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  • Thanks DS2, yes I will be taking it easy.  Have scared myself quite a lot with the complcations of flu one is susceptible to if one has asthma (pneumonia), and the risks of running with a virus... it getting into your heart.  Makes me think back to all those times I was sick and still went out on the river rowing when I was back at uni!  Clearly the risk to me as an individual wasn't as bad as the risk of the boat not balancing properly coz you couldn't get 8 rowers out!

    Though part of me wants to do the short run, so I cough up the last bits of...... that are just left over, rather than symptomatic.


  • Hi david, sounds like your going into halstead well prepared!

    thanks aswell, i struggled a bit yesterday but i think i was fatigued the more i think about it, which is also good training but i wouldnt do it too oftenimage

    Angela dont come back and blast too many miles out image i know what you mean about the ramp up in miles, think the 13 was a shock to the system as ive never ran that far before!

    ive got the marathon on sunday image (braintree boggle) but am using it as a base training session. its got plenty of check points, ive heard, so i can stop when im tired etc (and eat lots of cakes hehe)

  • So, I ended up leaving work at lunchtime today... All the phlegm running into my stomach made me feel sick, and I was coughing lots... Had a nap when I got home for a few hours, but felt perky enough to make my dinner. Ate it and felt much better. Also ate loads this arvo after the nap, I think I was still feeling bad due to starvation. So after dindins, I managed the core workout and some push-ups- didn't do the rest of the strength training, but trying to be sensible and ease back into training as your wise suggestions advised...didn't get the usual wave of fever that's been hitting me after too much activity in recent days.

    Yippee image
  • Woohoo, I managed my first run, 3 miles easy, the most even pacing I've ever seen and my avg hr during the run was right where it should be, only rising by 10bpm going up the steep hill... I think I'm back image hooray! Did have a bit of a cough after but that was fixed with my inhaler, so I think it's post-flu exercise induced asthma cough rather than flu not healed cough....
  • well done angela that didnt take long at all image 

    did the 3 miles easy aswell, nothing to report apart from nearly running in some really poor running clothes as most of mine are lost in transit or still need washing image. hopefully the move will be finished by the end of the weekimage

  • So I was very good and did my 6 mile run in London straight after work. I was very bad I didn't wear enough kit to stay warm enough. I was very good to have food on the train to ensure recovery. I was very bad, it was a pizza express pizza washed down with red wine...

  • hehe naughty!!

    i did my club run last night and was the timed lap around the town which is always fun. it was quite windy to say the least but managed to knock some time off making a new P.B image

    managed the 6 altogether but was split into 3 2 mile runs image so not all bad night!

  • Congratulations on the PB!  Yes it was v windy in London too... when I was running across the Milennium bridge I thought I'd be blown off!!

  • so didnt run yesterday as been so busy still with packing etc.

    will manage to get out 2moro sometime, but can afford to miss yesterday as doing 26.2 on sundayimageimage

    treating it as a LSR but will probably end up doing a suitable time image lets me know if im capable of something like that at this stage of the plan.

  • hmm, you're a strange one, running a marathon as training for your first marathon!

    So, I found out this morning that I have a place in the Ride London-Surrey 100 in August.  Kinda excited to be doing a cycling event.  Hoping DS2 can give some advise as to how best to train for it since I really ought to start when i'm meant to be recovering from Halstead Marathon....

  • yeah i know it sounds weird doesn't it??

    just going to break it up in sections as its got checkpoints/set down points. 

    oh thats good! sounds like a challengeimage cant you cycle off the back of marathon training?? nice low impact compared to running.

  • Morning all 5.5 out the way this morning!! Pretty chilly out!!

    Hope all is well

    Just get to sit back now and wait for the marathon 2moro image
  • Went out for my 6 miler this morning, set off a bit fast and decided I would go for 6 miles pace instead since I missed that one last week. I went for actual anticipated marathon pace, rather than pushing for half mara pace as I have been recently, so the first 5 miles were approx 9:30 pace and I stretched out the last mile for an 8:15...

    The whole run, even the fast part felt controlled, and I enjoyed taking my new lunar eclipse for a spin. I'm always wary when a new version of my running shoes comes out, but these seem to be a definite improvement. I think I need to buy about 10 pairs....

    Looking forward to 12 miles tomorrow.

    Enjoy your marathon Jason!
  • Hey hey, well today was cold wet and windy... Not such a lovely run as I went on a particularly puddly route even though I avoided running in rain... Kept on misjudging puddles and landing in them which resulted in temporary ice feet every now and then, but I did the 12 miles, right on easy run pace- avg 10:35 min miles, though for some reason I did a 9:40 for mile 8... Realised I was going a bit quick half way thru and decided to stick with it...

    DS2 what was ur weekend of running like?

    Jason, I'm very curious to hear what your first marathon was like?
  • Hi everyone I'm home image

    So.....where to start? First off its going to be a very interesting day 2moro as I can hardly walk, but totally worth every mile.

    Started at 9, and off we went around the lovely countryside of braintree and surrounding areas!

    Very wet, very windy, and VERY muddy! But I loved every last bit of it.

    As it was so damp I thought I didn't need to take any extra fluids or gels etc. I turned up and almost everyone opted for the backpack set up so was a little worried how I'd manage.

    But got through it pretty much trouble free, miles 23 onwards were a struggle but just kept saying to the other person I ran with its just a little further!!

