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  • MW22
    For a solid sub 12 IM, speed work is pointless until you can knock out the ironman basic week without it killing you.

    Once you have built your endurance to do that at z2 effort, then you can start to through some faster efforts in

    Basic IM week in build period

    • 75 m swim
    • 6 hr bike
    • 2.5 hr run

    These are in seperate sessions accross the week.
    If these wipe you out then just keep building base endurance

    If these feel ok, start adding 30 min steady blocks into the runs, or 3*30 min upper z2 on the bike.

    In the mean time, do at least 1 interval / turbo session a week,  This complements the long ride, adding power to the muscular endurance from the long ride.

    Lastly, how have you set your zones?  Ones based straight on a % of max hr are as likely to e wrong as right.
    Friel uses a 30 min functional test (max sustainable hr for 30 mins) to give a baseline then you plug that figure into a table and it gives you z1- z5 etc etc
    You need to seperate tests for running and biking
    And you need to repeat these on a monthly basis as things change.

    This is quite a good read I found today about the benefits of base training and why it works
    base training

  • 2 swimming sessions done but missed the brick session I was trying to squeaze in yesterday as I just ran out of time. Will do that Friday evening instead now.

    Roll on lighter drier mornings so I can bike in the morning before work.

  • Brokebut trying.what are you doing forecast says dry so I'm looking to go out on the bike.......anyone else in south wales free saturday

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    spoken to mum and temporarily AWOL

    take care folks


  • Been swimming today. Not getting any faster at the moment but I know I could just carry on and on and I presume I'll get to the finish lineimage

    Not done any double days this week and had an extra day off so this week's a cut back week for me.

  • Seren I'm a bit rushed this Sat, got to have a haircut early so I can quickly get out on the bike before going to watch the rugby so I am afraid I will not be able to this weekend image

  • I did that nasty spinny turbo session last night, I'm getting better can keep in Z1 one with a cadence around 90 now.
    1Hr run done this morning and finished before the rain hit image If I can keep this up I might actually complete a full weeks training.


  • Good work Ali. I still can't keep my HR down on that superspin 100+ RPM sesh. And I sweat my bodyweight in an hour. Take two bottles for that one!

    Swim #3 again for me last night with the 16 x 25m sprints @ 10 secs in it. Funny how you refine your technique for speed lengths different to how you would swim a steady distance. More or less efficient I'm not quite sure.

    60 min run (in the rain) before work this am ensuring beer oclock straight after work. The last thing I want on a Friday night is a workout.

  • MW I'm in the same camp as DK and cat. I kept in my tempo and interval for bike and run, mainly because it goes against the grain to both increase distance and speed at the same time, a recipe for burn out or even worse stress fracture/ injury.
  • managed my second swim this morning........pool was too warm and so my swimming was slower.i really can't work efficiently if i get too warm in any sportimage


  • Not swimming tonight. Today was a pseudo-rest day, just a 3km leg stretch with some 60s and 100m pickups. First du of the year tomorrow, so spent some time in a car park working out the elastic band - shoe thing. All good so far...

    I'll keep saying it, this is my short year!

  • have fun in the morning image


  • Double day today, 13 miles TT in the bike this morning, knocked 1 min off my last time. Followed by a 10 mile run a few hours later. My heart rate on the run seemed to go high very easily, does anyone else find that on a double day their HR is higher on the second outing or is it just me wanting to take it easy and go slower?

  • Joined the 2 1/2 hour turbo club today - dead chuffed with myself.
  • Sorry to hear about the weekend EP. image

    I am also in the ballot for the London ride. Forgot all about it...

  • Managed a full weeks training last week I've only managed that 3 weeks out of 8 so far so must do better.

    More new shoes purchased on Friday as I've worn the heel out on my last pair already. Bad me.

    This weeks looks good so far but then it always does on a rest day, I'm just hoping the snow doesn't make a re-appreance. I was actually cold on yesterdays run which is a first.

  • Britsky - well done on the 2 1/2 hours on turbo. I'm hoping not to join that clubimage

    I've also entered the ballot for the London ride but I'm seriously hoping I don't get in.image Can't think what made me think I'd like to do another 100mile ride so soon

    Well another long bike ride for me today. I'm hoping my neck will get used to being in a strange position. It still aches now and my butt hurts and why do my feet always go numb? It's not just cold it's actual numbness for the majority of the ride and I couldn't feel them when I'd finished. Very difficult to run on.

  • Hi EP, I used to do something similar. I'd do an hour bike Wednesday, then 45 min bike Thursday before an hour run with my club.

    Would you miss the bike tomorrow or just the run? The run is only 15 minutes....

  • {{{EP}}}

    I hope you can get some headspace with the LSR tomorrow. I had a lot of mental tiredness during my training and it was hard to get out but I knew I had to. I'm not sure I could do the same in your position.

    Do what you can - but if you are not sleeping then be careful as you may end up overtraining.

  • EP a short run off a long bike is a very good IM prep session and would certainly go a long way to replacing the missed short brick session mid week.

    TBH where your head is at the moment I wouldnt worry too much about it. You need sleep recovery too or the training load will fatigue you so gaining another lie-in and adding a run to a long bike sounds emminently sensible.

  • EP Sounds like a good plan to me as well and glad you got some kip this morning.

    I went an saw the local sports physio chap yesterday, for the first time I got him to look at my neck and back. Owww so much wrong with it but it feels so much better now. I hadn't realised how hunched over I was. Got some stretches to do to try and keep it from getting that bad again.

    So my lesson is, it's not all about the legs!

  • EP if it takes an hour and a half to get up after the alarm then your body is telling you you've done the right thing. Sleep. Very important. image

    Ali Bear does your neck just hurt generally or is it because of spending time on your road bike? My neck was achy/sore/hurt on one side after my bike ride. Don't know whether to see sports physio or sports massage person.

    Also does anyone get numb feet after riding? I get it whether on the turbo or outside.

    Another swim swum. Only going to be 1 this week. Can't believe how much my arms ache. They should be getting used to it by nowimage I think I'm going to end up looking like popeyeimage

    Actually, I think I ache everywhere. Better order my wheelchair for the 8th July!!

  • morninfg.i have been away fro a fewd say on holiday with mymam,.swam early monday before going andf took my shoes so did a 2 hour run tuesday before breakfast and an hour this morning........

    so need to catch up with some bike stuff tonight and in the morning though

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