Fink for outlaw 2013



  • EP thats commitment! Same for me when IM training weekdays alarms set for 4:30 at the latest to get a sesh in before work image not IMing this year so i get to lay in till 5:30 image
  • OMG I feel ill just thinking about the times you set your alarms for.

    Bike route sorted for tomorrow. Cut short because I feel I am going to be needed to supervise my mothers day mealimage

  • Same here, 5:30 every morning. Have snapped out of my funk now. Truth be told I don't think 1 and 1/2 bottles of red helped last night.

    Tomorrow is another day and I WILL have a purposeful 1:15 run!
  • I have my first ever bike event tomorrow.a 10 mile TT..........nervous and excited..............hoping i feel good for it and the bike behaves........not sure what to expect but would love to get as close to 30 mins as I can....

    cleaned the bike for the first time in a couple of years.......will try and cycle home from the venue to get in some more miles

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Stanners, your problem could probably be resolved by rounding up to whole bottles rather than dealing in halves. You've upset the wine gods!
  • Enjoy the TT Seren. You'll need a good warm up first - ride the course is it's a 10 miler? Don't go out too hard, use the first couple of minutes to settle in, the hammer it image

  • Good luck Seren

  • Ooh enjoy Seren !

  • Have a blast Seren
  • well done EP - its cold out there !

    It will be good mental training 

  • TT was amazing....the wind was so strong...........first 5 miles i blew down the dual carriageway..turned around for the uphill stretch back and was straight into a headwind..

    everyone....was a few minutes slower 3 or 4 in most cases for the i was really pleased with my 32:38 image

     but then changed my mind about cycling would have been into that headwind most of my way....

     i will start training properely again from tomorrow

  • Well done EP and Seren tough sessions for the mental bank
  • Wellndone EP and Seren.

    Just back from my 1:15 run and think i am back on the wagon. 17k rattled out and it felt reletively easy.

    Now taking the family and inlaws out for a meal. Give me an outlaw over an inlaw any day of the week!
  • Well done EP and Seren!

    Stanners I feel you pain, I haven't swum at all this week, as the OH said, don't worry, losing 2 mins on the swim ( from missed sessions) is easy to gain on the bike, keep concentrating on the cycling bit and you'll be fine.

    A new 1/2 mara PB today, ironman training rocks!
  • Had a cracking 10 mile race today at the Hillish and Hellish 10 at Looe havent run that well for a while image
  • Well done Seren and Ridgeback on your races. EP Well done. I think anything that tests the mental side has to be good preparation.

    50 miles bike and 2mile run/brick session done. I'm a wimp - I had 5 layers image

  • We've had settling snow since yesterday morning. So 3Hr turbo done yesterday and woke up this morning full of cold so missed my long long run for the 2nd time in two weeks. Must not get into the habit of skipping it.
    Hope I feel better by Tuesday to start a new weeks training.

  • EP - Sometimes you need the rest.

    I was inspired by everyone's talk of early mornings, so I got up at 6 and did my morning run. I can't imagine how you get up earlier !



  • Purple I have Owl/Batlike qualities
  • Swam early this morning.  Bloody freezing here.  Don't fancy my bike this afernoon.  Trainer again....

  • wow that was tough. 8 mile run done. Snowing hard and according to garmin, -1 but felt like -7 with 16mph winds. image

  • 56 miles done in freezing cold windy and wintry warwickshire......that was so mentally tough...nearly bailed out a few times.........but got there in the was slow but combines with over 5 hours of driving......a long day

  • 40 miles on the turbo for me watching Rambo first blood part 1 and 2. Love it!
  • Swam 2k in the sea today. absolutley lovely

    127 k ride in 22 degree heat.

    I can feel the hatred from 1000 miles away image
  • Seren - just read back about your tt....

    Thats not bad you know.

    I did 26 here for a 10 mile TT in perect conditoons with an tri bike and deep section wheel ( and won).

    The average time was about 29 mins and thats from a bunch of solid multi IM guys on a bonkers training camp.

    I think you should be really happy.

    The major thing i learnt is how much a 30 min effort is supposed to hurt....
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