Fink for outlaw 2013



  • To add my penny's worth - I followed the Fink intermediate to the letter ... until the peak phase, and then I ditched a swim session, made the brick an hour bike and an hour run, added an extra bike hour mid week, and did 4 x 100 milers, always staying above 15 mph, and the last couple were 16 mph. 

    Running the next day was never very pretty, but I guess it was enough, with a good dose of pirate power on the day.

    I was last pirate in - but I wouldn't have made it without the buffer of a bit of extra punch on the bike

  • so unless you can organise enough time to get most of the sessions in and to get the long rides in then I wouldn't get caught up in the excitemnet of it all......i would delay until your life style has changed a isn't easy.which is why finishing one is so sweet......

  • For those of you who followed Fink for this years Outlaw what in hindsight were the good and bad points about it as a training plans as it might help those of us who intend to follow it for Outlaw 2014? 

    Any feedback (good or bad) would be gratefully received.


  • what i learned from Fink is that if youre into the technical side of things and like numbers and are willing to go into a bit more depth in your learning about getting fit you dont actually need Finks book. i followed it religiously for the first 18 weeks approx but found that i wasnt getting the gains that i was doing before Fink when i made my own plans. Fink has way too much swimming drills in (IMO) and time can be better spent unless you are a truely terrible swimmer. 

    Just for a more complete overall knowledge read Going Long by Friel/Gordo. you can still follow fink but youll also know why you are doing what you are and then you have the savvy to adjust Finks plan for a more personalised approach. there are some big differences in approaches and what Fink suggests might not be as compatible with you as Joe Bloggs. the main one being - should you do your long  sessions on consecutive days? this is where i disagreed with fink and i believe that running on tired legs isnt necessary. i did my brick sessions 'sometimes' and feel that was enough. Something i still stand by but also realise that you arent me. 

    On the other hand if you are not into learning about periodisation and adaption principles read Fink, follow Fink and ask advice if things go tits up

  • unless you are very fast then the hours on the bike just won't be enough in the majority of cases.......It needs an hour or 2 addedd on for slower riders to the long bike sessions.......

  • I use the advance fink plan just as a guide but generally make my own plan

  • 30 weeks is too long

    +1 with Seren on bike hours

    As an IronVirgin, I liked it because it gave me a structure when I didn't have a clue what I should be doing. As the weeks progressed and I felt more confident that I was heading in the right direction, my plan became more Fink-'ish'. 

  • Hi guys - I'm starting with Fink in about a week, is 'Be Iron Fit' the most up to date source for his plans? Thanks.

  • I'm planning to use the same plans to train for Wimbleball and Bolton next year. 

    I've got it all in excel if you'd like?

  • Hi Tycholien. 

    Cheers for the reply and good luck with your training, I hope you rock those targets. Thanks for the kind offer of the excel sheet(s), I think I'm okay  with what I've got, but it's much appreciated anyway.

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