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  • Most lakes will aim to open in April - temperatures will dictate that, last year a lot of them opened early as we had a nice early spring
    You will still get some nutters in there at all temps!

  • Yep last sea swim was January but have had the lurgy most of Feb havent motivated myself to go in again yet but we are talking starting again in the next week or so cant make to many excuses Artful Hen has been sea swimming all winter in just her cossie image
  • Yes but she is quite quite barking ...

  • Mad as a box of frogs image but bloody impressive image
  • thanks to all you guys on here talking about swimming motivated me to go do my second swim of the week - it is the one session every week that I can always find an excuse to miss.


    so - thanks image

  • First check on here in the best part of a week as I missed all swimming ladt week, wussed out of last Saturday's and Tuesday's run. This put me in such a foul mood and I really questioned my resolve. However, solid brick Wednesday, bike and swim yesterday and I think I have my mojo back!

    So, in true Jerry Springer format, it looks like some of us have had a mid plan blip, but that is part of the game. We WILL get over it and come July get payback on this mutha' for the last 30 weeks of effort!

    Hardly Vincent Lombardi but hopefully you get my drift. Might still be a little giddy from last nights swim. First in 2 weeks, simple zombie swim and managed 2.9k in 52min until they kicked me out of the pool for closing time!
  • stanners.with swim time like that you can aford to miss a few swim sessions ...glad mojo is back.....


  • GymAddict, I am averaging once a week too. Plenty on here think the plan is a little swim heavy (which is all the excuse I need). I plan on throwing a second in when OW starts again and gives me some more convenient time to go, rather than the silly local pool times (which is currently limited to 9pm to 10pm on a Thursday)
  • Well long run done followed by swim. Both rubbish. Legs very tired, so a slow run and I forgot my drink which was dumb because then when I went straight swimming I kept getting cramp in my toes so gave up after 21mins!! What a waste, but amazingly my swim speed after 12 miles run was the same as normal.

    Anyway, it's done and a rest day tomorrow.image

  • Rest day today.  Woo Hoo.  Going out for beers and curry tonight.  So keeping to nutritional plan as well.

    Got long run tomorrow and 3 hr bike Sunday (including local 25m TT).

  • Weeks training finished - hallelujah - rest day tomorrow then it all starts again.

  • Meldy thanks for the pep talk.

    3 1/2 hr cycle done today and I will also make my Jantastic target this week, with the catch up run from yesterday
  • One swim, one bike, two runs this week, and one killer I.T. band sports massage - bruised and battered with a 20 mile race (hah - race?!!) on Sunday. 

    I seem to get phantom injuries before races - this is the third time I have been in agony with an injury that came on with no trauma, makes walking really painful, and then, well the last two times (last year's 20 mile race and GNR this year) just disappeared, the evening before race day.

    Hoping the hot poker pain I'm getting in my knee right now is another example image and that come tomorrow evening I'll be right as rain again ...?

    Feeling rather deflated - had planned a turbo session after work, but after a cr@p week at work slept instead - 

  • 3 hr cycle and 2.4 mile swim today. I'm ballbagged!
  • Nice to see people picking it up again, its been a no goer for mr this week as both my calves are shot from the race on sunday , classic mistake new shoes and going all out on a course that lookedlike the alps on minimal training, not a problem for as i havent got an IM this year, but still annoying going out for a nice easy few hours on the bike in the rain in a mo to ease back into it have a good weekend training everyone
  • I have thge weekend off as I'm taking my mother to my caravan to set it up ready for easter......if i take the food etc now then hopefully we can fit into one car when we go......

    if i was going with my family i would take my running kit but as its my mother and its a wet weekend i won't bother......

    just got 2 sessions in this week of running, swimming and cycling......but managed to get the important long bike and run not worryingimage

  • 3 hours in the bike done. A cold, wet and bloody dangerous (thank you drivers of Cheshire) 90k covered. First time I have headd to on the flats, rather than the Peaks of Derbyshire and hey presto, my average kmph is up by 5! Think i will keep alternating as I find the hills more fun and a little less life threatening!
  • 3hr 30min bike done today so the weeks not a total loss. Very slow but I blame the winds you know it bad when you're struggling on the small ring downhill. Figured it was good Outlaw practise!
  • Well that was a bike ride from hell! Went out for a 70 miler and it rained for most of it, which in itself was ok but with about 20 miles to go the rain just came down so heavily that it was dangerous and I was so cold I couldn't move my fingers. Quite a hilly route and having put the bike in the small ring I then couldn't change it back again. Eventually had to use my right hand to lean over and grab the lever over.

