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  • Nice run oirish eyes image I did 14 today too

    The reservoir, car dealerships and a squirrel

    Today's run was 14 miles and bound to be difficult after yesterday's 7 miles at race pace. I decided to make it harder by trying a new route. If I'm being completely honest, I probably shouldn't have run today. My left ankle had seized up when I woke this morning, though it did loosen after a couple of hours.

    I decided I would run to ardleigh reservoir, loop around it, and come home... I thought it would be a nice scenic run- lots of beautiful scenery etc, and a nice alternative to the Wivenhoe trail I've come to rely on for my long runs as I don't really like running on busy roads with lots of cars.

    Instead, getting to the reservoir was exclusively along busy roads, and I even had to cross the A12. I spent so much time looking at my iPhone for directions that I hadn't even completed 5 miles within an hour of leaving home. When I got to the reservoir, what I thought was the footpath hada loads of signs saying private, farm only, so I gave up trying to find a way round. I was only 5 miles in so had to find an alternative. I got back to the top of Ipswich road (crossing A12 again) and decided on going into castle park and around a loop that would take me home. Turns out my running route today was particularly devoid of nature, but flush with car dealerships. I saw mini, BMW, vauxhall, Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, fiat, Saab and probably others that I don't remember!

    By the time I reached castle park the cold had ensured I needed to empty my bladder, so I aimed for the toilets. On the way, I saw a squirrel sitting on a post, looking very cute. I decided to stop and take a picture- he decided to run right up to my feet!

    Whilst the first few miles of this run were quite tough- my left leg was hurting, the middle miles actually felt quite good. I took a couple of gels on board and thought I may as well stretch out to 15 as its going so well. Around mile 11, the bottoms of my feet started to feel quite sore, and I could feel the beginnings of a blister. The loop I took I could have got home by 13.5 miles, but I decided to tag a bit on to make it at least 14. I ended up with 14.16 before I gave up. I probably could have eeked it out to 15, but I'm not sure what training benefit I would have gotten from that extra mile when I was clearly already in the fat burning vs glycogen burning zone.
  • Hi all back from a particularly challenging day!!

    XC today as you know, first off it was fookin freezing!! 1 degrees when we got there image got a good warm up in before the start so was looking hopeful. Had to dash off just before starting for a quick emergency pee image

    Well......set off WAY to quick if I'm honest 6.32 on the GPS for the first couple miles. Was maintaining pace quite good until mile 4 then WAM!! Stitch immobilised me on the spot image criippled with pain I hobbled on being passed by every team member under the sun!! Managed to hobble to the finish and came a dismal 51st.

    Not a happy bunny!!

    Got battered and bruised and a lovely cut on my thigh from the many brambles on the way! The course was sooo tough it wasn't funny. Tractor ruts in the mud up to your knees, having to jump out of every few yards just to stay on course! Lots of hills and ditches to contend with.

    Didn't manage a training run after as we were just battered and so tired! My calfs were screaming at me to rest so got in the car swiftly and fecked off!!

    Done 5.09 miles in total image so quite short as it goes but I'm sure the XC made up for shorter miles (keep telling myself thatimage )

    Bit of good news on the foot, someone In the club saw it and said it could be a callus and will heal if left alone for a while image might still get a professional opinion though!!

    Good runs both of you, makes my day look like a right drama image
  • Hi Angela, sounds eventful. I didn't get lost this morning but didn't know exactly where I was and despite miles of countryside I didn't see any animals, funny how all those country lanes look the bleeding same........and when did road signs go out of fashion? It's all well naming these roads on a map but any clues when you are out there wouldn't of gone amiss. On the plus side I saw (twice) the house I want when I win the lottery (probably need to be twice) a lovely palatial spread with only the odd lost jogger for passing traffic.

    Not shy those Castle park squirrels are they? I think they assume everyone is a potential food source, I've had the odd kamikaze one flying under my feet from time to time, I can't say for certain but I thought I heard high pitched laughter coming from the trees as I went stumbling over them.

    You were probably right to stop when you did that extra 3/4 of a mile isn't going to make a huge difference other than to risk injury as you get fatigued. I am glad I am not the only one that as soon as I think I'm feeling good and might push my run out  a little further a part of my body decides to correct me, I hope the blisters are ok

  • Yes those squirrels are crazy...I actually screamed when it got close and he didn't even flinch!

    Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow. 36 miles this week- probably the highest mileage I've ever done without interspersing treadmill, so feeling pretty smug- just hope I can keep it up...
  • Jason, I think shorter mileage and extra rest after the Braintree boggle is probably a really good idea, so don't beat ur self up over it.

    Xc sounds challenging!
  • Jason listen to your body it is telling you something.image It sounds like your post marathon recovery after last week wasn't enough, personally apart from the odd few mile recovery run I wouldn't have ran this week until today and ran a LSR.

