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  • Same here, Stanners - couldn't manage 12 x 100m - could only fit in 8, but was happy with that. Thought about dropping to the Just Get Round swimming sets, but my pride won't let me!!

    New experience keeping to a HR zone - got beeped at a lot at first, but managed to keep it to a level after a while. Can't say I liked the knee pain after 20 min, though - thought it'd go off, but have never been more glad to get to the end of a run ... hope its one of those flash in the pan things, not something real image

  • Day 2 isn't going to be good.

    Up til 2pm at hospital with grandchild and now feeling so tired can't imagine swimming later plus obviously still children to look afterimage

  • Not on twitter or facebook - log all my training in excel. Soz chaps

    Day 1, swim and run tick

    Day 2 bike (read turbo) and run tick

    Have spinning tonight for an hour then I'll do some core work at home.  Enjoying it so far although I do have to talk myself into getting out of bed.

  • The swim sets are tough to fit in the 1 hour  time. My advice would be use as a guide, certainly the drills are good but I found the interval structure complicated and dull. I ended up doing my own stuff but I did spend many an hour as a junior swimming so fell back on a lot of that knowledge.

    Coach Gordo said some good stuff last year on IM talk, he encourages 'zombie swims' ie. just get in the water and swim especially as recovery sets or to just put the time in.

  • Hi All

    I rested like a trooper on day 1 - It was interesting having a rest day on the first day but it helped remind me that rest days are for rest and recovery and you should actually rest no matter how much you want to just go on a quick run etc.

    Today I struggled out of bed to be honest but once up and running was pleased to be out and about. I ran the mile to my local pool and had a go at swim set #'33 - I must admit I'm not used to doing drills so I don't know how beneficial my fist drills would have been and I felt a bit silly pounding at the water with closed fists but the rest of the swim felt good and I was suprised with the distance I managed to cover. I got 2300m of the 2500m planned in the hour I had and only missed the cool down (which I replaced with the run home) My new swim mp3 player was awesome too (didn't feel bored at all) (even though it can get a bit distracting at times)

    I will do my 30min zone 2 run after work with my girlfriend (to prove that we'll still get to do things together despite iron distance training)

  • How much fun is Fink ?


    Well, Im on target with the first day - managed to do that one without injuring anyone image.  Im behind schedule now, having slipped up by not bringing my costume and towel ( and I pressume buff isnt a designated costume at the local pool )

    looking forward to my run tonight.  Its getting posted on my fb profile via the nike+ app.  have @mammothadams, but hate twitter so its all autofed tri news. might catch a glimpse of me going for a run.   Will have to look into fetch? not sure I can be arsed to update several things to confirm Ive not done the training I should.  *( I use a calendar to remind me what session is due on the day, and the forum to blag about it, fb via nike+, bike will be a turbo so Need to get a discipline around that and im thinking hard about tracking my food as Ive got to drop 6stone ( 84lbs ) to make the lycra fit and the event not life threatening.  )

    45min z2 tonight for me, as ive built up the endurance a little already and Im keen to keep it flowing.  BIKE is where ive been too sloppy. swimming is OK, my runnin g needs a little pace - which is what dropping 6stone will do

    anybody else using nike+ ?  I tried mapmyrun but its too complicated. ( or im too thick as it skipped half of my run on the test )


  • Hi well moving my swim to Thursday and Sundays, so just 30 min Z2 run later. Not done much since mara-no-fun 4Th Nov due to Flu/Cold still got bit sor throat so hoping a gentle run won't harm it. Bike I'm thinking turbo or would taking my MTB out be worth it? Don't trust weather to use TT or road bike, I came off road bike last Feb on some ice not a good look lol.
  • Z2 30min run done, that's day 2 done and dusted, apart from a session on the foam roller tonight.

    Zombie swim, like the idea of that IronMuffin. My zombie will definately be the slow, dordling type. Not the freakishly fast type ala 28 Days Later

  • I did manage to do the 2.5 km in the hour, in fact I peebeed in 54 mins, thats a whopping 4 minutes quicker than last week. I dont bother with the drills, but swim slow enough to make sure I keep good form. I concentrate for a few lengths on hand entry, then on keeping my elbows high, then the roll etc etc In Jan I could only manage 2km in the hour, consistant swimming is the key.


  • 30 min Z2 run tonight, its cold out there, v icey. Even done a bit of stretching after. First time for everything image 

    Nice going RP

  • Evil pixie , it's early days yet and if you jump into it without being 100% you could end up a LOT worse !! I am a prime example ( as other pirates will tell you ) I had a nightmare of a time doing fink last year , 3 broken ribs after bike crash , 9 months plantar fasciitis after doing too much too soon trying to catch up and then a middle ear infection ! Each one I jumped back to training before they were healed or gone and it came back to haunt me . Everybody on here told me to wait but I thought I knew better and it resulted in prolonging the injury's and in the case of the ear infection I ended up seriously ill and in hospital ! Your health has got to come first before ANY training or triathlon
  • 30 min bike and 15 min run just completed. First run since my marathon and all OK if pitch black and icy. Hope I get an Alpkit for Xmas.
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭
    Treadmill and swim this morning, more treadmill and spin class and short swim this evening, getting plenty of training in to try and offset the amount I'm eating at moment.

