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  • I failed on my swim out after 30 mins as my back and shoulders were hurting too much....image............spent the extra time in the sauna then did yoga........

  • Asthe others have said sorry to hear your news EP.


  • managed a 40 min turbo this AM, running tomorrow. Yeah!

  • Hello all

    I haven't been on the forum for a few weeks  - sounds like everyone is doing really well in their training though.  It is such a challenging time of year.  I keep reminding myself that when Spring comes it'll be so much easier!

    I am really impressed that people are managing to do upwards of 2 hours on the turbo.  I have been sacking the road bike and going mountain biking instead.  I am not sure how well that works but I have been trying to do less technical routes where I end up pedalling for most of the time. 

    I am doing the Strathpuffer this weekend - not sure it was the best idea to enter when I am traning for an Ironman but at least it will switch things up a bit!  I am doing it in a quad so it hopefully won't be too bad...

    Anyone else heading up here to Scotland for it?

  • EP - really sorry to hear your news.

    Training going well this week so far:

    Tuesday: 1 hr run

    Wednesday: Brick Session (40 mins turbo plus 25 min run)

    Going out later for a long MTB ride as we've still got a fair bit of ice/slush up here. Am aiming for an hour and a half

    Haven't had chance to get to the pool yet so will go tomorrow morning and then do my run at lunchtime

    Keep at it folks!

  • Sorry for your news EP. Chin up and keep us posted.

  • Had a severe case of CBA today.

    No training done at allimage

  • Have you tried the Shock Absorber Ultimate Dry? It isn't quite the concrete hold of the Run version, but its lovely to wear, and is specially designed for, well, sports that give a greater glow image

  • for my first ironman I used to place a lot ofr vaseline down inside my shorts.....and uit definitely i've just HTFU image

  • EP, I only have experience from the male POV, but I remember posting a similar question last year when hitting the longer bike rides. The general answer was don't sweat the small stuff, and HTFU. The small print said that you'll get used to it.

    I guess turboing is more static that road biking, where you may move a lot more often and readjust without noticing. And you will get used to it and your body will HTFU.

    Seren's comments remind me of the large pot of vaseline I unveiled in T2 at Outlaw. Suddenly I was surrounded by men and women dipping their hands in. Double dipping in some cases image

  • image What happens at Outlaw stays at Outlaw.........................

  • 1hr run on treadmill this afternoon. 

    Blister image

  • On the turbo i try and get out the saddle for a few seconds at the end of every mile after the first 20 minutes, you dont need long, jsut stand up, do a few pedals and re-seat, you normally sit in a very slightly different way and it helps prolong the numbness. when i say i try, what i actually mean is most of the time i ride it out for about an hour until i have to stand. On the road - is easier for me as sweat evaporates = less friction = more comfort and maybe get up every 15 minutes if i been seated for a while. I tried creams and stuff but took the advice of FB and just got used to it. 

  • Doner Kebab wrote (see)

    I tried creams and stuff but took the advice of FB and just got used to it. 

    'Twas he who penned the above sage advice.

  • Have to admit that I double dipped in that tub Cat.  I'm sure I returned the favour by passing you a handful of cashew nuts that you gladly acceted image.

    Oh how the karma has treated me now image.

  • VT'd wrote (see)

    Have to admit that I double dipped in that tub Cat.  I'm sure I returned the favour by passing you a handful of cashew nuts that you gladly acceted image.

    Oh how the karma has treated me now image.

    Don't worry VT'd. I needed the salt imageimageimage

  • EP sorry to hear about your dadimage. Keep your chin up and support him where you can.

    Week 8 for me Thu sesh nailed that horrible 100+ RPM on the turbo this morning and swim #1 again tonight. The 12 x 100 @ 20 secs really started to bite. I'm still averaging 50 mins for the whole sessions but hopefully my stroke is improving. Sometimes it all starts to feel bang on and then next length feels tough again. Weird.

    I 'might' even put the bike back on the road this weekend. The forecast suggests the snow and ice will be gone but replaced by wind which is sub-optimal (Chrissie's favourite word, aside from maybe 'smiles'image).

  • EP / Seren / Cat
    I use 'chamois creme' aka bum butter for all long rides and turbos.
    The lube effect helps massivley to prevent chaffage - no one wants that!
    I dont bother applying it to the chammy/seat pad, I just stick my shorts on then get a couple of finger fulls of chammy creme and lube up - if you know what I mean.
    Font and back or where ever the hell you ge sore.


    Its so useful I have a pot in my t1 bag - and slap a wad on
    Likewise a poy of vaseline in the t2 bag to lube up for the run.  same thing - dip deep and lube!

    glad to be of help

  • Pix, just read your news. So sorry to hear about your Dad.
  • cheap vaseline is so much cheaper than chamois creme...............with the added bonus that you get a nice shiny seat......

    But yes you can get used to it with the right trishorts.......still impressed that the only place that didn't hurt after the double bike leg was my undercarriage.........and that was without any lubricant at allimage

  • Seren, you are hard as nails!

    Swim swum this morning.  50 zombie minutes in the pool, 70 lengths.


  • missed my swim this morning so that equals NO swimming at all this week!!! have rejigged diary to fit in 3 sessions next week to make up for my tardiness.  All i have to do now is motivate myself to GTFU and into the pool.  Why is it so much easier to run or bike first thing in the day than go swimming???? image

    On the bright side, just done a 1 hour run in Z2 and covered 7.2 miles which for me is pretty good image

  • In my opinion which isn't worth much Jammy.if you have to ditch some sesions then swimming is the best to miss.....image,but then i'm biased

  • woo hoo image. thanks Seren! feel slightly less guilty than before now.

  • A much better looking week for me this week except I haven't run yet. My YakTrax arrived today so might give them a gentle test out in the dark tonight.

  • 100% for this week, including 15k this morning. Now spending the evening dreading the 2.5h turbo session which starts at 6:30am tomorrow. Damn this weather!!!!
  • Yay 1 1/4hr run fine in the dark, snow and ice without any problems. Courtesy of Alpkit and Yaktrax. I'm feeling rather pleased with myself.
  • I used to use Sudocrem. Probably is it leaches out the shorts. Not a good look with balck shorts image

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