Halstead marathon



  • Heya,

    Not much of a new watcher, read it all online, but just looked at greater anglia's website and major disruption again tonight- so glad I didn't go in.

    I.m not sure I'd call calf raises strength work... Maybe rehabimage

    How was your club session?
  • Club session done! Only 5 turned out so did a nice slow run!

    6miles approx so not a bad one. Must order my garmin lol I'm feeling lost not knowing how many miles sometimes!!

    It's actually starting to snow again image I'm pretty bored of it now!
  • 3miles bin and gone image went over about on me knee image so glad 2moro's the rest day.

    Finally glad to see the snows going image

    Hope alls well with everyone!
  • O no!!! Watch that knee like a hawk-ice it!

    Well I'm stuck just outside Colchester on the train 3.5 hrs later than I planned to be home as someone decided being in the path of a moving train around 6pm was a good idea! Sooo annoyed, was really looking fwd to the gentle jog followed by steak and watching suits- instead I had crappy fast food and mega delayed train- wondering whether to do the run when I get home anyway, might relax me as I'm pretty angry/grumpy right now image
  • So up and about this morning, knees fine image must of just been a twinge from running on the ice/slush. plus i didnt really warm up as such, as i was running a bit late! 

    hopefully the night went better than you planned Angela. 


  • Did my run anyway... very late, very dark, got in from it at 11... watched Suits anyway, and bed shortly after midnight.  So, I really need the rest day today!

  • Did my 5 miles pace today, weird as I felt pretty weak just before, but when I was out running i flew!  Actually did a proper warm up, where I jogged, stopped to stretch a bit before starting the run... the few degrees above freezing made me a happy bunny.

    Managed an average 8:48 pace (was 9:10 2 weeks ago), with the last mile at 8:22 (which was a bit fast!)  Foot and calf seem to be better too image

    Ideally I'm setting my target for Halstead at 4:10 with sub 4 for Bournemouth.  Lets hope training keeps going so well!

    How is everyone else doing? what runs did we do today?


  • Hi Angela haven't run today as just shattered from working image sorry excuse I know!!

    Feels good to rest the legs, I'm sure 1 more rest day won't hurtimage.

    Good job on the run tonight though image really making the difference isn't it? It's strange that its only been 3weeks training aswell im thought it was more when I looked what was coming up soon. Looking forward to the big miles weeks image

    Looks like ill be keeping with your pace for halstead as I hope to be around the 4mark, who knows if ill be faster on the day, not going to push it though!

    Snows finally going now round here as its raining image never been so glad to see it!! It's going to make 2moro a good old messy XC image

    I'm hoping 2moros XC will be a good test for my pace as haven't raced properly since December!!
  • 6 miles easy dome... Actually felt pretty exhausted after this one, need to eat better to recover after the harder runs...

    How was the xc?
  • Hi Jason/Angela,

    Sorry I haven't posted but been really busy with work & family. Glad to see you are keeping the thread going and training is going pretty well.

    Had my first race of the winter today. Canterbury 10. Hilly and windy but finished in 70:58 (chip time) so quite happy with that.

  • Hi DS2 well done on the race! That's awesome! I'm thinking I should get some races in before the Colchester half marathon. Feeling like I might have a 10k pb in me at the moment.

    What are ur other race plans pre/post Halstead?
  • Only one in the diary so far - the Surrey Spitfire 20 on 3 March but I will also do Paddock Wood Half marathon on 7 April.

    I like races because they tell you how you are really doing. That's the first time in years I've felt like I was racing and picking people off and feeling strong. And yet last week my training was all really slow and felt like hard work.

    It was good for the confidence. They key is not to run flat out though because it's the bigger picture that matters.

    When is the Colchester half?

  • Colchester half is on 17th march. Also thinking of doing east London half on the 14th April...
  • Hi everyone haven't posted sooner as been busy!! Done the XC today and came 45th

    Really happy with progress so far like David said (well done btw on the 10 )

    Absolutely shattered afterwards as it was a tough one, massive hill had to run up twice, last time on final lap was not fun!! Also a little note on how useless the trail shoes were in the conditions, I think footy boots would of struggled.

    I take it the eating strategy wasn't good for today's 6 Angela? I totally carb loaded last night and chose porridge for breakfast as a difference to weetabix this morning..don't know if it helped but ill see next week for Sundays 13 miler

    Injury status is looking good, as far as I can tell. Going to feel sore 2moro as expected (didn't cool down or stretch 2day )

    I'm sure I can walk it off 2moro image
  • I carb loaded all day on Saturday, but not sure if it was enough, or soon enough after the run unfortunately.  I also felt a bit sniffly this morning, so it could just be I'm generally tired and was just having an off day.  Luckily weights and core this evening ought to boost my spirits!

  • Ugh, been doing so well, hitting every session, but today, I have a headache and a cough, so I'm not gonna do my 6 miles but instead rest, hoping I can be back on by the weekend- wish me healthy vibes...
  • Sensible to take it easy, Angela. These things normally pass within a few days.

    Jason - good going on the XC!