    Bare in mind the need to insert easy weeks, it can't just be a straight line trajectory of ever increasing mileage the body needs the odd easier week to take stock and recover. Remember your strength building happens in your rest and recovery periods not your actual activity which is why they are so vital. I hope you are tickety boo this weekimage

    Angela - 37 for me na de na na image should of done that 15th mile after all image

    A 5 mile recovery run tomorrow for me, normally it is a rest day as I'm pooped after my long run but now I'm not thrashing out a high tempo I feel so much more fresher image

  • Oirish, I was lying, I actually did 37 according to garmin connect, but that last mile was from warm ups and fractions of miles, so I didn't count it! image

    I'm meant to cross train tomorrow, but I'm feeling pretty wiped right now- 21 miles in a weekend is a bit of a shock to the system after previous weeks!
  • Well, surprise surprise.

    After my highest mileage week (I think ever), I'm broken.  That lower leg various pains caused my ankle to seize again, so when I woke up this morning, it was quite painful to get around.

    I don't think its a sprain, as I can put weight on it, and I was able to run 14 miles on it yesterday, but I do think if there isn't already damage to the joint, I'd be risking it if I continued to run on it.

    Today is a cross training day: I would like to cycle, but I think it will still be too dark when I get home.  Given my schedule over the next week, I am going to put in an extra rest day here, as I was already planning to do nxt Sunday's run on Monday.  I think I can have an extra day and a half rest, and shift the training schedule, and hopefully the leg will have healed enough to get the miles in.  Instead of running/cross, I'll be doing lots and lots of stretching and foam rolling.

  • Bliimey have I jinxed this thread or what!? image

    Sorry to hear about the ankle Angela. Hopefully it is just inflammation, follow RICE and get plenty of rest. My ankle does that occassionally after a heavy period, swells up a little and is stable but sore. If it doesn't feel right by the time of your next run don't feel tempted to test it too much, sometimes not waiting a day or two has cost me a fortnights running image 

    wWorst case scenario I'd spend the week in the gym and pool doing high intensity but low impact stuff and do a short test run the day before your LSR but fingers crossed it won't come to that.

  • Are we blaming those pesky squirrels? image

  • Its always the squirels fault... So, I might be partially to blame here.  I had been useing KT tape as support for my calf that was pulled last year... yesterday, I used it on the other muscles in the lower leg that were sore, probably as the calf wasn;t working hard enough.  I've just taken all the tape off, and it seems to have significantly reduced the pain when i walk :-S....

    Just smothered the limb in deep heat too - my colleagues are gonna love me... 

    So, I'm still going to rest an extra day,but perhaps running just with compression sleeves will be enough to support it come Wednesday.  All of this week's runs are at easy pace- no speedwork, so hopefully I can manage it all ok.

    I used to always have quite weak ankles when i was little- forever going over on them, however, they've never been a problem since i started running.  However, when it was snowy a few weeks ago, I did go over on them a few times.  And once last weekend when i was in a muddy section, so perhaps its that, and it is a light sprain exacerbated by running on it... hmmm image

  • Oh Angela!

    Hope it's the shock of the high miles? Sounds like you have the right idea and are going to do lots of stretching!

    Thanks oirish I've got a doctors appointment this morning to see if they can shed some light on it image

    Just frustrating because deep down I'm thinking 'have I done enough?' But I know really I have!

    Hopefully we can all recover from this little hic up lol image
  • Hidihi,

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was incorrect taping.. feels a lot better already having taken the tape off... feeling rather embarrassed now image  will still rest it though..

    Let me know how u get on at the Dr's Jason. I really do think you'll be fine for the race.  My first 2 (and only 2) marathons in 2011 were peppered by missing long runs, and not doing all that much mid-week.  Especially not outside- most of it was done on a treadmill.  IN my second marathon I had knee trouble at mile 11 of my last 20 mile run, so stopped- that was a monht out, and i did ZERO training untill the week before the race.  I managed 4:38 and 4:33 in those two races. So I think you're doing pretty well!  I would advise to be wary of your doctor- not all are sympathetic to sports injuries...

    Oirish eyes- thanks for the advice.  I actually quit my gym membership at the start of this year so I wasn't tempted to bail and train on the dreadmill.  I guess I could go to the leisure world pool, but I hate swimming!


  • I feel the same about swimming.

    I wasn't trying to teach you how to suck eggs but I think at this time of year we all get a bit intense about hitting our sessions and mileage and from time to time common sense goes out of the window. Every niggle, knock or bad run seems like a disaster or is that just me ? image

    It helps sometimes to have someone else give you a bit advice even if you know it already really, that is why I love these forums it keeps everyone sane and reassurred. I reckon by the weekend both your niggles will be a thing of the past and you've notched up another great weeks training.image

  • You're absolutely right, we all become drama queens during marathon training don't we... Leg is totally pain free despite not being able to RICE since at work, and I only have a very slight limp whilst walking.  Sure another day's rest and it will be a ok...  but if I have 3-4 days rest, its not exactly going to stop me from getting to my goal is it?

