Fink for outlaw 2013



  • It's been a tough week. I didn't risk getting to the pool last night. I'm a run and bike down.

    Looks like 2 hour turbo coming up this afternoon with short brick after.

    Hope to tracks are ok for long rub tomorrow. I've dug the yaktraks out to try
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    2hr turbo done and just about to go for a run.

    Pixie, what is an elongated paper run?


  • When you really, really need the toilet but your still three miles from your house??

  • Long run with Parkrun this morning - 12.5 miles felt more like a marathon - good training, though. Rest now til Mon - yay!
  • convincing myself that this week can be a run specific week.......I did extra on the bike last week so not too worried if I can't do much on the turbo tomorrow.son is on it at the moment.trying out the new saddle...I have put a planet x one on it as thats the one i have on my road bike

  • Turbo session done - snow still coming down so not going to risk it outside on the bike.

    Does sledging count as base training?
  • first hour on the turbo doneimage

  • First Seren? How many more are you doing?image

  • thats it.2nd hour done and I'm quitting............can't take any moreimage

  • 2 hours on the turbo logged too. Managed to maintain aero position for 25 minutes at a time so very happy. Follows 2.6k in the pool this morning so all in all a good day.

    Now I have finished the Band of Brothers box set I have been looking for entertainment to help pass the time whilst on the turbo and found this Podcast

    Just listened to the Crowie episode which was quite interesting. Comes across as a decent Aussie (rare, I know). Any other recommendations out there?
  • IMtalk is always good for a laugh Stanners and lots of good interviews too
  • Cheers SJ
  • we haven't had any more snow since friday...........but it looks no different to friday out.....

    normally would really enjoy a rest day on a sunday...........but raring to go out in the snow for a run as soon as eldest leaves the house image

  • got some from asdas a couple of years ago...........can't remeber where i put good for when the snow turns to ice


  • they were in asda recently...less than a tenner...........i have found one.....thats helpful...image

    i am happy with trail shoes........

    just worried about tomorrow and if the leisure centre and schools are open.......if not then it will muck up the start to my week...............but it will only be week 7 so still early days image

  • 2 1/2 hours done on the towpaths, trails and cycle routes around stoke. It wasn't quick - average 9mph, but the way I see it is another 2.5 hours of saddle time. I'm sure if was road or TT it would have been a fairly speedy ride image

    Mind you, if it had have been road or TT I'd have been on my arse!
  • LSR with Horse this morning, 12.2 miles in 2hrs 4 mins avg 10.4 m/min, in Z2 really chuffed with that as it was an undulating run. All done on the road and icy in places so had to be carful at times.
  • great training  going onimage

  • 10m in 1h 18m. HR was a little difficult to control on the snowy trails, anyone else find the same?

    I don't think i have seen this discussed yet but anyone up for a bike course recce in early June? I kmow it is a little early but Mrs Stanners is an organisational nut so i want to get it in the calender (it is not official until it is down in ink).
  • morning

     week 7 that means the pool.....image

    binned my run yesterday even though was in kit and dug out the car instead..decided that i really should take my rest day and had ran enough this week..........

    going to be a stressful week with the snow/ ice and we have a level and GCSE exams in the household.........

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