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  • Evening all bet yr resting restoring and asleep. Just surfing for inspiration. Ges ogt well done listening to yr physio. Tee hee

    Anyone know how to change my name to a cheeky alias?
  • Ges ogt, re your earlier question, I would stick to one plan and follow it. As to which one, well that is the personal choice thing.

    Get well soon to all the sickiesimage

    Morning team
  • Morning brick session done and lunch time run looms image it looks very cold out there and due lack of laundry on my part I'll be wearing 3/4 length running tights. NOT looking forwards to this.

  • Had loads of good plans and better intentions for the next 3 days, however snow and pulling my back getting the frying pan out of the cupboard are conspiring against me.

    Been for sports massage but back still quite sore. May have to scratch a couple of days off the plan
  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Matt, always bad news when the injury ain't very macho.image Hope it eases off soon.

    Bad week for me too. Foot is improving but nowhere near run-ready. Week away in gay Paris next week so limited training will be had again unless croissant munching is going to part of my race nutrition plan....

    Have a good week all!
  • Run wasn't as bad as I thought it would be although my 7,5min sprint was an abysmally slow 10.30min/mile-ing.

    Feeling pleased as it means I get a night off tonight and I won't feel too awful if snow hits over the weekend as I can hook the bike up on the turbo and either skip 1 run or dig out the yak-trax and go on a mini adventure.

    Supposed to be doing a sportive on Sunday by forecast isn't looking good, they'll make the decision about it tomorrow afternoon so I know I'm running/adventuring tomorrow if possible.

  • Ah EP trying to think of a 'sunny side' - a least you can splutter away at school and not waste lovely holiday time being ill... When do you get a 'proper' holiday?

    AliBear30 only saw a comment the other week saying 'bikes and ice don't go'... take care.

    Just had 2 'enforced' days off... really don't have time for injury - massage excruciating but feel soooo much better now (massage therapist is a triathlete - think she was hurting me so I would shut up!)

    Enjoy the weekend everyone - brighter, faster days coming soonimage

  • If its icey peeps get on the turbo both my 2011 and 2012 ironman campaigns were interrupted due to bad crashes and ice resulting in around 3 weeks lost training each time image not gonna make the same mistake 3 times image
  • Max, was it you who fell off your bike coming home pissed from the pub last year image
  • Suppposed to be racing the Mumbles duathlon today, but the weather has different plans for me. A few inches of snow here, I did drive down to the main road to see what the main road was like but it looks a little to dangerous, then I couldn't get the car home because there is a hill it wouldn't go up so had to leave it about a mile away and walk home image

  • Stay safe guys.
  • Broke.its fine doing san dom tomorrow...

  • I doubt I will be able to get out unless it warms up and starts raining image

    If it does look any better tonight I might come down and see if I can get an entry on the day

  • Could have been Madlot then
  • It must be so much easier for our continental friends who get proper seasons and sun when it is expected. Tomorrow's Cheshire Cat Sportive cancelled (and rearranged for July 7th...think I am busy that day) so weekend plans changed.

    14k on the treadmill last night. Kids party for my eldest this afternoon which will be followed by a cathartic 3:30 on the turbo and a lovely snowy run tomorrow.

    Off work next week and planned on getting some big bike miles in. Don't think that will be happening now!

    Get well soon Matt and EP and everyone else stay safe. Nearly half way there folks!
  • Broke.they have cancelled San dom for tomorrow.........

     off to a 10TT on the bike.can't see it being very fast in this weather

  • Seren been looking up tt events - point me in the direction of sites if you could? - have been on CTT (beginners page is really encouragingimage ) BUT have spent 15 mins clicking on things with no Vet catagory... tooooooo old to tt?

  • I fancy trying a TT but am unsure how to find one, and the etiquette that goes with it. Anyone doing any in staffs / Cheshire or Bristol?
  • sorry Ges ogt.I have no idea.i joined a cycling club in january and this is a series of 5 in south wales than anyone who is a member of a club can take additional memberships required etc.....

    after another really crap week where zero training took place........i batteled the wintry , cold weather to do teh TT.........still did it in shorts as i'm a valley girl.........there was aphotographer there as cycling weekly are interested as they were 19 women taking part..about the same as 2 weeks ago..apparantley that is a lot of women for a time trial.....

    i made it under the 30 mins this time 29:52.......and oiut of the 7 vets i came second so really chuffed with my £10 cash prize image

  • the vets were interesting as they have a weird formula that give you you age time and then you get a time +/- comparision to your time........

    so I was 3rd fastyes vet but second vet because i'm old image

  • Wow thats fantastic seren. Well done. And money tooimage

    Well I'm out on the bike again tomorrow for another long one. Have been out since last week spending lots of money on hopefully dry and warm but doing a 12 mile loop repeatedly so if I end up like last sunday I'll never be more than 6 miles from home. Can't go through that again. My right thumb is actually still numb.image

  • Tomorrows sportive is cancelled which is a sensible decision can't make new date but thankfully they'll refund my entry so will have to look round for something else.

    Very skippy out there and snowing all day so didn't rate my chances either biking or running. So did 2hrs on turbo so tomorrow is either 4hrs turbo or 2hrs turbo and 1.30 run weather depending!
  • Just checking in, this is the 1st weekend that I haven't had a road/ XC race and also the first long weekend I have had off work for ages. I planned to do a long cycle/ short run brick today and a short cycle / long run brick tomorrow, however the OH has had a DIY guilt trip and has dragged me round B&Q, wicks etc etc asking the same question' what do you think?' There should be a law, I won't drag him round clothes shopping as long as he doesn't make me go DIY shopping! Oh we'll there is always tommorrow
  • OH Seren FANTASTIC you're a real champion now... need to spend 'lucky' tenner on something to carrry with you at racesimageThe shorts obviously made for a light-weight success tactic. (I have a flat toy mouse we found stuck to a 4x4 trye... not so lucky hey?).

    I'm even more inspired now to do a TT. Going to have a look at local bike clubs and see what's on their agenda (and if they'll allow dronky ol' women to join). 

    SS i'm hoping that you getting kitted out for a double-dip winter will mean that the sun will shine down from tomorrow onwards! (well let's face it, that's what would happen if you bought garden furniture in May).

    RP think of it as 'time banked'  - remind 'oh' when sun comes out and you just can't make your feet head home. - our B&Q is right opposite Decathlon - Hoorah! 

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Well done Seren! Semi professional!!

    Bad day out for me. Mangled my handle bars hitting a concrete wall in order to avoid a pick up truck driving along a (no vehicular access) underpass on a cycle route. Chain is also very squeaky and back wheel doesn't feel stable.... image

    A few bumps grazes and bruises and a dented helmet complete the ensemble.

    Following a rather heated debate in which I managed to insert some rather impressive linguistic flourishes I called in at the police station on the way home to report the idiot.

    Cycling is not proving to be my favourite sport!
  • Hope it gets sorted SlokeyJoe. Hope you get out tomorrow RP. Well done Seren!! image

    For those who haven't TT'd and are interested, you'll need to search random lay-bys and country roads for a group of sinister people shaking hands furtively. image

    There are club-run events which are open - that is to say anyone can go to under 'turn-up-and-ride'. Then there are Open events where you must be a club member (confused yet??). Some Club events are club members only. is the reference for the England, though British Cycling look after TTing in Scotland and Wales.


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