Fink for outlaw 2013



  • Same up here - planned outdoor bike has now become turbo.

  • going to be one of those days when everything conspires againgst me training..............

    I will not be suprised if by bedtime tonight i didn't have to force today to be a rest day

  • I cycled to work, it was a bit icy, hoping it won't be tonight cos I won't be able to see it!

  • be carefull everyone! image 

    honestly, a couple of adjusted sessions here will make little to no difference to the outcome compared to if you have to take significant time off having come off your bike in the ice!

  • Very true ...

    How's the cat Mr Zuvai, lol.  image

  • smelly image 

    without a doubt the worst thing ive ever smelt!

    little sh*t bag! 

  • freezing tonight for my offroad runwith headtorch.stayed on my feet.but brambles and bushed attacked me a bit...........managed an hour on the turbo not as bad as i thought

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    SJ thanks for the tip about hr monitor and changing batteries, been using a garmin soft strap but hr been shooting up into z6 and ending up walking trying to be good. Never even thought about the batteries. Couldnt change them on the soft strap but still had the old strap and put new batteries in that.

    Now a happy chap as 1 hr brick completed all in z2 and no walking!!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow nights run now, just to get myself into the pool in the morning for first swim in ages.

  • EP.......I love off road but no longer go on my own at night as i scare myself..image..........My running club has started a torch run once everymonth or so ...., and its a great was supposed to be on road over the mountain last night but the ice made a lot of the tarmac leathal so the route changed more off road



    TJ...did you make the pool image

  • Well migraine and lurgy for me for the past 2 days. Now just lurgy and not too bad really but another day without training.

    Looks cold out there.

  • Seren what head torch do you use? I need to get a new one.

  • BBT - Alpkit do a great headtorch, I use it for running on unlit roads and it copes really well.

  • Cheers TB will check it out.

  • +1 for the alpkit. Got one for crimbo and really like running in the dark.

  • +1 for Alpkit

    I can buy a new one for the price of the fancy dan battery in my old torch!
  • BBT - here's a nice balanced, objective review of Alpkit torches image

  • Raf do Alpkit sponsor Pirates or something? image

  • On another note, anyone read the Outlaw e-newsletter entitled 'Going, going, gone'? I couldn't get past the heading of the first article. When 'THEIR' gone, 'THEIR' gone? The Outlaw "sold IT'S 1300 spots"? 

    As a high-ranking officer in the grammar police (special apostrophe unit), I felt it my obligation to write and complain about their appalling grammar. Almost unsubscribed I was so affronted. image

  • I spotted another 'whats the harm in entering now'? I wonder if they've done this on purpose to smite me.

  • Rather pleased at having survived 2 hours on the turbo this afternoon, thanks to my son's Kindle Fire and Ski Sunday followed by Pramface image

  • lots of people on here have the alpkit.and swear by it......I have a pretxl tikka as i won it as part of a prize a couple of years ago......a 50 mile race in the lakedistrict with just 2 months notice.......with some kit thrown inimage

  • Oh god, I found more: "whats the harm in entering now", "your mutli-sport season", "do you to stay in high quality..", "accomodation". I need a wee lie down.

  • Boules.........I hate pedants on the forums but i agree that companies should use the correct english

  • EP _ Did you not have a place anyway?

    Britsky -  do you read whilst on the turbo? That could make time go quicker.

  • SS - I tend to read during the spin session. I have the metronome on (so can't have any other noise which distracts me), and I read a page and then count 100 (to take up an extra minute) before I turn the page, to keep me concentrating on the cadence.

    I ration my reading, because I'm really particular about what I read, so when I get into a book I want to make it last, so try not to read every day. Just finished Holg's book, so now I'll have a time of no reading, because I need a time to let it sink in before I'll be ready to try something else. 

    ... loved it, by the way, Holgs, especially all the reflective stuff at the end - my sentiments entirely, but expressed better than I could!

  • Britsky - I just finished his book too. Great read. Very inspiring but it's dangerous reading books like that with talks of more than 1 ironman and ultras etcimage

    Still got the lurgy so might try a slow turbo tomorrow and a read.

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