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  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    end of week 5? I'm just starting week 5 have you got a week in hand Sweetfeet?

  • i think a couple went a week or two early so that they had some leeway for illness/ holiday........

    i am at the start of week 5 and can tick off a swim and a run and some yoga 

  • HONK I'm not doing Outlaw. Using this Fink thread for IM Austria (which is the Sunday before Outlaw) rather than start another Fink thread...

    I'm a 'thread squatter'image

    Good idea though Seren maybe I should have gone a week earlier. Too late now.

  • I started 2 weeks earlier because I was maybe thinking of  going on hol in March for a week. So I am on week 7.... I think

  • Thanks Seren Nos, was going to jip out of tonight's swim but your post of your earlier activity made me feel guilty. 2500m swim in 50 minutes, a PB, to follow up this mornings 1 hour run. Feeling very virtuous!
  • My run and bike are coming along, I actually sat down last week to work out my HR zones, so now doing the z1-z2 properly.

    I've not swum yet though, I've been ill or away or just idle image

    I WILL start swimming this week.
  • Well done Stanners. Top bombing.

    I've still got to work out those zones 7755matt. I know my max is not the 220-age and must adjust. Otherwise I am in danger of over-doing it. The whole point of base is to stay low and I keep breaking the rules. I dont really need an HRM to tell me that though it is more about self-control and focusing on the IM rather than the training session I am doing. Training with others is dangerous sometimes too. You end up going at their pace not your own at times.

    P.S. Don't fight the water. Just get down the pool.

  • sweetfeet...........i agree that the training with others is dangerous for keeping to your own zones.......i'm trying to balance the benefit of actually having some company which makes it more interesting with the disadvantage of going too hard for a session.........

    well done stanners........its a great feeling to get those sessions done......i was lucky this weekend that my manflu was just that and didn't develop worse........i think i have managed to train through it and feel good this morning and heart rate is lowered........

    off on the turbo now for my brick session


    have a good training day allimage

  • 4 mile run done this morning before work, had to cut it short as I left it a little late and had to go to work, 4:40 is not a good time to be getting up to go running, took a while for my brain to get into gear when the alarm was going off and for me to realise what was happening. image

    Got circuit session with a friend this evening, hoping I don't fall asleep in the plank position

  • I had thought I was diong well managing 1600 meters in 1 hour in the pool. I see I need to improve a LOT. image

    Ah well perhaps if i ever have more time I shall try and say in until I've done 2500 just to see if I can manage it. Then work towards 4000!

  • EP

    I use one of these - its cheap, (£35ish) and holds bottles really well, (you dont want them bouncing out) and you can attach a saddle bag in between the bottles as well, (for inner tube, tyre leaver etc).  just need to play with the angle so the bottles dont interfere with your glutes image

    bontrager rear mounted cage

  • getting back on track with my wk5 tuesday run. all done to plan, ahead of breakfast and sunrise and all that nonsense.  Thank god for a decent treadmill - no excuses about the weather to keep me snug in the bed.

    Its going to be brutal at the weekend as ive skipped 4wks of bike building. what larks will 90mins on the turbo be ? sufferfest without the fest.


  • Hi all,

    I'll be starting Fink Intermediate in a few weeks for Challenge Henley. Looking at the plan I can't help thinking that the plan is a little run heavy and bike light? Take, for example, Base Week 9. This has 3x1hr+ run sessions in it and only 2x1hr+ bike sessions? I don't understand this.

    As someone who is currently working through ITBS by sorting out my run technique, the volume of running has me a little worried. I am thinking of swapping the Friday run session for a medium bike and then doing the long run on Saturday and the long bike on a Sunday. 

    Trawling the web I see many people who believe that the Fink plan is bike light. I also see examples of people who have done well on perhaps, less than the 'norm', run training.

    Should I go with my gut feeling or should I stop second guessing the Finkmeister General? image

    I'm solely looking to finish but being able to enjoy the day, if that makes any difference.

  • One hour run in the dark for me this morning. First week stepped up from 45 mins. I thought 5.45am was a bit urgent to be getting up BBT an hour earlier and I would have definitely struggled. Good on ya. 

    Once I was out there it was fine though it's so mild this 'winter'. I'm sure it will all go Siberian shortly...

    Swim sesh #1 for the third time tonight.

  • UB I'm just going along with the plan as-is and not thinking about it but lots of people adjust to taste. You need to be happy with your training.

    The long bike just keeps rising steadily and should give me enough for the day. I'm doing VLM too so that and the extra running in the plan will hopefully leave me strong off the bike on race day.image

  • I was thinking about adding a 60 100rpm spin on mondays to freshen up the legs - competitive plan has more bike in it I think.

  • UB which fink plan are you following as week 9 on the intermediate one has 4:30 total for the bike and 3:30 total for the run?

    From reading on this board some who have done a few ironmans say that the run bike training is interchangeable so if you can't run then bike that time instead.

  • Sorry yes, I don't mean the total time per se, more the frequency. I'm not seeing why there is, in effect, only one long (or even medium) bike session per week but there are three medium/long runs per week (for me, classed as 1 hour +)

    I think I'm starting to convince myself. Hurdle one is getting to the start line and if I feel that swapping a run/bike session around would be to my benefit then I guess I should just do it.

    It's all about the bike, right? image

    Having said that, I may see how the first few weeks go. I am fully intending on utilising a run/walk strategy from the outset so maybe this would help me anyway.


  • All training done for today.

    3 mile run this morning in 23 mins (Z2)

    3750m zombie swim in 1h 20m at (long) lunch ssshhhhhh....image

    UB - if you feel that you;re not getting enough bike in, why dont you use the Bike part of the competitive plan and the intermediate for the rest?  that might bump your hours up if you feel you need 'em.

  • Badger

    Yup fink is bike lite

    Ideally you want 60% bike 20-30% run 10% swim.....

    (there was another thread re %'s but bike alot, run abit, swim a bit

    Run frequency is more important than length so do some of those as 30 min runs or 45 mins when/if you are handling the volume.....

    Also those runs should probably be done at steady......z1/2
  • i'm  upping all the long bikes from the start as i feel it is way too light...........keeping the zones down.......but the times especially when you are slow would not get the miles in the legs that i need

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    I'm also upping all the bike rides from the start as well as fitting in an extra bike per week, upping the runs too but if I start to struggle will cut back to Fink levels.

  • I'm doing the same. More bike per week and a longer one. 5.5 hours max bike ride will never do me - I'll still be able to see the start lineimage

    Mind you, I'm no expert.

  • Good stuff. Looks like I'm not my own then! image

  • 1200 mt swim in 25mins and 1hr run in Z2 yesterday, I'm taking my rest day today .
  • Swimming again for me today. Good session but I've got a stinking cold again. Can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. Think the chemicals don't agree with meimage

  • Brick session done last night, I really HATE brick sessions they are the worst.

    However I'm not feeling 100%, not ill as such but I think the kids lurgy is trying to get me. Either that or the cats attacked me with baseball bats overnight. image Lousy nights kip so skipped 6.30 am 1hr run this morning, and I'm going to leave it skipped and just do the rest of the week rather than trying to fit it in.

    Could be bad could be good but decision has been made.

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