there has a wave machine! image  As if the sea there isn't wavy enough! image

    They're doing a festival so youo have 5k, 10k and half marathon options there too.

    How many times have you done Halstead?  You done many others in the UK/Abroad?

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Hi Angela, the good thing is that as you get fitter and a bit quicker you can fit more miles in to the available time. I'm aiing to run Sub 3:15 at Halstead to get a Good For Age qualification for the London Marathon the following year on my 50th birthday (if the dates are right!). I will try to break 3 hours at London 2014.

    I would like Colchester to have a marathon as well. Although I live in kent I have a caravan at St Osyths so it would be convenient. I regularly cycle through Colchester in the summer on the way to St Osyths from Kent.

    I've done Halstead in 2011 and 2012. It's a brilliant event. Back in 1994 I ran the predecessor to it - it was called the Essex & Suffolk Border marathon and I ran my PB there.

    Halstead this year will be my tenth marathon. I did my first in 1986 in Paris. I've, also, done Edinburgh and London 4 times.

    I like the look of the Bournemouth race. My memories of Bournemouth from playing hockey there was it was pretty flat and I see the website says the course is flat. I'm not sure I'll be running too fast by then though because I'm riding Lands End to John O'Groats in 10 days in August so the summer will be concentrating on cycling mostly.

    I see you are following P&D and doing some of the exercises. It's a very good book and I use it as a reference a lot now. I'm following the 55-70 plan over 18 weeks. I think 44 miles per week is plenty for most. I'm old so I need to do a few extra!!!

    The really good thing for you will be the rowing experience and the fact that you have previously trained that hard for a tough sport. Mentally you will be well ahead of most other runners and you will know your body will handle the work.

    I like training in tough conditions. I always use it as a positive that many others won't be training and it will give me an edge on race day.

    Clever manipulation of your fiance' to sell the Bournemouth weekend to him.

    Keep up the hard work, but above all, enjoy it!image

  • Easy miles out the way 2nite! Took the bull by the horns as they say and just went for it image

    Can't wait for 2moros 9 I'm going all off road in the snowimage so I'm going to take my time and just enjoy the scenery

    David it sounds like your well on the way to achieving your sub 3:15 image
  • Hey Jason I saved my 5 miles for this evenign too.  Not much to report, though I did scare myself by going over funny on my ankle- I think its ok now, but wil keep an eye on it.  

    I must say I'm getting rather sick of having to run in this ice.  It didn't snow much here overnight, so a lot of the paths are just icy from the snow a few days ago.  I'll be doing 9 tomorrow in daylight, hopefully.  Who'd have thought I'd get so much opportunity to wear in my trail shoes! image

    DS2 cycling too!  I entered the ballot for the ride london 100.... Kinda hoping I can train for it without disrupting the running too much.  Did the Maldon triathlon last year, was really fun, except for the swimming part!  Gosh, St Osyth, I used to go to the swimming pool there when i was a nipper - do you know Alresford?  I grew up there.  Sometimes I run along the River colne as far as Alresford, and once Brightlingsea- perhaps I should aim for st osyth this summer! image



  • 9 miles in the snow... Wivenhoe trail absolutely beautiful image
  • Wish I could upload from the iPad image I too ventured out in the snow for some off road frolicking image got some brilliant pictures.
  • If u check out my blogspot http://longroadtoboston2016.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 u can see my pics from yesterday image

    Just did P&D core session followed by P&D weights owweee!!
  • Bailed on my run this morning... Too treacherous and the ball of my foot is still sore... Think I'm gonna replace the easy recovery runs with extra strength and core work whilst this ice is still on the ground...
  • morning Angela sorry to hear about your foot image hope it gets better soon.

    im going all off road whilst the dam snows here (well ice now image) doing easy 3 2nite so not too bad. hopefully club runs still on 2moroimage otherwise ill have to venture out for a lonesome 5.

    hopefully the snow/ice disappears by sat so the 5mile pace session goes well.

    got  XC on sunday so the 6 LSR isnt really going to be slow lol but will be fun image

    how you finding the plan so far? im actually really enjoying sticking to something structured (well sort of sticking to the miles etc)

  • Hey Jason, yeah, I htink the foot thing is too much running in my trail shoes to avoid slipping over in the snow.  Wanna get back into my nice cushiony road shoes.  Been rolling my foot over a golf ball to try and stretch it a bit- seems to have lasted too long to be a bruise.

