I'm not crazy but...

Hello, everybody.


I'm new to this forum and it won't let me change my nickname to kebabsandcakes. image Anyway, I need some help and don't know where to start.

I've set myself some big goals for next year in my career, studies, personal life, spiritual life and physical fitness.

It's the physical fitness I need advice on from members of this forum if you'd be so kind.

My events calendar for next year looks like this:

January - Tough Guy 13km Mud Obstacle Course

Feburary - London to Oxford Bike Ride

March - London to Paris Bike Ride

April - London Marathon

May - Swimming Challenge

June - Ironman 70.3

August - September  - Land's End to John O'Groats

I'm not an experienced runner and have never done more than 8km non-stop. Nor am I an experienced or keen swimmer and haven't swum in years. However, I'm a stubborn/determind sort and have done a number of cycle challenges including, Coast to Coast, London to Brighton and London to Oxford before. In the last two years, I've also trekked to Everest Base Camp, cycled Coast to Coast, and summitted Mt Kilimanjaro and also completed London to Oxford and London to Brighton bike rides.

What I want to ask you guys is whether I'm being realistic in trying to push myself for an Ironman 70.3 as my first triathlon, given my limited background in running and swimming but bearing in mind my resilience and hunger for challenge? Or am I attempting something that is dangerous and injurious to my health?

Your advice would be most gratefully appreciated.



  • Go for it - you have 6 months. 

    You just need to be able to swim the distance in the cut off time, redumably your cycling isnt abysmal, and then you should be able to run/walk to the finish. 

  • Kebab sand cakes don't sound very nice.

  • LOL, some lardarse had already taken the name I wanted...

  • Hop on over to the triathlon forum and introduce yourself there. You sound like you'll fit right in. Loads of people attempt a full Ironman as their first triathlon, some start off actually unable to swim at all. Go for it!

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I've written to Ironman and they were cautious with their response so I'm definitely going to speak to a few triathletes before I sign up. Can you give me a link to the triathlete section as I don't know my way around this forum yet? Much appreciated. image
  • Topright of your screen  image

  • Ooh. Right on cue there M...eldyimage

    Yup, top right. Click on triathlon then click on forum. That gets you to the triathlon section full of piratey type people and useful info on where to start.
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