    By the time I got home I was in tears and couldn't get any clothes off because my hands were so numb. Was biting the fingers of my gloves to pull them off before realising I was biting my finger!! My mum had to help me undressimage

    Needless to say my run straight after never happened.

    BIG glass of wine tonight


    Southern Snail wrote (see)

    BIG glass of wine tonight

    You and me both! image

  • SS - well done for getting out there!

    20 mile race today - way slower than last year, but considering the inadequate preparation due to injury was delighted to have finished strong and smiling - thus making Blackpool mara in 3 weeks a possibility. Dead chuffed to be running long and pain-free at last image
  • SS..well done there.........I have had that with the hand and its not fun..........after my race Schmunkee had to help me undress........

     those training rides really do make the difference come race day

     and britsky great result 20 miles and still smiling......image

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Nice one Brit!

    Weather is terrible considering it is the middle of March image Kudos to those who have been braving the cold.

    Rubbish week for me. Lots of travelling with work which disrupted things and then my foot went really sore mid-run on Thursday morning reducing me to a walk. Limped around for the rest of the day and ended up having it x- rayed on Friday to rule out a stress fracture. Told to rest it. So nothing done on Friday or Saturday but ventured into the pool today for 3.8k in 1hr 12min which relieved a bit of the tension. Foot still hurts to walk on but is less sore now after a couple of days of icing and voltarol gel but not sure if it can cope with cycling. I can't go up onto the ball of my foot - if i try nothing happens at all, as though my foot isn't my own. Think I'll just chance 30mins on the spinning bike in the morning and see if it reacts. Doubt I'll be running again for at least a fortnight. Only managed 124 miles in the whole of 2013 so far. I'd done more than that in the first 2 weeks of 2012. How depressing.

    Enjoy the wine.... I'm starting with a Guiness chaser!
  • Well done Brit!

    New10km PB today, I came 13th lady out of 190, I'm really chuffed, I think I could get used to the results this Fink training is reaping!
  • Great running, RP! I must admit it was good telling myself I was running strong on the back of the biking and swimming - today I've understood that running long is not just about lots of running. Feeling really encouraged and re-invigorated by today's confidence boost image
  • Right.

    Start of week 15 so half way there.

    I've been a bit lax lately, don't know why, lack of motivation, overly tired with work and training, a bit down with the time of year as always happens. Found it really hard to find my mojo.

    Work *should* be settling down again by the end of the next week or two, so less travel to far flung exotic places. I AM going to be trying hard to get my self out the door every day to hit the training ssssions. It may have to be more of the Get Round plan now, but we'll see.

    Half way there. Bugger

  • Slightly off topic but wanted to check with Team Fink. I am doing my first sportive on Sunday, the Kilo2Go Cheshire Cat. One of my less interesting friends was picking his way through the T&Cs and it states no tri bars, aero extensions etc.

    I was planning on using my road bike which does have aero extensions, which I am loathed to remove as their positioning is just right. Anyone done a previous one with this outfit and how closely to they police the rule?
  • Stanners - I think that you'll be fine, but they probably draw the line at full TT bike. I can check with the organisers and see if I can get a definite for you.

    They had the same statement in teh Great Manchester Cycle last year, but I saw a fair few TT, tri bars, extensions and so on.

    Pretty sure I saw someone riding a kilotogo event with a basket on teh front once, so tri bars can't be too badimage

    Which distance are you doing? What sort of time are you hoping for? I'm signed up for the middle distance, hoping to get to start in the first wave, then I can get back to help out at HQ, so I may see you even if its just handing over your goody bag at the end image

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