    I'm really hoping this snow disappears soon.

    In general, I'm loving the plan too- so far, I really do feel that Im building a great base, and also, its a long enoug build up that if I don't get this week's runs in because of the the snow, I doubt I'd be too far behind if I just pick up from week 4.  6 miles in my opinion is too shhort to do really slow.  I'd be tempted to do a 10k image but after the 5 mile pace on Sat that could be hard...

  • Can't do it.  Can't go 2 days without running... putting on my road shoes now.. gonna run on the roads and hope I don't fall... Wish me luck!image

  • Hi Angela how did the run go image I ventured out in road shoes but should of put me trails on lol! There was more ice/slush than road...still enjoyed the nice slow plod though.

    Just a quick question, are you running Essex 20? In the schedule the HM is meant to be week 9 but the 20's close to that do you think I should just scrap the half and just run the 20 (race pace I hope image)

    Didn't you mention a half that's coming up soon?
  • Hey Jason, it was ok- definitely needed it to work out tightness in my cAlf... Roadies got a bit muddy, but glad I went out there. Relaxed me image

    Not doing the Essex 20. In the past I really struggle going above about 15 miles so at the moment thinking I don't wanna put the pressure on.

    What's the date? I'm doing Colchester half on the 17 march and Orion 15 on the 23rd, so 2 races v close together, so altering the schedule slightly for those weeks.

    Hopefully I could still enter last min if I'm feeling good?

    I would revert to more experienced runners as to whether u should race the 20- my inclination is that unshould use it as a long slow run, perhaps slow for 15 and push the pace on the last 5 or something?
  • Essex 20's on 3rd march, I've been looking at the calendar and don't think I should push it for the 20.

    I've got 13 LSR beginning feb, then braintree boggle marathon week after then a XC week after, then another XC after that, then it's the 20 so I'm definitely using it as a LSR image

    Using the boggle marathon as LSR aswell btw, it's not really sticking to the schedule but I'm sure I can swap sat and Sundays round on XC days image

    I don't think I can stretch for the colchester half lol but I can see how I feel closer to it. I've never done a half marathon image
  • Sounds like you have a lot of races going on there!

    So, I'm working from home againn todayy- stupid amount of time commuting yesterday made sure of that.  So, I decided to do my 5 miler at lunchtime.  Had tonnes more energy that I do in the evening, so a mile in, I thought I should push the pace on miles 2 and 4- this was of course a good idea until I came upon icy patches, but hey ho, did it anyway.  Now I'm sitting here trying to work, but completely wiped.  Perhaps I should have had a little more to eat for breakfast to fuel such a run...

    Shortly after mile 4 my foot felt weird again - I determined its down to my calf, which is still pretty weak after I pulled it last year.  I decided to test this out when I got home, with some calf raises, which is what  I should have been doing to strengthen it, and alas, my left calf is completely useless at calf raises relative to my right one.  So I'll be adding calf raises every day for now whilst the mileage is still low enough that I can cope with the running.  Hopefully it'll strengthen up enough before I get onto the higher mileage weeks...image

  • yea i know its going to be a hectic month!!

    are you one of the many commuters on the news? i see they havent grasped the concept yet of snow in this country like many other foreign countries. 

    we go to pieces as soon as we see a flake lol, and yet switzerland and the like keep on going like nothings happened.

    im doing some miles tonight as its club night but dont know how many yet as of the weather puts people off. Its turning a bit nippy round here now i think ill have to wrap up image

    make sure you go easy on the leg, is doing strength work good on running days? 

    luckily im feeling ok at the moment, a slight groin niggle has gone as far as i can tell so its all goodimage

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