Fink for outlaw 2013



  • Well done you. You deserve a medalimage

    50mins for me

  • 4.5 mile run tonight, felt shite but it's done that's all that matters image

    Seron..... 2.5 hrs on the turbo, it would do my head in, well done.
  • proper mental and inspirational.... 2.5hrs on the turbo can be done. thats my goal by the end of February. knowing its doable, doneable makes it possible for me too.


  • back sore this morning again...worked out its the long turbo...............the turbo bike isn't my road bike.... its a housebike and so not fitted for me different make and size even..........

    seems like I was ok when on the turbo up to an hour but longer is causing problems with my lower back which has always been a bit dodgy...........

     will have to think hard about longer sessions on it in futureimage

  • Seren, I too have had my first long turbo session induced injury.

    Acute boredom with chaffing in the under carriage region.

  • Stanners from the Bridge wrote (see)
    Seren, I too have had my first long turbo session induced injury.

    Acute boredom with chaffing in the under carriage region.



    Sufferfest is the cure for turbo boredom!

  • True but sufferfest doesn't equal Finks Zone 2 training !

    1Hr Turbo last night with my lovely new computer yelling at me when my HR was going too high image Loving having a virtual racer to keep up with as well.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    ive been using sufferfest as entertainment but still keeping within zone 2. acts as a reminder to keep checking cadence and heart rate, works well for me. I tend to drop to bottom of zone2 in the recovery periods but drop a gear in the efforts as I start to near the upper limit.

  • What's becoming my favourite session of the week - the brick (45+15) I've discovered fits perfectly with Ski Sunday on iPlayer - I'm in the same tuck position as the downhill skiers ... the cow bells are for me ... loving it image  image.

    Then out for a run, already warmed up, straight into a good paced run ... fab image

  • I'm getting really bored of the drills part of the swim set for Fink - really don't want to get fins and paddles and the like, but sometimes it feels like I'm just going through the motions with the drills, rather than actually thinking about how they are improving my stroke ...

  • can't advise with that brit asd I only zombie swim.....

    this morning got in the car to go to spin then my swim...struggled three times to get the car out onto the cleared ruts... decided that it was a sign not to go....went to bed instead and slep for nearly 2 hours.........

    as I got the car out earlier for the exam run I think that it was my brain telling me to restimage

  • 1 hour on the dreadmill for me. Reckon the next run can be done outside safely.

    Was thinking of swimming this afternoon but really can't be bothered to wash my hair twice in 1 dayimage

  • I'm forever washing mine twice in a day........It so bad it keeps turning my hair this strange grey colourimage

  • I'm waiting for mine to go greenimage

  • ran out of  cat food so ran to asda for some rattled in my backpack all the way home.i was expecting a line of cats following me

  • LOL... the pied piper of Wales!

    Just worked out that it is a month to go before my first sportiff!  Sh*t.  I had better find my bike and see if it still works!  image

    Evening peeps....

  • I assume that mine is in the shed where its been blocked in by snow since last friday morning

  • Britrisky, don't you feel compelled to eat a bar of Milka in the middle of your session? On the swim drills, stick at them. I'm convinced that they help even if they feel like they don't.

    My first pair of tri-bars arrived today. Excited!
  • Brit - using fins allows you to do the drills at normal pace. That way you get to do the drill properly, and the muslce memory builds from there.

  • EP.thats horrible sorry for you all .. what a shock image

     Be kind to yourself....

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    EP sorry to hear your news keep well.

  • EP that's really bad news. Sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed

  • good session there........schools are open here today so will hopefully be able to tick off 2nd swim and 2nd yoga session today

  • Sorry to hear that EP

  • as above EP sorry to hear,


  • EP very sorry to hear about your Dad but well done on the speedy Turbo session.

    I've manage 2 x 1hr swims, Im supposed to be doing Fink but can never rememeber the drills so I did 1hr club swim which was arm drills and speed work and this morning I did my 1hr zombie swim. I'm starting to really enjoy my zombie swims.

  • Brit - I tried fins for the first time yesterday and it completely threw me. It felt very unnatural.  Suppose it's just something else to get used to!

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