  • hi everyone sorry havent posted!! been busy with moving etc etc.

    anyways....3 miles out the way yesterday no problem....well sort of, monday was meant to be a nice recovery/X-train session but ended up being a XC style walk as i was pheasent beating (approx 6 miles walking through mud/brambles you name it, so didnt really rest from sunday at all.

    aching quite nicely today as you could imagine.

    6 miles tonight will be intresting!! luckily its club run and as its a 5th week they do a nice sociable slow run so am looking forward to it.

    bit of good news though is ive finally got my forerunner 110!! imageimage  absolutely love it!!

    Angela you take it easy with the sniffles. a good rest will do you justice at this time in the schedule image 

  • Was really looking fwd to today's run as well! Definitely more than sniffles- feel decidedly fluey but hopefully it's manflu and will be gone by the weekend rather than real flu. Am at home on the sofa watching desperate housewives DVDs... Bliss!

    Great news on the garmin, Jason, are u on garmin connect now?
  • well all the best and hope you feel stronger when your back to it image

    Im not on connect im afraid as ive got an ipad image 

    i suppose i could get one of those USB adapters, but cant be arsed at the moment as im just going to use it for training and races!

  • 8 miles done tonight image think I'm in love with my watch lol.

    Was meant to be taking it slow but actually averaged around 8.4 m/m, so feeling like death walking for the time being. Really looking forward to the rest day on Friday as my feet are aching like mad!

    Hope alls well with everyone I'm off to bed image night!!
  • Didn't run tonight image feet felt really sore and was finishing work late so just gave in and didn't attempt it.

    Glad to rest though, and looking forward now to Saturdays 6m pace session image even better with the watch image it's going to revolutionise my training!!
  • Done something incredible this morning!

    im moving this week so runnings been a bit hard on some occasions and also to the OH not acceptable!

    i was out the door this morning at 5:30 doing the 6 miles pace!! couldnt believe how easy it felt that early, weather was terrible round here as you could imagine! snowing at one point.

    managed sub 8mm all way round sometimes nearer the 7mm!

    wont be doing it every day as its not convenient for me but still enjoyed it none the less image

    hope everyones well and still alive lol

  • Wow, sounds like you had a great run this morning Jason! I woke up at 6 this morning, thinking yay, I'm all better... Then the virus struck me down for another few hours, however managed to have a fairly successful day visiting some family and now think the illness has totally retreated, except coughing up the occasional bit of (Euw ok I won't say it). I'm quite keen to get back on it tomorrow for the 11 miles if I'm still feeling a ok. Will take it really really easy and walk if needed. Don't wanna be struck down again, but want to make sure I'm building that mileage base...

    When's the big move?
  • Ok so I'm lying here in my running kit thinking actually its not such a good idea to run, I feel cold and my heart rate is still high, and I've still got a bit of a cough. So damn frustrated... But maybe it's right that my first run back is a 3 mile easy on Tuesday rather than an 11 mile run today?

    I'm gonna stay in my kit and eat and drink for a few hours (barely eaten anything the last 4 days) and hope that I start feeling I have the energy to go out there...
  • Morning angela,

    havent posted as had no internet at homeimage. damn sky coming todayimage

    so first off, hopefully you DIDNT attempt yesterdays run? ive tried before to run on an illness and it knocked me out for a week after. (too much too soon). if that was me id be resting today aswell and see (carefully) if you an stomach a run on tuesday! hopefully your eating now and getting the strength back to normalimage

    well.....saturday!! 6 miles in the rain/coldimage was not fun to start off with but eventually i got stuck in and just raced round the townimage

    sunday. was a 13 LSR in the nice countryside of LT waltham and surrounding areas. very very tough on the legs and felt like death when back but all good! homemade soup was on the menu and roast potatoesimage.

    for some odd reason i had my normal breakfast but still felt hungry at miles 6 onwards so that added to the mental torture, along with the mud!

    up this morning with heavy legs but apart from that o.kimage

  • Morning guys,

    Good effort Jason. You are building up nicely. Still 14 weeks to go so plenty of time.

    Angela - how are you. Take your time to make sure you are fully recovered. A few days lost now, whilst frustrating, won't make much difference.

    I managed 18 miles yesterday at 8:03 on a hilly course so pretty happy, but a little tired today.

  • Hey Hey,

    Morning, its my first day back at work, and, although I wouldn't say I have my usual energy, I do think I'll be well enough for some core work and strength this evening.  My concern is that those long runs were really ramping up from yesterday, so this coming sunday is planned to be 13.  Given that last week was 6 and the week before was 9 its a bit of a big step up.  I'll see what the bod says next sunday, hopefully I'll be back to normal.

    18 miles!  Wow, you're flying! Good for you.  So jealous- I was thoroughly bored yesterday.  Ended up reading about 4 chapters of Seb Coe's biography though, which is really interesting image

  • Angela - Glad to here you are on the road to recovery. Be careful and take your time getting back to full training though. I would think that you should be fine to do 13 next weekend but take it very easy and see how you are feeling after 3 or 4 miles. It might be worth having the option to bail at various points and that way you can carry on for as long as you feel ok.

    I do this regularly and never bail. It's great for mental strength but nice knowing if you really feel uneasy you can stop. Good luck.

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