Running Clubs Around Woking


I've never been part of a running club before, but after the Asics/ RW Target 26.2 bootcamp a few weeks ago, I met many people who said that joining a running club was the best thing they'd done in helping to lower their times.

I live in Woking and wondered if anyone knew of any friendly running clubs in the vicinity. I normally run long distance from half marathon to ultra and am preparing to run a 3hr 30min marathon next year.

Thanks for any help image


  • There's Woking AC and if you go along to the Guildford or Frimley parkruns you'll meet representatives of lots of other clubs.

  • Thanks Hellywobs. I've signed up to the Guildford Parkrun now and will hopefully make my first appearance there in the next few weeks. I'll look into Woking AC as well and hopefully get to talk to some of their members at the Guildford Parkrun.


  • Hi Cruisers Running Club is based in Woking.  Whilst they are based at the David Lloyd you do not need to be a member of DLL to run with the Cruisers or join them.  They are a fully affliated running club.  You can find out more at



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