  • I think at this stage we tend to veer towards quality rather than quantity and if you have got this far you have proved you have a determination and competitiveness about you, all the traits that push you on are the things that can push you to far image I like that, quite profound image

    Like you say the odd missed session won't ruin anything, the fact that you are reluctant to skip a run is almost the reason to give yourself permission to do it and rest. It's when I'm looking for excuses not to run I worry.

    It is incredible how having to take time off with my ankle gave my legs time to repair and were visibly bigger and felt stronger.  I thought it was my imagination, or wishful thinking but my good lady commented on it and she hands out compliments with the same regularity as santa doles out presents

  • 6 mile hill run this morning. I did 1 mile warm up then 4 miles of hills @ 8:55 and 1 mille back with 0.5 cool down.

    The hill runnning section was pretty full on with 8 trips up and down Balkerne hill in Colchester and my mile home was  sub 8 minutes run so all in all a good start to the week.image


  • Well done on the hill session! I'm working from home and R I C Eing... It seems to be almost better, pain getting less and less, just contemplating whether to try 4 miles easy tomorrow? I really think that if it wasn't so cold on Sunday, I wouldnt have had this problem- I don't think my shoes gave enough cushioning in the cold (convincing myself I should get Adidas boost!)
  • Hi good to hear you are on the mend image

    If you are going to switch trainers you are best doing it now I would of thought, gives you time to work them in and sort out any snags should any arise. I'm contemplating a trip to the Runnersworld store on Friday and having my gait analysis checked and maybe a sneaky purchase.

    I love your logic re the weather, not sure I understand it but heyho I'm sure that extra heel cushioning is just the thing to beat off those cold temperatures image If you  think the problem was caused by incorrect taping a gentle jog tomorrow might be just the thing to get everything stretched out and in order.




  • That hills session came out at 827ft of elevation. North hill is mine in the HM!!!

  • Lol, I love how north hill is ur nemesis- have you ever run it? its actually not very long... but it will slaughter all those runners who come flying down to it.

    My logic re: shoes is flawless- I actually already train in 2 pairs, alternating-though I did use the slightly older ones for the long run.  Clearly you haven't seen any of the adidas boost marketing videos!!   Basically they say that the standard foam used in all trainers at the moment, EVA, is affected by temperature- gettng harder when cold, and gloopy when too warm= both situations not ideal, whereas boost uses a new material which isn't affected by temperature... so therefore offers both cushioning and responsiveness etc etc... all in all, the marketing got to me and I want some...

  • Goldilocks would of loved them..... not too hot and not too cold but just right image

    I think coping with the first mile or two is key in the HM I envisage a fair few taking off like hares at the start as it slopes down and North hill will knock a few people out of their stride too. I have run it once or twice early in my training, it can't be much different to Balkerne Hill, they start and stop at similar heights

  • Hehe, indeed, yes, they're released tomorrow- perhaps I should treat myself... Where's the runners world store? I really wish there was a decent running shop in Colchester... Perhaps we should lobby sweatshop to open one up- soo many empty shops in the town centre now!
  • Runnersworld is on Peartree industrial estate on Stanway, just up the road from the Fiveways Co-op. There are so few sports shops in Colchester now.....it's saving me a fortune image

  • I had no idea... Still, a bit of a venture for me...
  • I only discovered it a month or so ago. It's on Peartree road on the first industrial estate on the right coming from straight road. I'm really into cycling too and there are a couple of top end bike shops there too.

    I like to drool over the 4 grand bikes from time to time. image

  • Ooo, sounds like a good place to visit! I like a pootle on the bike too- did a triathlon last year, so great excuse to buy a road bike... Now I'm doing London to Surrey 100 eek!
  • Some of the kit they have there are things of beauty. I am cycling across Ireland in June; Dublin to Westport in two days.

    I want to do an Olympic Duathlon at the start of next year if  I could swim I'd try a Triathlon but my swimming is truly awful and I don't enjoy it enough to want to improve. When is the London to Surrey?

  • Another 7 mile tempo run done, all in all came out at 7:03 avg 8:15 min miles.

    Jason - How is the foot?

  • I thought, swimming wouldn't be that bad.  I lived in Australia for a year... I can do open water... I was wrong!  Maldon is not like the clear blue ocean in Oz!!

    I was last out of the water, and even the olympic guys who set off 5 mins later caught up and overtook me image  made it up in the bike and run legs though...  I wish they did a duathlon option at Maldon actually.  Woudl so do it again if I didn't have to get in the water, as the atmosphere was really nice after the race.

    What are the distances in an olympic duathlon?

    London-Surreey 100 is 4th August:  http://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/Prudential_RideLondon___Events/Prudential_RideLondon-Surrey_100.htm


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