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  • After 4 days of almost nothing with swollen ankle tried 30 min on turbo yesterday and no pain, so will swim and turbo today and then brick tomorrow. If the 15 min run is ok, I reckon I'll be back to full training after that ... fingers crossed image

  • Thanks. Both of those worked with the garmin.

    I hate hillsimage

    Went for a long bike ride today without really planning where I was going. Never climbed so many hills in all my life then got lost then at some point decided to go back the way I'd come and when I got to the nearest big town, took the direct route home minus 1 last mega hill which I know I'd have had to walk up.

    Quite pleased now that I'm back because it was good mental practise. There was many a time when I kept saying to myself ok, just want to be home now, I could call a cab. (only I couldn't coz I didn't know where I wasimage)


  • Great training in mental toughness, SS - well done!
  • Today's just turned into a rest day. Can't believe how tired I am. When I was cooking dinner last night I kept thinking - well if that bike ride was Outlaw, I'd still be running a marathon nowimage

  • Stay cool TEP. Sounds like the training is a good stress-reliever at the moment. Do whatever relaxes you. Good luck for your dads results.

    I've thought of locking my wife out before but never locking her in.image

  • Horse riding last night my little bit of sanctuary and then 1 1/4 hrs run this morning.

    Got up easier than recently but then spent the first 2 miles wishing I hadn't, 3rd mile hating eveything to do with Fink and IM and the last 2 miles quite cheerful.

    It's amazing how my attitude changes once the sun comes up!

    Double day today so swimming afterwork tonight.

  • MW22..I have struggled to slow down on the run.I have a high max HR and  ahigh HR and had to run 11 min miling to keep my Hr low...................but was suprised that I got a 8 mile PB on Sunday so have faith.........

    when you say your bike HR is high.what are you working out your zones on.what is your max HR.......

    I had a forced rest day uesterday apart froma  squash game as rcovering after my race.....

    today hit the pool and actually managed the hour and felt I COULD HAVE STAYED IN FOR MORE...... wow...didn't though.i had a sauna insteadimage

  • There's arguments both ways MW22 but I'd strongly suggest you train in the zones you will be racing in. That will not be Zones 4 and 5 that's for sure! Be disciplined and stick to zone 2. You will get quicker at that hr believe me. It's hard for everyone at the beginning (my Z2 run hr is currently @ 10m/mi!) The point is that your ratio of glycogen vs fat usage is much greater at higher intensity. You cannot consume enough calories to keep this going for an IM. You can alter this ratio by keeping the intensity down so that more of your energy comes from the fat reserves. The more you train at this intensity the more efficient you become at utilising your fat stores.

  • MW22 - if your doing a half in under 5 hours id say fook the HR zones and keep training how you are image


  • Just a quick point - do the Garmin zones actually correspond with the Fink ones? I'd guess not if they have five for a start - so read the chapter where Fink explains why training in the correct zone is important and then input the correct zones into your Garmin might not change much but could well explain the discrepancy image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Yep Garmins also use %HRR which is different to %HR. Thankfully you can set them via just BPM for the zones so at least you can work out the fink HR zones and what the BPM are for the top and bottom for each zone and set it that way.

    I set my garmin zones 1-4 to match fink using BPM and then Z5 I set at 95%-100% HRR as Garmin wanted a 5th zone to be happy and that was all that wasn't already used up, I don't intend to use it!

    Did take me a couple of hours to work it all out though.

    When I did my marathon training my Z2 run times improved by a massive 2 mins per mile. But then for me that is only going for 12 min miles to 10 min miles.

    I guess quicker people would see less of a jump?

  • Fink is all about building 7 months of base training, then throwing in some speed work to keep the body guessing. You will get faster over the 7 months.

    That said, DK also has a valid point. At the pointy end I'm led to believe they reverse-periodise. They get the speed work done first to the race pace, then they add the endurance on afterwards to stretch race pace to however long it takes to do the each leg.

    Before starting IM training in Dec2011 I did my first mara in Oct (started training in July). So a fair few months base training, which has stood me in good stead for the speed work I started back in Oct 2012.

    Also it is likely that your turbo HR is higher at a given speed than on the road due to cooling. Of course, on the road there may be a stonking wind like Outlaw last year...

  • time for guilt in the week..just move on.sometimes we need to be sensible and rest..I did that on monday and then Tuesdays training went really well........i might fit in the missed sessions on my rest day on saturday or I might not......doesn't matter as they were not my loing sessions.good luck for you .xxx

    Hoping for a break in the rain so i can get out on the bike

  • +1 on that.... don't chase lost sessions. The plan is solid enough to allow you to miss a few bits through illness/life/work/family etc.

  • That is good to hear. Missed yesterday's run as I did not get out of the office until after 9am and have a stag do in Portugal this weekend. Planning on taking my running gear and if I can get a couple of runs in it will only be Saturday's bike session I miss. Still gutted though as I had a 100% record up until last night.
  • IronCat5 in the Hat wrote (see)

    That said, DK also has a valid point. At the pointy end I'm led to believe they reverse-periodise. They get the speed work done first to the race pace, then they add the endurance on afterwards to stretch race pace to however long it takes to do the each leg.

    its not just that Cat, last year i didnt do a lot of speed work thanks to Fink and lost a load of speed so this year i put the speed work in from the start and it is working. One consideration is that speedwork is normally associated with injury and i dont want to train for 5 months then get injured just before my race, by putting in the speed sessions early any injury that is likely would come to a head months before your big day. Obviously im not saying for newbies to go out and trash themselves but MW22 dont fall into that category

  • 30mins on turbo & 15min run yesterday, utterly pants swim & 30 min run today.  I'm thinking "Just Finish" is an accurate description!

  • I know this goes against the fink programme but i've been continuing to put in the speed sessions, hill e.t.c once a week with the running club, the rest of the sessions i'm doing as per fink. I'm doing it thinking that it will support doing some quicker stuff later in the plan.

  • Good debate on speed work. I did none last year as an IM newbie, even when Fink started dropping it in, I didn't really do much.

    This year I have a base plan with much more in. Time will tell what it does for performance but it is working in terms of weight loss and general motivation.

    I think the high intensity stuff gets the happy exercise chemicals going.

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Like Tired Badger, Ive been doing 1 session a week of speedwork with the tri club, It's a session I always enjoy and thats more important than following the plan to the letter.

    rest of my training is all done at lower intensity though, I like low intensity, if I didnt train with others occassionally I probably would pretty much only do low intensity stuff. guess that's why i'm training for ironman distance and not sprint.

  • Fingers crossed EP.

    I guess TB and MW will likely finish and think that 30 weeks was too long. They'll probably find out that it isn't about the bike, but about the run. I think if you're already doing half-mara distances or longer, with speedwork then the Fink running may not need to be followed.

    Of course, the added stress of swimming 3 x a week and loads of cycling may cause the running to be scaled back. I had a few weeks where I'd have to run off a hard bike, only to have to spin out the hard run and so on.

    Luckily sprints for me this year!

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