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  • EP if your headtrch has had it dont spend a fortune on a new one theres a compsny that do an abdolutrly brillisnt one for ??16 including postsge snd duracell batteries the name escapes me through i will look tonight
  • Is it the Alpkit by any chance Ridgebackmax? They had run out of stock in Jan but might have more now.

    I'm on 3rd rest day for me today as full of cold but feeling slightly better so may try something tomorrow. Figure it's better to admit defeat and get well then crack on again than try and struggle through and either end up taking longer to get well or just depressing myself.

  • Just lost an hour of my life that I will never get back...felt like 3 hrs.......after a weeks break from swimming i can honestly say i would be happy never to get back in qa pool again everimage

  • Alpkit thats the one i use it running down pitch black cornish lanes and woods no need to spend anymore and the battery pack has a nifty back light on it

    No training for me for the last two days i must have hammered myself racing sunday as i am having trouble walking properly with the DOMS in my quads and hammies image
  • Seren i struggle like hell with the pool luckily i am near the sea which i love image
  • Did someone mention swimming ????   image

  • Ridgeback - surely you're not swimming in the sea now are you. 

    Swim swum and turbo done

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Did someone mention swimming ????   image


    20 minute power test on the turbo with TrainerRoad. Actually takes 1 hour

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    have packed swim stuff for tomorrow - now behind for this week's schedule

    Feeling rather down and crap TBH and a touch of "why should I" is creaping in along with "I can't do this anyway" and "what's the point/why bother"

    Not a great place just now

    We've all been there EP, every single one of us. What drove me forward was the thinking that if I didn't give it my best then I didn't deserve to line up on the start line with all the others.

    The other thought was that if I gave it my all in training and on the day and ended up with a DNF then I had done my very best. If I DNF'd and hadn't done my best then someone had questions to answer!

  • Hang in there EP.  It's tough but you'll get there.  Personally I'm waiting for the weather to change to give me a boost.

    Been training really well this week.  Until my hour run last night when hamstring trouble flared again.  I've had re-occuring bother for 12 months now.  

  • Hang on in there EP. You've a lot going on and also it's a really long training programme. But nearly half way there now.

  • After Tuesdays miserable swim I really didn't want to go swimming today.......

    But I had my best ever hour swim.....managed 2.8kimageimage


    in previous years i have struggled to get to 2.4k in an hour

  • Great swim Seren.

    Hopefully I might be able to get my first training session in tonight since last Wed, had the horrid man flu, may go swimming for a run or both image

  • EP welcome to IM training its pretty easy at first cos your are all fired up yhis is ghe tough bit where you are still miles away from the nerves and excitement of the event

    IM is all about mental strenght not just race day but more importantly pushing yourself out the door when you dont want to, the trouble is the more times you do these events the harder it gets image

    This period is important as well start missing chunks of training and racd day will bite you

    Sorry but its man (or woman) up time stop being negative and get stuck in Ironman is never easy but crossing that line is worth it in spades

    In years past i have stuck a load of motivational you tube links in the ironman training thread i am no good at this so could some savvy bod find them and repost theyalways used to be popular with first timers
  • OK despite my upbeat and sensible approach to this I admit to having a bit of a wobble.

    Please tell me I'm right, missing Tuesday-Fri sessions inclusive this week doesn't scupper my plans does it? I'm still planning on the long bike Sat and long run Sun , rest monday then back to the plan as of Tuesday next week.

    I''m following FINK intermediate.

    Missed days are due to a lousy cold and very minor op tomorrow. Slim chance op might scupper long bike and long run plan but even so missing a week doesn't mean I can't still be in reasonable shape to compete come June and July does it?

    I've been pretty spot on with all my other training an no other forseen problems ahead although I accept life will chuck in the odd unforseen one.

  • ali....its a 30 week programme so we will all have a part of that programme where things have to be put on hold for life ort long as its niot every other week then its fine......

    better to take the time off and recover than do a half hearted sessions just so you can tick the box.........

    I have just had 2 easy weeks and so am keen this week to get back on track.........managed all the long sesions....hust need to fit in teh short ones.......

    last weeks bike ride was just 10 miles,,,,,but I accept that this will happen

  • Ali

    Not at all illness is allowed taking time off when ill is sensible its the tsking time off cos you aint motivated thats the problem as soon as you can get back in the flow with a couple of easy sessions then if alls well get going DO not overload to try and make up for lost sessions they are gone forget em :/)
  • Well I was going to be so good and go swimming but life and a complete gridlock in the area due to a major road being closed and also trying to book flights with BA which kept timing out coz I didn't complete the transaction meaning I had to start all over again - about 6 times, means no swimmingimage Can't face going now because all the lanes are for swimming lessons this late on as I learnt last week, but had a good bike ride this morning

  • SS so swop it round with a run or another bike session?
  • Swim sessions this week= 0!!!!!!

    Work is seriously getting in the way of my swim training...and cycle training...... And for that matter my runs. I've had to double up my runs today just to get them in.
  • Chaps & Chapesses ... seriously, chill

    These things happen, you have weeks where everything conspires against you, life is there to get in the way, you are not pro athletes.
    Deal with it, move on and look forwards, dont try and make up sessions you have lost. move on to the next one and learn

    If this happens frequently then you can question if it is the right path for you


  • Wot her up there said! image BUT if you are serious about doing well cant be arsed or minor life blips you could work around are not an excuse image oh and dont forget its supposed to be fun image
  • Well said Grandad  image

  • Fastest grandad in the west!!!

    (Maybe......not) image
  • Well, the west of your village perhaps  image

  • Ridgeback - it was a good excuse. I don't need much on the swimming frontimage On the other hand I run in all weathers and bike too if it's safe.

    Might swim tomorrow after my long run

    The lake I'm going to use for OW opens in April. That's only 2 weeks awayimage Surely that water is dammed cold

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