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  • imagenice quick 30 minute swim in the lunch hour today (50 lengths) in my new neoprene swimming trunks.  its true, they do help keep your ar$e up like a pull buoy image. got an early start tomorrow so it looks like it will be an even earlier dark, cold, wet run tomorrow morning...

    printed off the enitre Fink schedule yesterday so i can tick off progress.  One thing that struck me was that this is going to get a WHOLE LOT harder over the build and peak phases.  At the moment I'm quite happily pottering along in Z1-Z2 but when he starts inserting Z4s all over the place AND lengthening the sessions then i think the pain will come...hey ho, enjoy the jogging people (while you can)

  • jammy dodger..............have you got the fink schedule on a single document......i would love a copy if you have.........I'm not sure if i'm following the intermediate or higher one but they look the same to start with....

    I hate the swimming but gfeel so glad when the session is finished and i can tick it off my scheduleimage.managed 98 lengths todayimageimage

  • 30 min run this morning, taking tomorrow as a rest day.
  • seren - swimming gets easier the more you do it.

  • Managed a 0.05km distance PB in the pool today - this is my extra swim session, so just did a zombie swim. I think I'm getting better, because I was swam for less time than before, and didn't feel sicky at all image

    Little steps ... 

  • jammy dodger..never look to far forward on a schedule/plan...........its a long build up and you will be fine..........image

    ate dinner before playing squash tonight.. felt so sick i nearly lost the first set.but my hubby failed to take advantage of the situation and i cam back to win 4-0 the cross training......whilst youngest is in cadetsimage

  • NIce going Seren, remind me not to challenge you to squash image

  • broke.we don't weven know if we do the scoring correct.......but we have our rules so its fair.......and i don't give up on a point.........he is better at me at running so i need something i can beat him atimage

    Pixie........don't worry.30 weeks is a long i said before because of my achiliies i couldn't start anything till february and run/walking in march for my first one...........recover and do what you can at Z1.......

  • I had a lucky break this morning... eldest got up early as it turned out he was going to college early............meant if i got ready in 5 mins i could get out to spin class............

    so spin done followed by my second swim... (slower than yesterday) and then a reward sauna....

    so i have done both my swim sessions this more swimming until Christmas Eve 

  • seren nos yn canu wrote (see)

    so i have done both my swim sessions this more swimming until Christmas Eve 

    am more to do for me.  don't know why i procrastinate so much with the swimming....quite like it when i get there. image

    40 min Z2 run this morning.

    Seren - you got mail.

  • I hate the swimming from start to finish......can't wait for spring when i can move one of the session outdoors.....

    last year i only swam about 1 or 2 hours a month at most.......and i managed to do the double swim off that.......

    this is the first time i have ever tried following a schedule.i usually make it up as i go along.........apart from the first one in 2009 whn i did try but misssed chunks of it because of injury.....

    but with the swimming i still only go and swim for the time not follow the schedule proper likeimage

  • I think I hate swimming too. It's the thing I cancel easiest. Not going at all this week. Really panicked last night about Christmas and everything so todays swimming cancelled and Thursdays tooimage Oh and next Tuesdays!!. Turbo this morning. Arrived last week and don't really know what I'm doing on it so just steady cycle for 45mins this am. Feel happier when things get done in the morning.

    On a swimming note - are finks sessions designed to make you faster or just to swim longer? At the moment I'm just going in and swimming for an hour.

  • Pool is closed for a while over the xams period so won't be able to do much swimming after this week until the new year image


  • SS - re the Turbo, Fink plan just calls for steady Z2 cycling in this stage so just strap on your HR monitor - reach your target HR and keep going for the allotted amount of time.  I also try and find a gear that I can pedal in comfortably in the Z1-2 range with a cadence of between 80-100 but that's just me.  Others prefer a lower cadence and more power.  Personally I'm just working on technique and aerobic output at the moment.  Am sure that the harder interval training will come into its own next year.


    re the Fink swimmimg programme I think it's designed to make you go faster by improving your technique.  I try and split my 2 sessions into 1 drill session and 1 zombie swim session.

  • 30 min run in the dark this morning and heading to the pool straight after work. Followed by the mega endurance event which is the Tesco Christmas shop.

    It was nice knowing you !

  • Pleased with my swim this morning managed to get the whole session done in my hour and actually felt quite comfortable doing it but the drills were more just thinking about the different technique points i have read about while swimming normally. I'm actually looking forward to my next swim session imageimage


  • 45 min Z2 run with Horse last night in torrential rain but enjoyed it. 35 min swim at lunchtime managed 1.5K with some drills, not enough time to do Fink swim so just doing what I can fit in for now.
  • All this swimming, whats going on????

    AliBear, stich a HRM on in Tesco and let us know how high you can get it. I reckon self scanning the crimbo shop could hit Z4

  • Sports massage today - had some work on my IT band, and so  no running tomorrow image.

    Hell, it was brutal -  had to come home and eat shortbread ... image

    ... feel better now, shortbread was the answer image, and I'll do a long bike instead tomorrow - 1 1/2 hours on a turbo ... gulp image

  • Pixie, I fancied fish & chips on Friday night and really looking forward to them after smelling them on the way home, after I ate them I thought to myself " we'll that was a load of crap" I shouldn't have bothered. It must be 2 months since I last had them and I think it will be a lot longer before I have them again. image
  • I like fish and chips and its always my pre race carbo loading with some bread and butter and a beer

  • Just knew there had to be beer in there somewhere. image
  • Maybe I will have to change that strategy for outlaw if I am going to be a racing snakeimageimageimage

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Hi folks,

    What do Fink HR zones compare to as a % of Max HR, just kind of interested to read that folks do turbo work at specific HR zones. I turbo to HR, but HR fluctuates a lot for me depending on tiredness and I always turbo early in the morning when HR is supressed a bit anyway. I use HR as a guide but go more on PE as well.


  • TR:

    Z1 = 65 - 74% MHR
    Z2 = 75 - 85%
    Z3 = 86 - 89%
    Z4 - 90 - 95%

    You do make me laugh sometimes:

    TR wrote (see)
    I turbo to HR, but HR fluctuates a lot for me depending on tiredness

    Yes, this is the point of HR training! When you are tired, you will be slower, but if you work within a HR range you are still working to the same effort level. Innit.

  • Got in an hour zombie swim this morning and managed an extra 5 lengths over last weekends swim. I'd forgotten just how long an hour is when your simply trawling up and down a pool.

    Local swim club were filling two of the lanes as they do 3 days a week but the remaining three lanes (fast, medium and recreational) were pretty much empty. In fact at one point there were only two of us using half the width of the pool image


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