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  • So come on, who has joined the 2h.30m turbo club. Managed to average 27kmph and kept aero position for 30 minutes at a time, followed by 10 minutes upright. The last 45min were pure torture.

    Decided to do it with the film Gladiator on. Potable DVD batteries ran out at 2h:15m mark. Anyone know how the film ends as i dont think i could put myself through that again?
  • amazing..I am on a second rest day in a row trying to recover from the long turbo........have an 8 mile race tomorrow if the weather has improved

  • Didn't manage 2 1/2 hours as I had to pick the kids up, but did 44.5 miles in 2 hours, so really happy with that! (Watched loads of episodes of 24)
  • 22.5 miles a hour is going at a good speed.......I have never got anywhere near that unless going downhillimage

  • 2 1/2 hour turbo. 45 miles done whilst watching Pulp Fiction image

    Need to get running tomorrow, adn catch up with Jantastic things.


  • Seren I put it down to peddling fast as it was fast and furious episodes! I hope it's not just a one off
  • you realise that 22.5mph average equates to a 5 hour bike split, which would put you as the first placed female and in around the top 10 of the blokes as well. i think you would beat Sandy by about half hour at least image

  • Maybe you should consider rigging up your DVD to your aero bars on the day!
  • Dk I hav no chance of keeping that up for 5 hours, just as long as the cycle is around the 6 hr then I will be happy, as for Sandy a. I have no chance of getting anywhere near his time and b. do you really think he would let me chick him!!!
  • Britrisky I wish!!!! How's the ankle?
  • It's a lot better, thanks, boss - still bruised and swollen, but can walk without pain now, so panic over.

    Planning to swim tomorrow, turbo and swim Mon and then brick Tues, so a short 15 min run might be ok by then ...
  • Yep did 2 1/2 hr turbo yesterday managed a lowly 32 miles but kept to HR so a good session. Was hellish though listened to podcasts but just could not get comfy. I'm another who needs to HTFU !

    Club run to do this morning eek!
  • Britrisky fingers crossed.

    Ali no such thing as too slow, tis time in the saddle, the speed will improve I promise
  • 1:15 run done, for 7.15 miles all z1-2 a tiny hill top blip to z3 but only seconds image

    getting MTV ready for a slushy ride with friends later, then a mile or so run with Mrs Matt tonight and possibly a weights session

    First I need to thaw my feet out

  • 10k XC done with the club so that's today's run done. Not sure I can salvage my trainers.
  • Went out with friends to re-do the loop along the cycleways and towpaths, but the slush was that thick and ice was that bad we got 7 miles in and they decided to call it a day and head home. 2 1/4 hours to do 14 miles is pretty hard going tbh.

    Still, a mile or so to run tonight with mrs matt image

  • after following finks low heart rate running for the last few weeks it does make you wonder how it will affect speed............all my training runs seem to be at around 11 min miling..........

    today i did an 8 mile race and managed to PB by 44 secs........66:46 which is a an average of about 8:20..all splits were between 8:19 and 8:29 apart from the last which was 7:56...

    has given me more faith in the slow run training method image

  • That's good to know Seren, I've started up wonder as all my runs are averaging 10:30 mm, which seems pretty slow. I'll stick with it
  • Garmin question here. Got the 910xt and did a brick session today so decided to put it on multisport plus transition. Everything worked absolutely fine but when I downloaded the information it came up as 3 seperate things that I had done. Shouldn't it have come up as 3 sports but just 1 activity. I'd have to add the totals up to see how long it all took. I'm sure I've done something wrong somewhereimage

  • 14.6 miles run today, wet and slushy at time average 9.20 min mile in z1/2
  • Snail - if you go into history on the watch, doesn't it give you the total there. Garmin connect may just upload it as 3 separate things.
  • or you could go into garmin connect and go into' reports' then  'all activities' for 'today' to give a total time 


  • Can you cycle home, or is it too far?

  • Fingers crossed for you all for Wednesday Pixie

  • the plan is just a rough guide EP and its fine to rearrange to fit around circumstances.....

    was going to get out on the bike but hubby texted that there is black ice out.......

    My back is still sore so debating whether to run/ swim or go back to bed

  • Pixie, I juggle my Fink days around all the time to fit in with my shifts, hubby's shifts and childcare.  The one bit I make a point of trying to stick to is doing the long run the day after the long bike.  Otherwise, it's about getting the training hours into the week (and any extra biking I can squeeze in).

    seren nos wrote (see)

    My back is still sore so debating whether to run/ swim or go back to bed

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm.............let me think......................image

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