Long runs in a marathon training plan

Hi I currently have a base of 14 miles for my long run and recently did a 1/2 marathon in 1:37. I run 4x a week 20-25 miles per week I still have 19 weeks until mk marathon and I'm going to follow the intermediate plan in the latest rw mag. But I have read that you should do 4 or 5 long runs 20+ miles. Should I just tweak the long run distances on the plan? I'm training for a 3:25 marathon so in theory my longest run should last for 4 hours? I struggled in the last 4 miles of my previous 2 marathons!!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    If you are struggling in the last few miles then the added endurance of 5 20+ milers will really help. No need to run for 4 hrs. Just run your long runs at around 9 min miles and therefore no need to be on your feet for more than 3.20.
  • Your long runs are shorter than race distance but slower so should be about the same as total race time ?

    A four hour run seems too slow - that would be what - an extra 2 mins per mile on top of your long run pace ?

    How many long runs did you do for the other marathons ?
  • 2- 20 and 22 miles. But ran the 22 in 3 hours. Was struggling with injuries so only did a 12 week programme running 3 times a week and did 3:47 in hurricane conditions.

    Thanks both defo going to run 9 min miles and do at least 5 long runs. Run 4 times and prob increase to 5 runs. Does the amount of runs per week matter as I focused on the long run earlier on in the year?
  • 22 in 3 hours is way too fast for that marathon time. What do you think you would have done if conditions were right ? And how close to race day was the 22 ?
  • Bout 3:35. I did the Manchester one the last 7 miles were horrendous wind and rain in face. I was just over 3hrs at 22 miles but did over 10 min miles for the last 4!
  • Maybe you'd ran the race in training. You can't expect to train long at race pace without it taking its toll.

    Next time slow the long runs down ?

    3.25 seems a tough goal unless your half marathon time improves. Are you racing one before your marathon ?
  • Yes Silverstone in march will see how it goes.
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