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  • Staners.i always leave mine on but do not use them in the sportives.......

     I am ill again and not happy.......last year i was rarely ill just tired........image

  • That's it. Run done in more rain. I've had enough. I'm emigrating to somewhere warm with no rain. Right nowimage

  • Cheers 775Matt and Seren. Think I will chance my arm and leave them on.

    Matt, in the Blue wave, planning on getting away at 9ish and aiming for 3h 30m for the middle distance option, depends what the Cop and not being allowed to get down on the bars does to me though. Will be riding a Gran Fondo Ribble, common as whippets I know but shout hello if paths cross
  • Did a 3 hour turbo session today. Not sure if my turbo resistance is correct (it is very old with no resistance settings so I only can change gear) as I only managed 40 miles in 3 hours. That's only just over 13 mph! At those speeds I would be lucky to make the cut off! Will see when I man up and take the bike out onto the road.
  • turboes are notoriously out...hence unless it is a very posh machine that has been carefully and expertly calibrated...............then ignore the distance totally.......


    wait till you get outside and then see how you are doing....don't bother worrying for now.....

    4 days off again with lurgy.......will try for a little run soon

  • Great to see your swimming improving EP, all that looking at the black line isn't wasted. image

    I feel your pain Seren, had over a week off training in the last 2 weeks, was back training last night and HR was higher than normal, so not sure if I am coming down with something else or not quite over the last illness, or more likely still a little hungover from the rugby on the weekend image

  • i have nebver had such a bad month as the last month.........coincidentally i gave up diet coke for lent........I am starting to convince myself that over the years the dietcoke has been protecting my body from all these nasty bugs and that by withdrawing from it I have been vunerable............I can see myself going straight back on it a week Sundayimage

  • Morning, is it bad of me to say it's nice to see that it's not all plain sailing for everyone? Last week I missed everything but the long bike and long run due to a nasty cold. Back to training this week and I'm so slow, heart rate is all over the place to. I shall take it easy but make sure I complete the time of the sessions. Guess I need a week to get back into things.

    Got my first sportive on Sunday, only 60 miles but the furthest I've done so far is 40 miles so bit of a step up! Trying desperately not to worry at my very slow average speed.

  • will give you a great opportunity for you to assess where your training is at re the cycling ..enjoy it image

    just under 4 miles ran slowly......sundays 20 miler race is going to be interesting

  • Stanners, the reason they say no tri bars is bunch riding is no good if your on tribars as reactions to get to the brakes, but that said I've done loads of sportives and have never seen them turn anyone away with tribars

  • Have been following your efforts... fantastic!

    Want to spend Easter 'pinning down' plan for 70.3 in Sept - have LL marathon in July so will have to work out 'cross over'. Love the Fink 'cos I appreciate the hours vs miles... would really appreciate any views about looking at anything else... Friel?? / A specific 70.3 plan rather than adapt an 'IM'?? Would be so greatful for learning from experience... have already got 'reader of the year' I think!

    Thinking of entering first 'Sportive' - is it a good thing to throw yourself in or would that not be appreciated by organisers?? Thinking 'Polka-dot' if not full. 

  • Welcome Ges ogt - Someone more knowlegable will be along soon to answer your questions

    Slow beginning to the week but a 90min interval run and a 45min blast on the bike today felt good.

    EP - Well done on the swimming. It's great when you can see improvements

    Hope everyone who's not feeling well gets better soon.

    Good luck on the 20miler on sunday Seren. Hope the weather's kinder than last Sunday

  • Loads of bugs out there - weather not really helping! Hope all are on the mend soon. I suppose that's another benefit of getting to grips with the heart rate stuff... you KNOW when it's not just 'not your day'.

    Awesome training for mid week - so impressed how early is your start SS?

    Got scorched by the sun last yr at Wilmslow... think it's full body cover, hat and whistle for Sunday! Good luck with your 20 Seren, it'll be a nice one to have in the bagimage


  • Err not that earlyimage I'm not really a morning person unless I have to be. Did a dog walk before that tooimage

  • ARGH! Dog out at 6 and that's after all packed lunches made! Going to have to be a 5am run tomorrow, no chance of anything in the eveningimage

    Just noticed EP's 'before 5'... Am actually afraid of anything that still has a 4 on the clock... Feel much braver and better thinking that other non-milk / paper round folk are out at that time;

  • 1Hr Swim before work this morning and just back from a late lunch time 1hr run. So I'm free for the rest of the day! Well work and kids etc. but nor more training today. I'm a very happy bear. Also managed the full 5 miles in under 60 mins so I'm doubly happy. image

    Yes that's quick for me, my current sprint pace (those 2 x 6 min sprints at 10 min in) is an appalling 9.33min/miles. image

  • Had a god start to the week. No idea how the weather is going to affect the rest if the week - not to mention having to get home from the wrong side of the M25
  • EP cold = no training in my book you need to concentrate on getting better. I had it last week and my heart rate is still all over the place training this week so I'm doing the time for each session but doing shorter distances to be safe and give myself a chance to recover.

    Good job I ran at lunch time, eldest son has rung to say it's parents evening tonight , nothing like advanced notice, but that's teenage boys for you.

  • my youngest s boys school sends out texts to parents now about parents evenings etc........they have realised that its the best way to get the message throughimage

  • Snap! PE tonight... that's 8 in one term with my own and ALWAYS the same night ARGH! 

    Sulking BIG time - physio just told me all the things I CANNOT do (really hard 'cos she is my fab friend and training partner)wouldn't dream of not taking her advice.

    EP take it easy... looking back in a few days time when you're back on track will feel better than looking ahead at the days you feel you might miss. Be kind to yourself and just glance back through this thread and see how super fit and ready you are!!

    Have just made lovely yr10 a big chocolate cake to channel my frustration into positive act ... ate all the yummy bits from round the pan! Even more crossimage AARGH! stupid, stupid, stupid...

  • Having had abad swim last week due to my own stupidity and a horrendous bike ride to to weather, I am now having a good week which has included 2 swims no lessimage Both of them really good ones, so I am feeling very virtuous today. Long run tomorrow and then that rain had better go elsewhere on Sundayimage

  • EP if its just a head cold and you are up to it carry on training just cut back a bit anything viral/ feverish i would rest up until it clears my favorite cold killer is an hour sweatfest on the turbo a couple of those and the cold usually gets the message and buggers off image
  • EP i am an early bird trainer as well difficult in winter but great now as you can watch the dawn break as you train cant think of a better way to start the day image out of interest what time do you go to bed in full on IM training mode i am always spark out by 10 with one night a week i have a large zonk and rack out a 8 ish that way i never seem to have a problem with tiredness image
  • EP have you had a look at 'common cold .org' - try paracetamol / ibuprofen / old fashioned antihistamine (the type that knocks you out) and vit c - REALLY works in terms of stopping the development into something nastier...apparently the antihistamine deals with the inflamation that might otherwise cause secondary unfection in the respiritory tract - do the reading yourself - don't go by my account but it really does make a difference in terms of speed of recovery.

    Ridgeback I fall asleep the minute I sit down! Impressed with 10pm! 

    SS hooray for your weekimage reminds us that the high times come round againimage

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