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  • Did swim session #4 this morning again bang on 50 mins image. 2,500m straight swim takes me just under 45 minutes so the same distance with drill sets and x sec breaks adds the time on. Much of the middle portion of these sessions is faster than a normal straight swim so I do think you get a good work out. So far I'm sticking with the schedule. A very optimistic part of me wants to get my IM swim down close to 1hr but I would take 65mins now if offered.

    My challenge is being arsed to get on the bike. I'm just not looking too far through the schedule at the moment and taking each session as it comes.

    Enjoy the cold weather everyone!

  • Must admit I'm quite liking the feeling of virtue with this exercise before work business. 1/2 run this morning was great - love running in the cold, and so peaceful at that time image

    I'm doing 3 swim sessions cos I'm so slow, and because I know I'll find it difficult to find the extra time for the third session later on ... can't do all the drills in an hour, but am doing more than the 'Just Get Round' sessions, so I guess that'll be ok

  • i'm also doing 3 swim sessions for the same reason.  Have Spinning and body pump tonight.

    I'm enjoying the morning sess once i'm doing them, but the getting out of bed bit is really hard.

  • I take my hat of to you managin 3 swim sessions already, there is just no way I could fit that into a week at the moment.
    Thankfully things usually calm down after Christmas.

  • I am not well and my mother is not goiod at all so been there all morning sorting her today has become my rest day.....I think you have to flexible with these things and listen to your body

  • Hope you get better soon Seren.

    24 mile on the bike this afternoon, bike fit is starting to feel comfy in the tri position, hopefully will be able to build the time I can stay there soon.

    Swimming later, first swim for a couple of weeks, will bw nice to get back in the pool.

  • evening all - apologies for joining the party late, have had no internet connection all week grrrrrrr image. sorted now though.

    I've been messing around with the Fink programme for a good few weeks now, looking at how its going to fit into my work/family schedule so I'll be repeating weeks 3 and 4 until it catches up with me on 7th Jan as I'm away on hols for the first week of Jan so will get limited time to train.

    Swimming is currently at 2500 metres per hour and want to improve on that so i'll be looking into the swim drills rather than 'zombie swimming' which is what i've been doing up until now.  Swim days vary depending on where i am work-wise but am still fitting in 2-3 sessions a week.

    45 Mins Z2 on the TT today

    Twitter:  @jammydodger333

  • Does anyone else just lose count when the'yre trying to do the intervals of 125m then 175 etc I found myself getting so confused and ended up stopping even trying to count how many sets I did this morning  haha

  • oh and also Fink trys to trick you into doing 3000m on your second swim! 

  • Fink swims are bonkers for a newbie......

    Just do what you can in the timelimit

    3 years in and I look at a 3k swim now and go gulp

    2 k swims however.....

    In 3 months time a 3k swim is easy peasy.....

    Early training = done training.

    Leaving training to coming home from work often means skipping it

    I like the sound of enthusiasm 2 weeks in....

    Keep going people the 5 week mark is beconing and just 25 to go.

    Keep getting slowly fitter, ready to pick up base training on the bike when rhe weatner gets better
  • Re swim counting.

    Its a total nighrmare.

    Its taken me 3 years to be able to remember where i am in a 100 m set. i hit a lap button on my watch every 4 lengths.... Its taken me a long time to now be able to swim 200 or 400 m easilly witjout thinking.

    Stay with it

    50 m pools make it a lot easier...... image
  • F**k me i sound like an old fart

  • I have one of these

    Helps with the lap counting. I hit every 50m which means it will count laps for up to 5000m and give splits for every lap when finished. Rarely bother to scroll through but at the end gives total time, average time, fastest split with rep and time, slowest split with rep and time.


  • +1 for the 910 image

    Fink Swim session 5 tonight 2500m + 400 for fun, 53 minutes.

    Like OC says the swimming does get easier.

  • It's time n water, not distance which is the best benefit to the beginners at at this distance. I never swim full distance in training and do ok (1:20ish) on the day. The work required to get much faster is not worth it. IMHO. Concentrate on being swim fit. That way when you hit T1 you are in good shape to finish the day. conversely increased effort on the bike training will see huge benefits on race day.
  • morning all,

    early swim session scuppered by icy weather - it;s like Siberia up here today and pretty dangerous on the roads! am going to see if it melts a bit by lunchtime and go then instead.  also got a 1 hour run planned for later this afternoon - altho suspect i'll need to be wearing running spikes to stay upright!

  • 1hr swim and 30 min turbo done yesterday followed by 30 min run this morning. image

  • 45 minute run commute for me today.

    HRM packed up so not sure how close to Z2 I stayed. Especially in light of the gale of a headwind and the fact that I hadnt got to bed until 1.30am following last night's xmas party at which I definitely 'over-hydrated'.

    Agreed length counting in swim sets can be a nightmare. I concentrate on an element of my stroke and then suddenly forget whether I'm on length 3 or 5. Ive decided to always assume the worst i.e. swim longer rather than shorter. Another bit of mental strength training banked for when you really need it.

  • And judging by the weather forecast tomorrow's 90 min bike ride looks like it will take place on the turbo...

  • sweetfeet. wrote (see)

    Ive decided to always assume the worst i.e. swim longer rather than shorter. Another bit of mental strength training banked for when you really need it.

    I do this, too - although I do try to count long swims with alphabet lengths - each length is a letter - Kick, Long, Medal, Never (give up), O(h my god its early), Pull etc

    Plus if I'm been swimming for an hour, I've done enough ...image

  • NIce swim down in Cardiff international pool, A right bitch to get there with all the idiot xmas shoppers on the road, but the pool was suprisingly quiet. 2500m in 44 mins.

    I thought the weather forecast was good for tomorrow?? 

  • broke.thats some fast swimming

    the pool is lovely down there isn't it....

    I have to travel to pembroke tomorrow fora hockey game  ( watching not playing).so no doubt it will be perfect biking weather.........

    i need to recover from this man flu so that i can race the pudding run on sunday

  • Forecast for Pembroke is good although quite windy, perhaps I'll drive down there caus it looks shit here.

    The pool is clean, which is a bonus image

  • right done an hour on the turbo at Z1.just to keep near target.......

  • Didn't wake up early enough for a run but did 3k swim instead. Took me an hour hoping to get it down to 50 mins or so by July. I have a broken finger at the moment so when its healed hoping I get quicker lol.
  • 45min run z2 and 2500m swim , got the garmin swim watch and it seems pretty spot on so far , saves messing trying to count laps and for ??106 it's much cheaper than the 910xt
  • i use the 310xt to measure the laps as i'm useless

  • image done my traing as well

  • Seren how do you measure laps with a 310xt ? Have I missed a trick ?
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