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  • I have an entry for this but actually not following Fink, or indeed any training programme.

    just doing what I do anyway...swimming 5-6 times per week, cycling maybe 3 times a week with a long ride at the weekend, and cautiously building up my running.

    I come from a running background originally and was reasonable at one stage (3:15 Mara) but haven't done any serious running in about 4-5 years due to injury. (multiple injuries).

    Anyway, I seem to be struggling despite the only addition being modest far not more than 20 ish miles per week with a longest run (today) of 13 miles.

    I don't feel unwell or unduly shattered but EVERYTHING has seriously slowed swimming is an all time slow, as is my 'running' and my cycling is slower than normal.

    I'm a bit surprised as I don't think I'm doing much more than my usual volume. The only extra bit is the sloooow running (and not much)

    Muscles are very very tight despite foam rolling and stretching at least daily.

    I've managed a few decent rides atleastdespite the cold. They are slow but I know from experience I will be significantly fasterin a race. Have done 2 x 84, 91,92 and 105-ish?

    As for bricks - I daren't yet...

    Anyone else experience a massive slowing of pace? All I seem to do is plod. Can't contemplate speed work as I always feel I need recovery time from the long stuff or I may injure myself...
  • i avoid speed work K9 to avoid injuries....

    some good cycling going on there.and even if your swim is slow then it will still be a good time........

    i think you are being sensible with the running......a few people have done it without any running training but walked it all due to knee problems....

    i wouldn't worry about building the running up any more to be honest

     glad to see you are doing it and will be nice to meet upimage

  • Thanks seren


    It would be nice to actually meet some forumites...I'm generally quite shy and low profile at events so have never introduced myself!!

    Only done 6 tris though so far.

    I did a half IM distance last year - but on the spur of the moment (kind of) and had done little run training.

    The run was probably the hardest and most painful experience ever!! In my mind I really feel I need to know my legs an take this, and I think if I can't increase beyond 13 miles then I simply won't do the event.

    I do intend to do as little as I can get away first Mara was on about 26 miles a week average over 4 runs (that was all I could manage back in 2004!!)... So I know that should be plenty. I do want to increase the long run up to 20 if I can though.
  • This week has seen my slowest EVER running and swim by the way.

    I am also a bit older (42) but would that make such a difference????
  • EP my training bike average is still 12.5mph but today my bike was 16.8 mph and felt good although calves did threaten to go at one point but water sorted that out. Runs were still way slow at I think 11 min/ mile and that was pushing it !

    I think Seten is right need some long rides now got my first 100 mile sportive in 2 weeks time. Fingers crossed hey. My swim is still a struggle just aiming for cut off there.
  •  age shouldn't make a difference.......I won't be going near 20....was going to 2 weeks ago as it was a nearby race but it was cancelled due to the snow.......I am doing 2 HIM runs so that should give me a good practise...


    Ali...that speed must have given you some confidence......image


    its sunday evening and i'm relaxing with a few to try and decide whaty to do for training next week

  • I'm on the red wine too.

    I can do endurance relaxing too.

    I think seren that you have managed some consistent running ver the years so a one off 26.2 is still doable.

    I've run next to nothing over the last few years with spells of months of nothing due to injury. I can pull a 10k out of the bag for an oly tri but not a marathon!
  •'ve also done IM (and a double?) before.

    I'm going in blind!
  • K9.... The palns are all just a guidline......I think you are right that we have to adjust them to suit our weakneses and for what will give us confidence.........

     so everyones training is going to be different with different worries.......

     i am desperate for a good time at outlaw to give me the confidence to finish Wales..........image

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    RP, well done on the PB image

    Hi K9. I hope it's not your age. I turn 42 in3 weeks.... Have you tried easing back on the swimming? 5 or 6 swims per week seems like a lot (at least compared to Fink's three). Might give you more time to recover. Do you have a rest day each week? Which muscles are tight?

    1hour run today (trying for another comeback!) followed by a gentle 1hr swim and then a hard hour on the bike. All this was interspersed with watching the Paris Marathon, the Auckland ITU race and eating. Loving weekends! image
  • well my weekend exploits have killed me off.( nothing to do with the alcohol).bed time for me ..Nos da

  • Solely joe...I hope it's not my age either!! 42 isn't that old surely!!

    The swim is up to an hour of easy crawl. Up to 2 miles depending on time.

    Nothing arduous.

    Never do drills or intervals.

    It's just how I start the day.

    I've done exactly te same for over 4 years now, but yes, I should cut it down to make way or the running.

    Maybe I was already at my natural limit with my swimming and cycling

    My legs are tight. Mainly hamstrings and gluteus. Cycling causes this a bit, but running is te main culprit.

    I'm up at 5:30 to stretch and foam roll before swim before work...
  • I don't get enough sleep either, have a busy and stressful job, and my memory is now also shot!
  • EP and any other newbies DO NOT compare your training volume to anybody else or your performance stick closely to the Fink Plan have faith in your training and you will be fine race day and never compare yourself to Seren she is unhingedimage

    KP IM is a steady kind of game i never worry about speed its an aerobic game not anerobic even the top level peeps are raving at the top endbof their aerobic range to get round also with the training volume its important to recover before the next session

    Still no training for me but the shoulder/ back is starting to heal and the sweling and psin is reducing happy days image
  • What RBM says - especially as Seren is approaching the IM from the viewpoint of last year's double IM image.