    Managed to go the wrong way at one stage so ended up running 26.9 miles altogether lol

    Finishing Time was 5:06 image
  • Well done on the run Angela on the run! Glad to see your back up to your standard again.

    Especially as you managed a nice pace in the middle of the run!!

    Hopefully I'm entering the colchester half in march so might see you there lol image
  • Wow, that's awesome for ur first marathon, and u even ran a little extra- I think you'd be wise to be extra cautious with ur body this week, do all the recovery stuff, but triple it! Eat loads, drink lots of water, get stetching and foam rolling and probably extra days off!

    You better get on with your Colchester entry- last I heard they'd sold 2300ish outta 2500 places! Let me know though and we can meet in a pub after image
  • thanks angela!

    up and about today hobbling along image nothing serious though its just pains in the knees and muscles but manageable!

    ill get on the foam roller 2night whilst relaxing, im taking today and 2moro off to do wednesdays run, but doing super slow training so wont push it too soon.

    ill also enter the half tonight, hopefully theres places left image

  • Jason - that is absolutely amazing - if not a bid mad!!!!!!!!image Be careful to recover properly.

    Angela - well done on getting in that ride. I have been offered a place by the sponsors so may well do it as well. It's the week before I do my Lands End to John O'Groats ride so will be my last long training ride.

    Cycling is the best way to recover from a marathon. Keeps the legs working but without the impact. If I were you I'd leave it a week and then cycle gently three times a week for a couple of weeks and then start building it up. 100 miles is a long way. The bit between 80 and 100 is a bit like the last 6 in the marathon! So get lots of long slow rides in during June and July and you'll be fine!

  • DS2, you gotta do the ride!! so iconic.  Though currently I'm most annoyed that it finishes in the mall rather than stratford, as I'll have to cycle back east to get the train home after!! and I might not wanna sit on my bike after 102 miles!!!

    I've spoken to a few people about training, adn they seem to think marathon fitness will carry me through, and like you said, just convert my training to on a bike, and i'll be fine, though i'll have to sit on a bike longer than i long run, so I might get pretty bored.....might have to learn puncture repair on the road as well...

    Hopefully it'll keep me nice and fit for the next marathon in Bournemouth image  Here's hoping for a sub 4 in that one, though they announced the route today and they have something called heartbreak hill at mile 18.... if a hill needs a name, then it can't be good...

  • Also, I'm increasingly concerned there seem to be only 3 people doing Halstead marathon this year.... which inevitably means I'll come last image

  • Thanks David was such a challenge but really enjoyed it!

    Been really taking it slowly as still a little stiff, managing to take the pooch out so stretching the legs as I go image

    Bit of bad news Angela I'm not entering the colchester half now as its my stag weekend! Totally forgot that one lol!!

    Guess il leave the drink for after halstead image I think we will deserve it after that one
  • Haven't posted for a while as nothing to say lol!!

    Was meant to go out tonight but just felt a little bit sore in my ankle so don't want to make such a silly mistake!!

    Planning on a nice easy run Friday now as cant run 2moro for obvious reasonsimage

    Hope all is well with everyone image
  • Hello,

    Not had much to say myself, been getting the runs in according to plan.  3 on Tuesday morning, 5 yesterday.

    Currently I'm contemplating about this weekend- the schedule has 6 miles pace on Sat, and 9 miles slow on Sun... I'm doing a Leadership in Running Fitness course, which will take up almost the whole day Sunday, so I can only really do 1 of the weekend runs.  My inclination is that at this stage the 6 mile pace will give me more benefit than the 9 miler, given I got the long run up to 12 miles on Sunday, so  this is a step back week anyway.

    What do you think?

  • yeah totally agree with you.

    like you said its the lower mileage week. i might attempt the 6 on saturday after a slow plod on friday!! see how i feel after the slow one. i actually feel really good, dying to get out again but dont want to push it too soon! i recovered really well i think, ill see if its had any benefits soon when im back into the training again!

    leadership in running fitness sounds interesting? whats that involve?

  • LiRF- part of my frustration is living in essex, working in london means thers is no way i can join a local running club, plus they both seem fairly track focussed, so I want to start my own, and this is step 1.


    I've also been toying with the idea of becoming a PT for a few years now, but this is a cheap(er) way of finding out if I actually enjoy that kind of work... image

  • Had a look at the link and really seems interesting.

    I nearly applied for a P.T job but it costs about 2k just to do the course image then you have to go self employed.

    Went out for a slow run tonight!! Covered about 2 miles but slow and gently easing my way in again image sooo happy to be running again!
  • just looked at the plan for this week!

    everything has been extended image so this must mean we have improved?

    hope everyones o.k and injury freeimage

  • Hey hey,

    I've been having a bit of an assessment of my training this morning... the last few weeks haven't gone to plan- first the flu, then i missed both thursday sessions for poor excuses, then yesterday due to leadership in running fitness course.  I feel like I've been dropping off a bit fitness wise anyway, and I think this is down to nutrition.  I'm going to try and be a bit more disciplined with this from now on....

    This morning I had a salmon bagel for breakfast, which usually fills me up... Just now for lunch, I had a massive plate of pasta from this place where I usually struggle to eat a half portion - I ate the whole lot.  This tells me I didn't eat enough after a trying run on Saturday, and even though I didn't run on Sunday.  Must eat more carbs to keep the energy up and the training good...

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