    Cpt Jack, sounds like a bad year last year, at the end of all that did you still enter an event? And if so how did you get on?
  • Started Fink in fine style by missing first day of training and getting man flu on the weekend. The world has not yet ended and plans not yet scuppered. Tomorrow is pretty short and easy so that's a good place to start. 

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    coughing less but still coughing & snotty and sulking

    considering missing the whole week just to ensure I am over it

    I was ahead of the game anyway but still really annoyed

    You'll be alright Evil Pix, don't worry. It's dead slow training at the start, and you're absolutely right in only starting back when you feel right. If you miss the first week, it's no great loss at all, and when you start training at week 2 you'll be certain to be better and not risk getting sick again. Although I'm feeling better I'm still a bit snotty so will guage tomorrow and bow out if not right. No worries, plenty of time for all of us. Capt. Jack is an inspiration! (By that I mean I'm inspired by his very sound advice image

  • Started on monday, I wont get to swim until Friday so doing a little extra running. Broke finger, bust hand in cycling accident and now topped off with sore throat and bad chest so concentrating on running ( braking on bike difficult at the moment with poorly hand and icy morning = crappy gym bike training. Not a great start but a start nonetheless.
  • Honk , yes did Antwerp 70.3 no probs and that's when all my problems started one after another , to cut a long ( and painful ) story short I decided to still do outlaw as I'd paid for it , and started slowly training 5 weeks before ( stupid I know ) did a PB in the swim and was flying on the bike upto mile 80 and then the ear infection took its toll and I was in an ambulance at mile 81 !! Had problems for few months after

    Fink today 40min run Z2 , 30 min swim ( not to plan !)
  • 30 minutes run tonight. No idea what the HR average was. My garmin seems to be very tempremental as to when it will pick up my monitor image

  • managed a 60 min run in manchester.that can be my long run this week.........need to bike or turbo tomorrow..........

    been a long day driven over 450 miles so in need of sleep

  • 3 sessions done
    15 minute turbo Monday
    1500m swim yesterday morning, lots of drills and my 200m for Winterswim, going to aim for an hour swim tomorrow.
    15 minute Z2 run last night (heart rate shot up a couple of times to zone 5 and higher for some reason)

    30 minute Z2 run tonight.

  • Training going well, although not in the order of Fink, but doing all the sessions.  This getting up early lark is a pain esp as it's so cold out there.

    Have a 30 min run tonight, did swim this morning.  Having my rest day on Sunday as Xmas party Sat and I intend to drink.


  • I may contribute to this thread if that is cool. 'Finking' for IM Austria 2013 but there doesnt appear to be a thread for that so I am one week ahead of the Outlaw (IMA = 30th June).

    I've decided not to think and just follow it by the book to the letter and see how I get on. Including the swim sessions as stated. So far so good although I'm only in week 2 wednesday ('R' for Thursday anyone?).

    The first three swim sessions have taken me bang on 50 mins each. Some of the bike is in the gym/on the turbo and some of the running is on the treadmill due to current UK weather conditions. The beauty of my strategy is the not thinking bit. I may need to tweak over xmas but injury/illness permitting i will persevere and hopefully use it to deliver a decent performance on the day.

    Stay focussed team. Let's all lay down a strong base so that when the fun starts later in the program we are better equipped to cope...

  • Welcome to the rabble sweetfeet, the more the merrier. Thats nice swimming btw image

    Had to miss my bike and swim sessions today, had to get a job application so I can hand it in tomorrow, bloody life gettin in the way already image. O well hears to a good day tomorrowimage

  • Seren nos, where in Manchester do you run? I work in the city centre and there is absolutely no where suitable that I can find. Had to settle for 30min on bike and 15min on treadmill this morning.

    Tomorrow will be a challenge. Moving house and going to see my eldest's first nativity play. The challenge is to get a bike and swim in, so turbo set in the garage for 6am start and if I am still standing, masters swim very late tomorrow night!
  • stanners.i was visiting the city for my sons interview.,,,I just drove to fallowfield and parked there and then followed the cycle route.........

  must be a goodb swimmer finishing the sessions early.......

    i have done 2swim sessions this week bioth an hour long........but no drills etc...first session managed 2250m and the second one managed 2350m so pleaseed with it.hoping after christmas to get it closer to 2500m per hour.

    fitted in an extra run last nioght as my new running partner needed to fit one in......

    so swims done for the week and runs down apart from the brick session........but the long bike is proving the problem for a bit of a throat /chest problem and my resting HR is up 10......and using that as an excuse not to get out in the cold

  • 30 min run and 1hr swim completed yesterday.

    1Hr swim done this morning , turbo looms for this evening.

    My first swim was a club session so did their drills and this morning I repeated it as I couldn't remeber what I was supposed to do for fink.

    I'm very slow so  only managing 1000m in the hour, here's hoping I improve with time.

  • Good start all.

    Stanners, good luck with the busy day and house move. First nativity memories will stick like your IM finish .I cried like a baby at both image

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