Fink for outlaw 2013



  • Spring has sprung in Cornwall beautiful sunny if icy morning so went for a nice easy walk, 2 hours later ........ image
  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    70.0 miles in 4hrs 1min. Should have put my foot down at the end to have all nice round numbers..! Managed to spend about 3hrs of the 4 on the tri bars which was a good test and comfortable all the way with ave HR at 124bpm although tiring at the end. Glorious sunshine and not too windy image

    It's a bit daunting to think there's still another 42 miles to ride plus a marathon.... Yikes!
  • 112 miles on the bike and a 2 mile run for me today. The weather was to good not to use it to the full. Nice to be able to get the finger less cycling gloves out too feel what your doing too. Aching in a few places now, but time to relax in the bath image

  • brilliant day for a bike ride.was in shorts, short sleeves and fingerless gloves for lots of it even though there was ice on the road and snow on the side of the roads on the hills........

    125 miles done and over 2000m of climbing maionly in the first half.used my new bike with more gears and that made it easier.....

    long drive home and tired now but hopefully will be out in the morning for another 60......can't waste this weather

  • And 91 from me! image

  • i think the welsh pirates are showing the way forward.....enjoy the sun whilst we can image

  • You lot are scaring me!
  • To be fair they do that without the bike miles     image

  • next week Pingu and BBT maybe we should actually ride together image

  • Hang on hang on, just reread BBT and Serens post ... fingerless gloves ??? Shorts ??? I was pleased to get down to just one pair of gloves!!

    Actually, been meaning to msg you both.  Have you seen there is a hilly sportive in Hay on Wye next week (14th) ?

    35/60/100 milers.  I'm signed up to do the 100 miler.

  • Seren I have a duathlon on Sunday but I am up for a ride on Sat.

    X-psot with you IP, shame I hadn't seen that before, would have entered it if I wasn't doing the duathlon


  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    EP - i was happy with my 40 yesterday, so you should be with your 37.

    Roubaix full length bibs, base layer, pirate top and pirate gilett and full gloves, plus 2 pairs of scocks - still cold yesterday.

    Saw the sun on way to start and it never appeared again!!

  • Pingu .I ewill check my diary for next weekend........

    just did a 52 miler this morning on the bike.legs felt a little tired on the hills but carried on working.......another dry day.another bike done

  • I bailed on the Outlaw bike recce with JC. After being still awake with a poorly child at 4am this morning, a 6am start was just not happening. Managed to get out on the potholed roads of Cheshire instead. 101km with an average speed of 30kmph and some change. Happy with that but struggling to find the motivation to go longer at the moment
  • Pleased with my duathlon not quite last and I picked up 16 places on the bike. Shame I lost them all again on the run but the bikes the important bit and I appear to be just about on track. Fink suggests a 2hr spin now, but it says optional so sofa and beer it is.
  • 13 weeks isn't there will eb a 3 week taper no doubt..........

    well done Ali on the bike......I think it is the important bit......I am still gutted with my bike DNF....its something i never want to go through again.....hence my high bike miles.....

    The rain is coming soon and riding in the rain is so much harder than in the sun

  • Ironman hurts.......big time....I feel you need to hit the tired and hurting stages in training so that you can learn strategies to deal with need to be able to carry on and push yourself when every muscles and thoughts are telling to to give up......


  • I love this training! Half marathon PB today, and a nice little trophy for the cabinet, 3rd vet lady
  • I'm the same as you, EP - but I'm trying not to worry - I'm going to follow the plan as best I can, get some century rides in and then just see what happens on the day.

    I'll do what I can do, in training as well as on the day, and if it isn't good enough then so be it - it was fun to try, but I'm going to really try hard not to fret about it.
  • EP You will do well on the day, there is no way you are going to let all this hard training go to waste, it's a Pirate thing!
  • Running Postie 

    well done on the half marathon PB and the bling.......brilliant result..

    a couple of century rides are brilliant to know how it feels and to give confidence........a number of 60-80 rides in training are great......

    as you can tell i'm all for the bike..... I feel as we come from a running background.we can run/walk the run at the end and there will be lots of support on course to help ypu through.....

    but the bike at the tail end is a lonely place......and it plays with your mind.....


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