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  • 1hour cycle and a15 minute run this morning.
  • jack.....I put it on run.i then change my screen to the big single time screen.start it off....then every 2 lengths i press the lap button........

    i am so usless at counting laps but when i scroll through at the end i can see of i occassionally forgot to press the lap button because the lap will be twice as long as then shows me my splits for each 50m........

    #you could lap every 25m or every 100m but i would forget where i am if i left it every 100m........


  • red dog.similar...............30 min turbo and a 15 min run..........after feling rough for  a few days i was glad to do the session..............

    i hate the turbo but at the moment wioth me not feeling 100% and the weather being so crap its a bonus..............


  • Seren- I would do turbo sossion but I think o/h would go bonkers with that in tge house. I have no garage image thinking of getting a poolmate watch anyone know if they are good or help with training?
  • red turbo just came back into the living room yesterday as i have no garage........this autumn i have redone the living everything........decluttreed and it was looking nice and tidy...........i now have a bike and turbo and fan behind one of the settees......badly disguised by a couple of throwsimage

  • I don't have a poolmate, but I have heard a few pirates swear by them, not sure if they're on this thread.

  • Do you have to make sure the back wheel is really clean before putting it on the turbo so you don't have a trail of dirt?


  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    ive had no problems from a dirty back wheel, but often there will be some oil spray off the chain onto the floor, not to mention a big puddle of sweat so be careful where you set up your turbo.

    I've been doing all my turboing in the kitchen rather than the garage, I can be semi socialble with the rest of family there.

    I recently got a sufferfest download and I'm loving that as a way to make the turbo sessions much more enjoyable even if they make me work harder than i should for base training.

  • I've had a Poolmate for a while, the older one without the PC connection. They are pretty good at counting your lengths, occasionally I find that I've done an odd number of lengths so its not registered the fact that I've turned at the other end of the pool. However, its only ever about 1 length out.
    You can do sets with them as you can hit the start button and it will log it as an individual set.
    They're not quite as good when your doing drills, especially anything that doesn't require a lot of arm movement.

  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see)


    seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

    red turbo just came back into the living room yesterday as i have no garage........this autumn i have redone the living everything........decluttreed and it was looking nice and tidy...........i now have a bike and turbo and fan behind one of the settees......badly disguised by a couple of throwsimage

    Ha ha - I would get so much nagging it wouldn't be worth it- The risk of ice and death is easier to bear lol.


    JvR thanks for that I am putting one on the christmas list.

  • 40 mile bike ride in not so bad weather for a change - even had to stop to take a layer off because it was to warm image

  • I ran last Tuesday but have been a walking snotfest since then image

    Hope to get out this week, but I'll wait and see

  • 15 mins on gym bike followed by 55 min run. I am trying to make up for lack of swimming lol.
  • No problems red_dog

    Well that's my first week of training finished with a 2000m swim in the pool this morning, just under an hour to complete, followed by a 30 minute turbo session on the bike.
    Did Jodie Swallow's single leg session from this months 220 mag. Must remember which way to shift the gears when it says to shift down to allow you to maintain cadence. Stupidly went the wrong way and made it a harder session than needed.

    Roll on week 2 image


  • finished off rthe week with a 10k off road amazing fun race and once again they supplied blue skies and sunshine..............

    I was 2 mins slower than last year.........but as i have been barely running this year and this years conditions were the worse i have seen ther....mud , more mud and some more and the streams were deeper.i am happy with it.....image

  • I have a pool mate as I'm cr@p at counting, the OH also uses it when we ho swimming together by asking me how many lengths I have done and he adds 20 to his own count! Don't you hate it when they are faster than you!

    Tried to swim this morning but after 20 mins the HR was still up and was very breathless so gave up and rested for the day.
  • So week 1 ticked off and I found it quite a nice introduction. Its actually the first time I've followed a pre-written training plan and so far I have followed fink's intermediate plan pretty closely. All the correct days with the workouts as written apart from perhaps a little less length in the pool (just doing the hour) and a little longer on the running due to using it as a form of transport to and from the pool. Going to fiddle with the rest days for around Xmas and New Year and looking forward to more!

    I've also put a certain  "give a, give a, give a garmin" advert on repeat in the house!  image 

  • 4.8 mile run this morning in 42 mins, ran with just music so was surprised at my pace of 8.42m/mi, normally I'm a 9.30 ish but felt really good but I think I must have crept out of Z2. Fink plan was a bit disjointed this week only managed to run due to sitting for 3 grand kids whilst my daughter celebrated her 40 th birthday in New York with her feller Horse. Looking forward to week 2. image
  • 1st week was, well, tickety boo - quite pleased to have negotiated a path through 2 parents evenings, one nativity, one pi$$ up (first for, well, years), and 3 meetings after work ... mind you, I think I spent more time finding slots to train than I did actually training.

    Next week sorted - just need to get a softer saddle, I think image - or toughen up ... see how next week goes ... 

    Might look at Poolmate - can't seem to get my 910 to cooperate counting lengths

  • Week 1 complete with 1.5 hours on the TT yesterday followed by a 1 hour 10 min run this morning, both in Z1-2.

    Missed a swim session this week so will go tomorrow.
  • my Oh forgot that i get up early on a monday to run and didn't wake already on catch up.........

    need to get out the minute the younger two leave for school now......if i am to fit in the pool and yoga with some strength and sauna between.......... i have squash tonight as crosss training............

  • You trying to do all your weeks training in one day Seren?? image

  • Hangover means I missed the 1hr run, but I did manage the 1hr Turbo and it was my best turbo session yet. Still Z2 but in a higher gear than usual and all felt good.

    Rest day = horse riding later image

  • Wish this cold thing would go away. Feel really crap still so I've missed 2 weeks training! Lots of people seem to think Fink is too long anyway so I guess another week off image

    May try a swim tonight
  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    Day off today so 1 hr run through the woods then a nice bike ride just over an hour, enjoyed it but my legs were tired on the cycle from the weekends efforts. I'm going to have a swim lunchtime too then take it easy this afternoon.

  • broke....i always try and stack up my training for the first half of the week.incase things get in the way mid week....i am always ahead rather than catchup.........just need to get out on the bike soon

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