Brooks T7 Racer with heel pulls (Chrissie Wellington)

I have a pair of Brooks T7 racers (the special edition with union jack and heel pulls - Chrissie wellington special edition.)

They are the lightest and most comfortable shoes I have run in except I purchased a size 6 and one foot rubs over longer distances so I managed to find a pair in size 7 on ebay. They are perfect except they are the origional ones without the heel pull on. I am a Triathlete so the heel pulls are pretty much needed especially as I'm doing my first Ironman next year and can't imagine running in any other shoes. (got loads of different makes and models in my cupboard!)

I have  searched ebay and google but can't find any at all - few in sizes 3 and 4 but not 7. There are plenty of the origional ones available in various colours but not with heel pulls. Just wondering if anyone knows of any store that stocks them or maybe   someone has an unwanted pair. Not bothered about the colour.



  • sorry.what are heel pulls and why do you need them


  • The little loops at the back ? Why are they essential for ironman ? Just put your finger down the back of the heel to guide your foot in ?

    And let's face it - you won't win or lose an ironman getting your shoes on.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I have the non special edition ones and have never thought to myself " if only they had heel pulls"

    Can't really see how they will save a noticeable amount of time especially in an Ironman.

    If you like the shoe just go for the regular ones.
  • I know I'm being picky but to be honest I really do have trouble putting my shoes on in transition. At the Sandman I spent ages rolling in the mud (no exaggeration) getting them on - I lose the feel in my fingers. But you are both right - in an Ironman it's not going to make much difference. It was different in the Sprints when I had my family screaming "just get your B***** shoes on and GO!  I've got 9 months to go and I'm faffing over the minor details image


  • Try a shoe horn - it sounds like you'd be amazed how much it helps. If you're lucky, you'll find one suitable for stuffing in a pair of meggings. Or sew your own loop into the back.!!50983440.jpg


  • They look so dodgy..........

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