    This thread has exploded today, amazing what a bit of sun can do. Some great cycling and running all round - well done RP to name one of many.

    90 minutes on the TT bike today. Shorts and finderless gloves. Too hot in baselayer, Outlaw bike jersey and gilet.

    PSC wrote (see)
    You lot are scaring me!


    M...eldy wrote (see)

    To be fair they do that without the bike miles     image

    Obvisouly been watching Valley Girls image

  • FP you are a youngster compared to many pirates i am 53 and on IM number 7 but over the past 5 years have been posting PBs due soley go IM training and am rarely injured compared to when i was a pure runner. There are much older pirates out thereimage

    And the longest i ever run in IM training is sround 20 miles the mara on a IM is a total different beast from a notmal one its a mental battle as much as an endurance if hou can push through snd keep going when you think there is no more 5 mins later you will be fine again repeat 10 to 15 times till you cross the finish line and its job done image
  • A youngster...I love it


    I'm very good at pushing through pain and carrying on regardless.

    That is without doubt.

    That's exactly how I've earned so many injuries...the list is impressive!!
  • I'm the wrong side of 40 too, hope for us all eh? Lol

    Just recovering from a session with my sports therapist, torture springs to mind.

    There is some good cycling going on this weekend, I saw loads of folks out today and was a tad jealous.maybe I should have cycle home from the half mara
  • Sports massage once every couple of weeks is a massive help in staying ahead of injuries during IM training expensive but worth every penny
  • Great work Ali and RP

    A nice easy 20 mile run today. Got a blister the size of a 5p now though, anyone know if I should burst it before compeding it or just compeding it. I am thinking the later.

    K9 2 miles a day is a lot of swimming, perhaps cutting some of the sessions down from 2 miles to 1-2k would make you less tired.

    +1 for a sports massage, I absolutely love mine image

  • Parkrun yesterday and 40 miles on the bike today, hax to put plenty of layers on as it is still freezing here :-[
  • 52 miles on the bike yesterday. It was a glorious day, except the headwind for the last 15 miles. That was slightly unpleasant.

  • EP do it all at your IM pace and practice getting your nutrion/fuelling sorted

    Remember in the IM it is so important not to overcook the first 30 odd miles of the bike if it feels ok you are going to hard image so for your 70 miler take the first 20 to settle in then get into your IM groove for the rest of it
  • morning all

     going to take a rest day squash tonight for my weekly cross training.....

    not looking as nice today.hope it brightens up as I have work to do on my mothers garden

  • RP Well done on your runimage Failed on my quest for a sub 2 half last weekend.

    Ali Bear Well done on your duathlon too. Was that an average of 16.8 cycling when you normally do 12.5? Impressive.

    Well I got out in the glorious sunshine too. 82 miles on the bike. Ave speed of 14.6. Not fast but faster than normal and it remained the same the whole time. 4 mile run done straight away

    Was pleased with that (especially as had a bit of a hangoverimage

    K9 - If you are swimming 2 miles in an hour sounds pretty good to meDon't worry about age. It's just numbers and I won't be seeing 4 and 2 again in any orderimage

    By the way. No fingerless gloves for me and 3 layers!!

  • Great training all of you. What a great weekend it's been. Amazing how normal weather is so appreciated when we've been cooped up for so long - or out there getting a bit miserable.

    BBT-ing - 2 miles a day only sounds a lot if swimming is not your strength. I hardly notice it - It's just how I start my day - after coffee, e-mails, and some 'physio'.

    Southern Snail - I used to swim my 2 miles in 54 minutes, but I've got progressively slower without changing anything at all! It took 63 minutes one day last week. I can't understand it!

    I would say it's my strongest discipline and I seem to be at the front of the pack in the swim. I then get passed by everyone on the bike, and previously I'd make up some ground again on the run - but the way things are going I'll be at the back for that too!

    EP - it's not difficult to fit it in - I go at 6:30 before work. I'm awake anyway as I live beside a train line that wakes me up at 5! It's fitting in other training that is difficult as I sometimes get home from work pretty late and can't be bothered to run/ turbo.

  • Just popping in here from the CH thread to say well done to all the awesome training! Also serves to remind me where I'll need to be in a few weeks time. Keep going! image 

  • K9, cant believe that all those years ago when we both had permanent places on "the bench" that I will be there to see you break your IM duck and you are young compared to me as well.

    1 hours "easy" swim, 2 miles, your having a laugh right? I can do 2.7K in an hour on a "good" day

    Good weekend for me, shiny new PB at parkrun Saturday am then 3k swim pm, Sunday 65 miles on the bike,felt really strong upto 50 miles, then 50-60 more tired, 60 - 65 pedaling squares, which is what I was expecting as the speed is good but endurance lacking. Got the first commute to work and back on the bike this week.




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