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  • i found this morning really difficult to run as although it was tipping down i was mild.........i struggled to run in my jacket to try and teach me to run in one.but to be honest i would have been happier in a t-shirt.i was fine in skin is waterproof


  • Should I be running on Saturday and cycling on Sunday? I've been following Fink, but does it matter if I swap those two about? I know he mentions about not chopping and changing too much as each session influences the next, but does it matter for the long cycles and runs?

    Today was a front-bottom-numbing 1hr45 on the rollers with only a book to keep my sane (although I've learned to use a Kindle, as page-turning was the cause of a rather nasty fall off the rollers last year).

    Just been to Physio and am off running for another two weeks with this achilles problem so it's aqua running tomorrow for an hour. Blurgh...

  • I always swap sesions around to be honest...........If i had to i would do a long run after the long bike on the same day.......

    its all about your own recovery from a harder session....but as i did lots of mileage last winter and the one before i'm hoping that its still in my legs and I can play with the schedule.....

    I can't work rigidly to keeping days the same unfortunately

  • I've thought about that as well, LB, cos I'd prefer to run then bike but I've heard that its better to bike first, because a.) you have to run after bike on the day, and b.) biking doesn't affect your run as much as the other way around

    However, I reckon at this point in the training it doesn't matter that much - better to the wrong way around than not at all
  • Fab off-road run with the boys (from tri club) today - very wet and muddy. Really enjoyed myself and only fell behind on the biggest hills!

    Need new socks now, though!!
  • Thanks folks! It's useful to hear what others are doing. I'm having to be super flexible where my running is concerned, and hopefully it won't make too much of a difference at this stage...
  • Hi all, mind if I join the party? I stumbled across this thread this morning so had a quick read back. I'm a newbie, one tri completed in September (Buttermere) and looking forward to July!

    Fink training going well so far, well at least the swim and bike bits are. Just coming back from run injury so a bit behind the curve on that front but managed 3 short runs this week including a 45min mudfest this morning so feeling good.

    Enjoy the rain!
  • Hi Slokey joe.......plenty of time for the running to get back to place....

    You managing to get outon the bike in this weather

  • Like minds SJ! Word of advice, don't do all four runs as it's too much coming back from injury. That's what kicked off myachilles probs again. Try to substitute aqua running for running and gradually phase back in. That's what I'm crossing my fingers to eventually do!
  • Most of the biking has been indoors but making an effort to get out for the longer rides and I'll be out in the morning rain or shine.

    You're right LB, less is definitely more for me at the mo. I'll no doubt overdo it though in a few weeks....
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I'm another one who swaps all the Fink sessions about. Tri club do a cycle ride on Sundays so thats preferable for me to get long ride in.

    actually I'm only using Fink as a rough guide to what sessions to do each week then ignoring it and doing more. 

  • 60 miles on the bike this afternoon, felt like falling off the bike at the end, and it was a little dark by the time I got back image, no rain though image but an awful lot of wind image


    I tend to do my long bike before long run because the run takes more out of the legs than the bike, although at the moment I don't seem to be doing much running image

  • we will have to met up for a bike ride BBT


  • Ye will have to arrange something in the next few weeks, hopefully may even get a nice day image

  • Park run today which is my only run so far this week.

    Did manage a PB though but still not cracked 30mins.
  • Do you use Garmin Connect Seren?

  • Nice going Ali that 30 min will come image

  • not yet BBT but I will

  • Upside is I did an hour on the turbo and managed 19 miles. OK I was on the lowest resistance but it was fun image
  • 1 hour run done. Roll on cutback week lol.
  • God has smiled on me.I managed just under 3 hours on the road bike and it stayed dry..............there was a westerly wind out there which i sorted out by heading west..feeling chuffed to get it in as i was dreading it.........

    rollon cutback week

  • Dry here but very windy went out on the bike for 40 mins - will turbo tonight to make up for it.  Swim tomorrow and hopefully get this training back on track.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    2.5 hour ride this morning completes week 3 out of 30.

    10% through the training plan already.

  • its pouring down now.i was so luckyon my ride

  • you guys are scaring me......  I've done 30 mins on the bike in the last 2 weeks!  That's about 10% of your training!image

  • EP..........thats why the best time to train is as early in the day as you can because other things keep getting in the way of it all........

    PSC.......I am trying to follow a schedule to avoid the make it up as you go along training I have done before......where i have convinced myself to miss sim sessions for months on end etc..........

  • I've not swum for a month either as I CBA!  Cold is not good for your Pix.... Vit C needed.,.

    I've heard that a schedule is a good thing.  I've got one.  My problem is I don't refer to the schedule - I just do what I fancy which is mostly running at the moment. 

  • 1hr run done this evening. First test of the Alpkit head torch and I love it. Legs felt it after last nights spin session though. So week 3 finished with a missed 1 hr swim and a missed 1.30hr run. Must do better, necks feeling a bit better though so that's good.

    Got to be a proud mum watching son have his first go on his motocross bike today 4 falls but all slow and no damage done and they were all early on so I think he'll be fine. He's on Xbox now telling all his mates . U can see me turbo-ing int the car park soon !
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