Fink for outlaw 2013



  • I've always liked the look of those x-lab thingies
  • Totally overpriced for what they are image but they do look cool image
  • A good tip is to always carry a ??5 note if you get a tear in your tyre folded up it mskes a really strong patch

    EP i have just had a thought you tide a very small frame? What size bottle can you fit in? I seem to remember the Outlaw bottles being slightly taller than normal (750ml) so behind the saddle would be the way to go image
  • Hi guys,

    Not been on for a while was pretty ill after christmas and not trained for ages. Outlaw is a no go for me due to being so ill after xmas image  Have started training again now and hope to do Beaver and Wild boar.

    Hope training is going well for you all!


  • Hi Pixie,


    15mph!!!! you will storm outlaw if you are riding against those winds!

    The ride sounds good let me know the details and I'll see if I can make it.

  • Thanks I'll check it out. The bike was for me when I did it last year. You will be fine, trust me as long as you are doing the fink plan you will make it no probs. 

  • 1. I found that dropping in some of the pick-ups helped with general fitness and wellbeing, even if it wasn't necessarily doing much to benefit my run-walk on race day. That bit of turbulence can boost your metabolism and help with weightloss and tone. I didn't do any in year 1 and found that all I could do was plod... even in a race at the park with my kids!

    2. It sounds like a pretty ordinary day for a ride. But it was a windy old day at Nottingham last year and that made a mess of a lot of people's race plans. If you feel safe.... why not have a little bimble.

  • EP i generally advocate getting out in all but the worse conditions as it could be grim come race day can you get off the main routes and away ftom the buses?

    Do the speedwork but dont bust a gut and get injured it raises your fitness and stop one speed boredom creeping into your training

    Not long to go now the weeks will stsrt to shoot past so make each session count from now on in
  • Had a lovely bike ride yesterday in glorious sunshine. Brick session this morning but stuck the bike on the turbo. First time in over a month on the turbo but I just couldn't face being cold and blown about. Will this weather ever go away

  • the wind might be around for just got to get used to it.mind it was a bit too windy for me last wednesday 3 am in the morning on the old severn motorway bridge......

    they close it in high winds as its dodgy........i had to lean 45 degrees on my bike sideways into the wind to stay upright....glad it was only for a couple of miles.......


    i don't do any speeed work running as i'm prone to injury doing it......i only run fast in a race

  • EP I do speed work and it has made a big difference on my run times, especially the longer runs. I hold a faster pace for a lot longer. If you aim is just to get round and time is short, then concentrate on the endurance. Brick sessions should be your bread and butter part of our training. a good speed session that you will benefit from would be,cycle for 10 mins and QC run for 5 mins, repeat 4/5 times, a good compromise for an out and out speed session.
  • Started doing some speedwork when I wanted to get my parkrun time down which I did and I was amazed about how well it transfered over to the long slow runs, seemed to be running 30 secs a mile quicker so it does work.

    I have had to check back for a couple of days as bit of a back niggle and as I broke my a few years ago I have to manage it round all the training.

    I have also stopped any alcohol for the next 3 months



  • SA (nag session) core,core and more core!!!
  • RP i hear what you say every year i vow to get a strong core and every year its the first thing to get dropped. image
  • EP get with the positives a few weeks ago you were dying with cold and couldnt train this morning you went for a run, not your best but a run nether the less image

    You could easily have had some more time in bed but you got out and trained +1 for mental toughness image

    Waiting for an op this morning to remove a gert big fat lump from my back and under my shoulderblade i have been told i will be off training for a few weeks image

    We shall see image
  • I'm hoping that as with most of my worries this is nothing but it keeps niggling at me so decided to ask.

    I can't stomach any sports drink, from the ISO ones in super markets to the hi-5, torq, Sis "proper" ones. I've tried ones with and without fructose/organic/raw various flavours including plain. I can't even stomach normal squash drinks like Ribena etc or the flavoured waters and that's on a normal non exercise day. Nunn type tablets dissolved in water also have the same bad effects on me.

    The goods news is that  I can stomach bars and gels. I have a limit with gels so would hope to avoid too many of those on the bikes. I can also stomach a couple of ISO gels.

    I completed a very slow Rutland marathon happily on Hi-5 gels and water.

    So for the Outlaw bike and or run, will I be OK electrolytes/salt wise with just bars, water and a few gels or do I need to try something else?

    I did a 4 hr bike last weekend on 2 bars and 1 gel, I was OK but think if I had been going longer I should have had more than that as I was running on empty at the end.

    If it makes any difference I do sweat a bit more than most, I paint such a nice picture of myself don't I! Lovely sickie sweaty bear, good job you'll all be in front of me on the day.

  • alibear......we use salt tabs........they are like the little torpedo tablets..........they contains sodium magnesioum and all the other electrolytes./

    you swalow a couple with water..........usually a couple the niught before and then a couple in the morning and then throughout the race.......

    keeps the electrolyte problem sorted and they have no taste etc to make me feel sick.....

    i then just have to make sure i drink enough water for the dehyratinon and enough food and gels for the energy........

  • Seren what make do you use? I've only found salt stick so far which seems to perhaps be over kill to me.

  • they are the ones.....not cheap but work brilliantly.....a number of people i know use them for marathons to prevent cramp.....

    I use them on very long bike rides and races.....don't think ist overkill as in an IM you are putting your body through a hell of a lot of stress.

  • Do you bother with the dispenser thingy?

  • no....just have them in a money bag with my ibro 

  • Fab thanks Seren, how often do you take them during the race?

  • depends on the weather tyo be honest and when i remmeber.not as much as every hour etc.......

    more like every 3 hours.but if it was hot i would do them more often

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