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  • Seren - looked at heartrate and was all in Z2 but for a 20 min run without anything before it, it would normally be 10 beats slowerimage

  • Try as I might I could not get into z4 on turbo for that 5 min blast today. I either have all the numbers wrong or I'm a wimp that isn't trying neatly hard enough, but I really felt I was pushing as hard as I could. I got up to 3.9 right at the end of my 5 min

    Feel a bit fed up - maybe my numbers are all wrong and the last 10 weeks have been wasted, because perhaps I wasn't in z2 at all ...
  • Brit have some faith!

    Back from a weeks holiday in Holland, no cycling but managed to run, I got lost on one of them and instead of 6 miles I ended up doing 9 miles. I made the most of the peace and quiet!

    Just had a look at the fink plan, I am going to substitute sat and sun intermediate plan with the competitive one, to make sure I get enough long brick training in. I might struggle getting 3 swims in until May, so will do 2 zombie swims a week
  • Been thinking about the swims - by the last phase we'll be doing nearly the whole distance (3.5k) 3 times a week, compared with a fraction of that on the run and the bike ... it does seem a bit top heavy ...?

  • Running Postie wrote (see)
    Brit have some faith!

    I'll try - although I do feel like I'm playing at it, sometimes - trying to play with the big boys, so to speak ... mental toughness ... must try harder, think better ... image

  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    well done to those who raced, ive yet to do any kind of race, hope I enjoy it when i get round to doing one.

    Brit even if your zones arnt quite correct it wont have been wasted, you were still training

  • Managed to fit in my long bike ride from the weekend today, only second session not on the turbo. A hilly, cold, wet, windy 75k in 3 hours. Included 6500 ft of climbing but still not sure where I can make up the extra speed to put in my target bike time! Enjoyable session but frustrating at the same time.
  • stanners...that was a hilly ride so  will be slower than on the flat.....i was thinking about this yesterday.......a lot of the extra speed on the day comes from not having to stop at traffic lights and roundabouts every 5 mins.......

    brit...i wouldn't worry about just missing a zone.......if you were outside you could just fuind a steep hill and try to hammer up there...Z4 reached no problem..i could never get anywhere near z4 on the turbo.......

  • I always struggled to hit the Z4 thing on a flat or undulating road, especially when also trying not to hit things. As Seren says you need some resistance to get the HR up.

    To paraphrase something said about power training zones, "zones are descriptive, not prescriptive". I.e. there is no hard and fast cutoff between zones, and any form of training near the levels will elicit some form of useful response.

  • That's really reassuring, thanks. Just had a great swim - feel so different in the water after having used the pull buoy last week ... Little breakthrough

    Feeling better now - cheers!!!
  • 1HR Run done this morning but I could not remember what the faster bit was supposed to be so did 5 * 1 min sprints at 45 mins that I missed from last week. Killer as again ended up doing the last one up hill.
    Off for a nice swim after work this evening, never do the drills just the time. Maybe I need to look at that again but found the 3rd swim such a challenge last week so I might wait until 3 swims a week feels OK before shaking things up again.
    This training lark is a lot of hard work and effort, I have to admit to being slightly daunted by it all at the moment. But plan is just to concentrate on each session at a time and then I'll get through it.

  • EP ask the nice people in sweatshop, I normally stick to the same make as I know I a comfortable in them but I go through 3 pairs a year as I run a lot. Sweat shop should get you on a dreadie to see you gait and tell you if you need a neutral or support etc etc

    10 mile run done for febulous today, followed by a shortened swim due to pulling something in the pool and it wasn't a fit bloke! I couldn't have done much damage as I'm fine now
  • EP, i used sweatshop for my last purchase. They were happy to price match any of the offers on thier website so worth checking once you have found the right pair
  • All (well nearly all) clear from physio on ankle today - all systems go now with a build-up plan - may yet get my Blackpool marathon, but I'll see how the next few runs go first ...

  • Good news Brit!
  • Is anyone else starting to feel rather tired? I'm not ill but I am very very tired lately. I don't think I need to change anything apart from more motivation to keep doing the sessions and over time they will work but boy am I tired. 3 swims a week is definitley a step up.

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    Last week I was thinking "if I'm this tired now how will I do this?"

    I admit that thought has popped into my head a time or two lately.
    Daren't take time off work for a rest as I already feel bad using 4 days up for Triathlons rather than family holidays.

  • I am tired this week and having a major cutback week.............My achillies was hurting Monday morning so i need to give it some rest.......hopefully will be fighting fit by the weekend

  • Assuming all other factors are equal the tiredness is likely to come from the body reacting to the consistent increase in training load. Makes it even more important to recover (eat and sleep) well.

    I tend to go through phases during training campaigns ranging from being highly motivated to knock out each session right down to cba to train at all. There is quite a delicate balance between knuckling down and making sure you do the sessions balanced against sometimes listening to your body and easing off to prevent injury/illness and a longer layoff.

    I've currently hit a bit of a plateau after a successful base phase where I am struggling to motivate myself and fit in all the Fink sessions as it Builds. I'm now doing deals with myself about what is critical (long bikes and runs) versus every session being comlpeted.

  • One thing I have found it planning in rests doesn't work as I'm never tired at the allotted rest time. But that could well be part of my uniqueness. image

  • I'm having two bad weeks. Bouncing between hotels, working long hours, tired and not sleeping well. Focussing on long bike, long run and keeping up with jantastic. Will get back on it in 2 weeks, although next week may be a bit easier

    I'm looking at it as a get round this year. I may even enter Henley as a back up, if there's space.
  • I'm always tired and quite happy to go to bed really early every day.

    But, I have just done my second long bike in 4 days with a liitle run straight after. It's a full time job this training malarky but feel quite chuffed at having cycled 70 miles. Could have taken more food and drink but other than that all went well. Swim and run tomorrow if the legs work followed by a weekend awayimageimage

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